Chemtrails Over Green Bay
Area On 10-9-00 Satellite Photo
From Health Action Network Society
Email <>
SeaWIFS Satellite Photo from
Canex (made the photo available -ed)
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(10/12/00 9:39:12 pm) great contrail photo
Oct 9 over the great lakes from SeaWIFS satellite. What a spray!
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(10/13/00 7:30:45 am)
I like how they just HAPPEN to be concentrated over the Green Bay area.
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(10/13/00 7:39:25 am) Wow
Almost every day I get the "privilege" of looking up from the ground at
this mess of chemtrails in the sky.
Total coverage in Detroit as of 10am EST. This morning the trails were
being layed down, the old "knotted rope" crap. Imagine we had 1.5 days
without spray. Wow. Too good to last, of course.
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(10/13/00 10:05:54 am) Re: Wow
Just out of curiosity where did you get that photo? is it from a satellite?
I would be interested in finding some of those photos for northern
California..since I see them spraying into fog fronts in the same manner.
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(10/13/00 10:44:54 am) Canex
Yes- how did you get this? If I type the URL in "Address" rather than go
through this posting, I get "no such address." Can non-members follow this link through your post? Are there other photos of this magnitude we can
find? It's terrific.
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(10/13/00 4:56:16 pm) Interesting
Look at the upper left corner of the photo. Three points of trails, side by
side, just beginning. Heading to the southwest. Normal FAA separation?
Commercial flight routes?
If these had all three just hit the 30,000 + altitude necessary for trail
formation, from where did they take off? Yep, interesting photo.
Normal? ... definitely, by TODAY'S standards.
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(10/13/00 6:32:27 pm)
I live in northeastern Michigan and the trails you see in the picture are
chemical trails. As many as 6 aircraft were working in the area where I
live and 2 of the aircraft were CH-130 aircraft that were dark camo color
and not flying more them 12,000 ft.
The only radio traffic I heard was a aircraft calling Cleveland Center
saying he needed to talk to his base at McClellan AFB. (Calif.) This base
supports KC-10s and KC-135s.
This operation was regular Air Force as the Air National Guard that is
normally in this area was diverted to the center of the state.
This operation started after midnight and continued all day and well into
the evening hours.
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(10/13/00 6:46:35 pm) SeaWiFS Data Access
"IMPORTANT: Access to SeaWiFS data is restricted to SeaWiFS Authorized Research Users strictly for research and educational use only. Authorized
User status is obtained by registering with the SeaWiFS Project, NOT by
registering with the DAAC. For instructions, go to the SeaWiFS User and Ground Station Check List."
So I suppose that CANEX "could" claim that this posting was for "education
Wouldn't want to lose that privileged status now would we, CANEX...
Of course, We, The People, pay the freight.
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(10/13/00 7:01:03 pm) Re: SeaWiFS Data Access
SeaWiFS Interactive Region Selection
The World at 4 Kilometers
CLick on the section of the global map that you are interested in and a 4
km resolution zoom shot will be produced.
NOT the quality of the shot posted by CANEX.
We can only imagine why he doesn't reveal more information about accessing
such photos.
Ruth Angell
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(10/14/00 4:07:39 am) great contrail photo
East central Indiana was sprayed heavily 10/13/00, too. Noticed them at
noon, but in town, could not view all. On my way home at 5:00, the sky was beginning to darken with dirty clouds and they were still laying trails.
After sunset, trails were white against the night sky. The morning started
out sunny with bright blue skys and ended up mirky dirty gray again. I'm
debunked if I point them out, so just keep my mouth shut and my eyes up.
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(10/14/00 4:26:04 am) Re: great contrail photo
I could stare at this one for hours and not lose interest. Those bright
things at the heads of the "comets"...... Are those the actual
aircraft...??? Interesting dispersal patterns. Deep shadows for things as
light and thin as the majority of contrails. The long ones, that is......

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