Chemtrail Planes Photographed
At Portland Facility
From Author known - anonymity requested
These are the Chemtrail planes we took pictures of last week at Evergreen Air just east of PDX here in Portland, Oregon. All three planes are spray planes. The small plane has spray nozzles under both wings as do the big planes. These planes come and go all the time from this facility, and are not on the ground when spraying the Portland skies is underway.
I have seen the nossles with my good binoculars and they are as plain as day. Three under each wing. The nozzles have a trumpet shape to them. There is a tube that comes down then bends and turns back towards the tail. The part that is facing backwards looks like the end of a trumpet. The bigger planes have the same setup with a spray nossle off of the tail that sticks straight back. More info as we get it. I've been having a lot of upper respiratory problems over the last month because of the intense Chemtrail spraying over Portland.
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