Very Strange, Low Chemclouds
Photographed Over Austin
On 10-3
These photos were taken Oct 3, 2000. That day was hot and dry here in Austin, Texas.
These first photos were taken at 10:00 am
These two at 11:00 am
Two more at 11:30 am
And this final shot at 12 noon.
When you see the entire roll, you can really see the dramatic change in such a short time. Also, that evening, even though I'd showered and washed my hair that morning, I noted an oily film on my hair, my arms, neck, legs - all exposed for those few minutes of photographing. It was very difficult to remove that film. The next day I had a slight burning sensation to those areas.
Have they been changing the method of spraying? Too many people catching on?
It's downright scary.
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