Pacifist Zundel's Health
Deteriorating - Jail Extended
Commentary (edited)
From Robert H. Countess

The Canadian Judge's decision to keep the pacifist Ernst Zundel in prison for two more months, over against medical evidence that his health is deteriorating, is a typical example of the Chretien cretin government.
"Cretin" is an early form of French for "Christian" when, at the time, Christians were severely criticized and despised. So, a cretin was interchangeable with "idiot" or mentally deformed.
Today, a cretin is basically a highly intellectual term for "idiot" of any sort.
THEREFORE, I denounce the Premier Chretien government ruling the Dominion of Canada as Chretien's Cretins and I thereby announce my opinion that he and this judge and the Immigration officials and politicians are, that is, most of them, IDIOTS and MENTALLY AND MORALLY DEFORMED.
My own government of the United States of America is hardly better than Chretien's Cretins since our State Department and Department of Justice have done nothing to help Ernst Zundel after his illegal kidnapping from Hatcher Mountain, Tennessee.
I cannot imagine either government engaging in similar treatment of such as Irv Rubin or Abe Foxman or Edgar Bronfman or Elie Wiesel or Marvin Hier or Debbie Lipstadt ilk. On the contrary, both governments would go out of their way to insure careful and respectful treatment of "the Chosenites."
But, with the pacifist and law-abiding Ernst Zundel, both governments demonstrate that Jewish interests are MORE important than simple moral and constitutional justice.
In the New Testament GOSPEL OF JOHN, the phrase "for fear of the Jews" appears at 7:13; 19:38; and 20:19, and in the BOOK OF ACTS there are several incidents when this fear had an influence on people's behavior. As a Christian [and now retired US Army Chaplain] I believe that the New Testament was quite correct in describing Jewish influence as so powerful THEN that people were AFRAID of consequences that might follow. I may add also that there are without doubt "Jews" [even in Israel today, this term is subject to controversy!] who FEAR Jewish power.
Ernst Zundel does not fear this Jewish power-hungry elite and neither do I.
The Chretien government obviously FEARS it and acts on behalf of the Edgar Bronfman terror threats and the chief threat of all-withholding of Jewish political funds to him and all major Canadian politicians who may seek office.
Hence, the fundamental reason that Ernst Zundel languishes in a dismal prison cell in Ontario today is that he REFUSES to FEAR this circumcised swineherd who use their power and wealth to destroy Western society with its commitment to personal liberty. Zundel will, I believe, choose to die in Chretien's prison rather than bend the knee to the Chosenite Ba'al [a pagan Canaanite deity of the early Iron Age]. More power to Ernst's resolute resolve!
Yours truly,
Robert H. Countess, Ph.D.
Ancient Greek
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