Zundel Hearings: Day Two
From Ingrid Rimland

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:
The second day of the Zundel Bail Hearings seems not to have gone well at all, but when I talked to Ernst last night, I found him in remarkably good spirits. He says that if, at least for a while, he needs to trade his freedom for publicity, so be it! He knows he is rapidly becoming an international symbol of zionist censorship, brutality and oppression.
It seems the biggest problem inside courtroom was that the focus was not kept on bail, as we had hoped and pleaded. The choice of enemy attack weapon turned out to be more of the nasty, spiteful character assassination at which Ernst's political opponents excel.
The hearing also, once again, ad nauseam, seems to have focused on the shopworn question of "... just who controls the Zundelsite?" Didn't our foes themselves deliver themselves of a legally threadbare administrative ruling - after five long years of Kommissar-style Kangaroo Court - based on the "Truth is no defense" obscenity? And didn't I ignore that ruling, since I, the owner of the Zundelsite, was never asked, much less informed, of anything?
Must I remind them once again that I was there, in 1996, on the first day of Human Rights Tribunal Hearing, ready and willing to testify - and isn't it a fact that I was NOT ALLOWED to tell them that it was MY website?
And didn't our enemies themselves admit in their summation write-up that, had they allowed my testimony, there WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN ANY HEARINGS?
What's going on is yet another political Stalinist Show Trial, with Prisoner Zundel Humiliation Writ Large thrown in for good measure. For instance, Ernst was not allowed a shower and a haircut before he was taken to court. He had to wear his old work clothes in which he was arrested 6 months ago, which haven't been washed even once. Also, since he lost some weight, he had asked for a belt or suspenders, both of which were denied. He warned them he would drop his pants - and to show that he meant it, he did! Thereupon somebody in the audience took off his tie, which served as a belt for the rest of the day.
Can anybody fancy that petty tyrannies like that make our enemies look good? Another scene for my screenplay my future audience will relish, rooting for the underdog!
The purpose is, of course, to break the Zundel Spirit. What our enemies have never really understood is that this prolonged spiritual battle - really a cosmic battle - plays out in the world's courtrooms these days, and that while it is exceedingly unpleasant for people victimized sadistically as Ernst is being victimized, the moral coin goes to the victim, not the victimizers. Good people notice. Everywhere. And more will notice, trust me, the longer this goes on.
Last night I was reading a rather fascinating book, titled "Which Way Western Man" of which I had heard many times but somehow never found the time to study. I'll quote you a relevant passage:
"A tradition of thousands of years' standing is not lightly to be dismissed.
"In writing the above, I have had intelligence chiefly in mind. But to my way of thinking the attribute "higher" is to be assigned to men less on the ground of superior intelligence - important as that is - than on the ground of superior character.
What then are the essential features of the superior man's character? (...)
"He must cease to be content to float like a cork on the current of life. He must have come to a vision of life on ahead of where he stands, and must want ever to outgrow what he is that he may give his bones and his flesh to his vision. He must therefore be one whose very nature it is to risk himself, even unto exhaustion, for the sake of what he most loves and believes in. He must have recognized and accepted the necessity of a stern discipline imposed on himself under the will of his leading bent. The required qualities, therefore, are an unflagging aspiration, a dominant coordinating will, profound self-reliance, a capacity for boundless loyalty and devotion, utter integrity, and with it the strength and the courage to bear the burden that his integrity imposes. (...)
"Without a strong, well-knit, overflowing self there can be no greatness or beauty of life whatsoever, no towering beneficent personalities, lighting up all time and space and pointing out a path for mankind far down the centuries. Before anyone can ever know "the bestowing virtue" and find joy in spending himself for others, he must possess an inner wealth and fullness, and overfullness, out of which it is possible to be lavish of himself. Behind every great lover there stands a great self. Behind every great reformer there stands a great self. And likewise behind every great artist, composer, teacher, ruler, scientist, saint, or seer. Before there can ever be any great seeing, or saying, or doing, there must be the inner wealth, strength and masterfulness of a great personality."
I believe that this masterfulness of a well-rooted, well-grounded, sure-of-himself-and-his-role personality is what our enemies really fear in Ernst Zundel - and which they will try to destroy. It is this very personality, however, that brought him his supporters from every walk of life - and brings them even now. They sense it. They sense that there is character and strong will shining through the torment of his present incarceration - it is a "self" that has his enemies' number down pat! I know many things about Ernst - things not even he knows I know. I know he will not easily be broken, and I know that his role as "America's Refusenik", as an articulate political prisoner of substance, has been enhanced and magnified these past six months. Galore! I hate it to see Ernst in prison - but if it has to be, it has to be. We do not belong to the Yammering Tribe. We'll make his story known from sea to shining sea!
Will you help me one more time? Will you help to underwrite this struggle? We on the outside have realizable strategies and plans. Right now I have the commitment of two additional important papers that people of influence are reading - not only here but abroad. And that is only the beginning. Full-page ads require money up-front, but they pay for themselves many, many times over. My first ad in the Washington Times has now been replicated, translated into several languages, talked about, commented on in the far corners of the world - and it has brought me additional, serious supporters. And mind you, not marginal folks - folks of strong minds, self-disciplined lifestyle, propelled by certainty of will that our children's future will be entirely up to us, not our enemies.
I need to keep up the momentum. I need to know you are as serious as I am. I intend to carry on the fight, and I ask for your active support. By that I mean not just your deep commitment morally, but just as important, your wallet. I'm serious.
There is this story I have long cherished as a guidepost of sorts. It tells of a choice given to man who undeservedly longed for the riches of life, who hoped that it would come to him right on the silver platter.
This man was asked to make a choice:
1) Would he take $1 million dollars, up front, guaranteed, without any sweat on his part?
2) would he take a lowly penny and work to double it each day for an entire month?
Multiply it out yourself. Day 2 = 2 pennies. Day 3 = 4 pennies. Day 5 = 8 pennies. Keep going. Day 30? I promise you will be amazed.
Think what we could do in a year!
What I am telling you is that there is potential in delaying one's rewards. There's merit in old-fashioned elbow grease. There's strength in hard work and in numbers. Think what we could do with our pennies if we had the numbers of people "out there" - who recognize we need the funds to ascertain we will not all go down like dinosaurs and leave this planet to the ones who think they can pocket the hand-outs - and run!
I have printed up two "America's Refusenik" booklets which cost about 80 cents each - plus postage. They are a handy fundraising tool. Go get yourself a handful of those booklets and start handing them out to your friends. Send me your financial support, and send me additional warriors willing to fight and sacrifice! Money and numbers will do it. Right now, our enemies have got all the money. They do not have the numbers. And numbers will get us the clout!
We need to get Ernst out of prison!
My address is:
Ingrid Zundel
3152 Parkway, Suite 13, PMB 109
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(If you write a check for the booklets or as a donation, PLEASE MAKE IT OUT IN MY NAME. It's easier and less costly to cash it that way, since my bank, as most banks in this country, seems to be Enemy Terra ...)



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