Chemtrails - Bio-Active
Crystalline Cationic Polymers

From Mike Castle

I read and observed with much interest the recent micro-photo's sent to me by Kim Weber of the Polymer filaments recovered off the South Oregon Coast. This same group of photo's and article appeared on your web-site.
You are accurate in the comments regarding Clifford Carnicom's study and investigation of these materials. I have also been looking at this strange aerosolized filament technology for about three years. What I have found, after receiving samples retrieved around Seattle, WA., is a cationic reaction polymer that has an unidentified bio-active material within it. My first opinion is that this is the biological control agents released by the Federal DEA to destroy and further control marijuana growing across the United States and certain portions of Canada. We have found that these bio-control agents are genetically mutated fungal forms that have been mutated with viruses and they purportedly find and kill any plants containing THC, the active ingredient.
However, this is a different story of how Big Gov can launch a control agent into the Environment and now the entire clandestine DEA technical effort to control certain substances and drugs,appears to be headed the same direction as that of Jurassic Park..The Movie..recall the ending? Out of control...they didn't expect these mutated monsters to reproduce! Trillions of Fussarium/virus mutated spores fill the air we breathe and secrete a powerful mico-toxin. Associative with Reactive Airway Disease?
The aerosol polymer filaments and webs are a different story, though, based on our limited research. We can never seem to collect enough samples to actually conduct thourough and complete organic/inorganic analyses and the assessment of thebiological section.
We do know that these polymers are of a crystalline morphology, are very friable and break into millions of small fragments in the atmosphere, are inhaled and in some cases are bio-active causing serious skin lesions and diseases when absorbed into the skin. The filaments are lyophillic or are oil soluble (upper epidermis oils melt the polymer fragments and are absorbed into the skin). We have clearly identified the US Air Forces polymer technology used in UV Radiation Mitigation strategies. The use of encapsulated Ultra-Violet Absorbers, Mannin and other organic compounds to absorb UV or reflect radiation have been found in US Patents.
These were provided to the writer by an associate whom was given the US Patent Numbers of the specific technology used, by individuals employed by the US Air Force National Atmospheric Lab at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio (street slang "The Tesla Center") These individuals have been verified to exist. We have viewed the US Patents assigned to Mil Industrial Complex Corporations working as Federally approved Contractors. Hughes Aircraft Corporation is also very involved in the development and articulation, experimentation and deployments of some of these technologies.
Another example in the observation of polymers and filaments deployments are the ChemTrails that appear to be "dashes" in the jet-trails pattern. Much like lines-on-the-road, ticked. These are thought to be the separate, individual reaction-injections of a cationic polymer system that has been mixed in a cannister and immediately ejected into the atmosphere using a venture' eduction spinneret nozzle. The reaction occurs in-situ in the airborne phase. The "cloud-like" dashes are the spent reaction products, until the cannister is empty and then another cannister is prepared (this would be the clear-air space between the dashes). Many commercial US Patents are available for viewing this research.
An example is in California and the utilization of a cationic reaction polymer containing heavy-metal yellow-chromate for highway line-painting. I have actually seen this machine spray the lines. Uniquely, cationic polymers have an extremely high capacity for use of heavy -metals. They don't coagulate due to catalysis. This is fundamentally the opinion of many professional researchers in the ChemTrails debacle that Barium and Aluminum, Cadmium, Selenium and Thorium can be easily sprayed into the atmosphere, are chemically stable and reflect UV and may carry a specific electronic charge. This is the model aerosolized platform.
I could continue this review, however, I will allow you and possibly your readers to digest some this first.
I cannot comment on the Martian connection, however.
My background is that of a Professional Chemist, specifically a Polymer Chemist.
R. Mike Castle Columbus, Ohio



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