Angry Chemtrail Observers
In CA, Portland OR, And
Pittsburgh, PA
From Sue
Hi Jeff,
This is Fed-Ex on coffee break, right?
From Lonnie
Subject Chemtrails in California
Date 10-18-00
I have listened with interest to the reports of the chem-trails. I was surprised the other day to witness this phenomenon first hand.
I live in Stockton, Ca. Travis Air Force Base is to the Northwest, the airports of Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco are to the East, it is not unusual to see jet aircraft above us. I work nights, last Saturday morning I stayed up a little later than usual, (till sunrise), at first light, before the sun came up in the sky I looked out my window facing east and noticed three unusual vapor trails. One was in a North-South direction, two others intersected it going west to east. As I watched another aircraft began making another trail west to east. These trails were low, at a place much lower that what these aircraft generally fly. Seeing this made me curious and I continued to watch.
There were a number of aircraft that flew over, some were flying very high and made no trails at all. One flew in, and as it passed directly overhead in made no trail, as soon as it reached the area where the other trails had formed it began shooting out a long trail of its own. This plane was also traveling west to east. Another plane approached from the South flying low and left a second trail form south to north. I found this interesting as these two planes were not leaving a trail until they reached the area where the other trails had formed. It was a very clear sunny morning, there were no clouds at all in the sky above me, clear skies. To the East, these trails continued to grow and expand until there was a thick cloud cover.
The aircraft that left the trails all appeared to drop down on the horizon after leaving their trail, perhaps they were landing in Nevada? Most jet aircraft that fly over are high in the sky and continue to stay high until they disappear. These appeared to drop down, curious. There was another aircraft. Occasionally I see a glint, (this was some distance away), another slow flying aircraft was flying inside this cloud formation, I spotted it several times.
Not ready to believe what I had witnessed, I went to the web and pulled up photos of other chemtrails. They were identical to what I had witnessed forming.
As I stated these trails were being formed directly to the east of Stockton. The towns affected would have been beneath them would have been Copperopolis, Angels Camp, Sonora, Toulumne, Twain Harte, and if they drifted far enough, the Northern section of Yosemite National Park. I'm fairly certain this was last Saturday morning. Something's happening up there, who knows what, you can add my observations to the growing list.
Great program Jeff, keep digging for the truth.
From (name on file)
Subject Clifford Carnicom - Chemtrails
Date 10-18-00
Hi Jeff,
I've been meaning to e-mail you for a long time. Clifford Carnicom's upcoming interview and the whole chemtrail issue is what finally prompted me. Please ask Clifford if Portland, OR has been singled out for heavy spraying, why this might be the case or if other cities are being inundated to this degree, as well.
I live in the Portland, OR area and have been observing the "spraying" for well over a year. What I have observed since before last summer should be described as no less than an all out assault (or deployment). I'm not exaggerating when I say "they" spray EVERY CHANCE THEY GET. Jeff, there have been trails, to some degree, in the air every single dry day since before summer. Many days were forecast to be "clear" and the spraying begins before full sunrise and continues throughout the day, leaving those "stringy" clouds aloft for many hours.
Jeff, on a personal note, I appreciate you so much. You bring respect to controversial topics with your choice of guests and your gifted interview style. I listen to you most everyday, taping the show for my long commute to work. I also support your advertisers and guest every chance I get. You are the greatest and I get great joy listening to you, knowing that you are following your own loving, spiritual path.
From Carol
Subject Friday the 13th in Pittsburgh
Date 10-18-00
Dear Jeff - I have never written in before but have been keeping up with the con/chem trail issue for the past year now. I notice such skies here in MI but have not experienced the sinus/flu symptoms many people have. I note with interest the letter and pictures sent in by the USAF Lt. Col (Ret) from PA.
Last week, my husband and I spent a week in Pittsburgh and in fact stayed within two miles of the airport. On Friday, we too noticed the excessive trails over the city, and in fact, they did not seem to relate at all to the landing pattern of planes at the airport. Into the bargain, as the week progressed, my sinuses became more stuffed, and my eyes puffed up like I had allergies. We left on Sun AM and only since being home for two days has my throat stopped being scratchy and my nose begun to clear.
I have no expertise or cannot begin to find a reason for government (or whoever) involvment with this phenomena. I can only attest that it is real and there is definitely a correlation between people feeling sick and heavy trail coverage of the skies.
Carol Michigan
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