America The Ugly
Commentary By John Kaminski

Our leaders lie to make money from war. The big question is do you lie, too?
Our current president, Bush the Younger, lied; he lied about everything; our vice president is currently being asked to step down because he lied, lied about uranium, lied about oil, lied about profits of rich oil men; our former president, the likeable Slick Willie, lied; he lied about oral sex in the oval office, he lied about giving secrets to China, he lied about the murders of six generals and a host of other people; the president before him, Bush the Older, lied; he lied about trying to kill his predecessor, he lied about helping to loot the savings and loan industry, a scam in which he made billions; he lied to Saddam about Kuwait; the president before him, The Gipper, lied; he lied about everything, including that he knew what was really going on. He may have known, but so many times it didn't look like he did ...
And on and on it goes, back into history. Our leaders lie. All of the above and those before them lied and continue to lie about the CIA being involved in drug smuggling. Control of the drug trade funds all the secret activities the government does, and doesn't want you to know about. The government smuggles drugs. The evidence is overwhelming. Start with Gary Webb's series. The government has always smuggled drugs. The British built an empire on it, an empire on which the sun never set until it did.
Our leaders lie. All of the above know without question they are killing their own soldiers by using ammunition that is radioactive. Ten thousand Americans have died after fighting in the first Gulf War because of their proximity to lethal, depleted uranium ammunition, yet the subject never comes up in polite conversation, because the men who make these decisions don't want it come up. They and the friends who put them where they are are simply making too much money off it. Our soldiers are already dying from what they were exposed to during the slaughter in Iraq.
Our leaders lie. After the capitulation of the Soviet Union, most peace-loving people were jubilant that there now was no reason to be so paranoidly prepared for war. And yet now, without no reasonably formidable enemy in sight, the defense budget is much bigger that it was when we had what at least seemed to a real adversary.
So now we have an archenemy that no one can see. Have you ever seen a news clipping of an al-Qaeda spokesperson articulating the war on terror against America. No you haven't. You may have seen doctored footage of some strange, bearded Arab guy whom you can't understand because you can't understand the language he's speaking and have to rely on translations by the very government who says he's such a dangerous threat. But you haven't really heard a legitimate enemy of the U.S. speak, because the only enemies America has are the ones she has created for her own evil purposes.
Have you heard any other reputable representative of this mysterious group which claims to be the mortal enemy of the United States. No. Why? Because it doesn't exist. It is the total brainchild of the American military establishment, which, faced with the prospect of having to decommission itself after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, had to invent a new threat to keep itself in business.
It is a trick America learned from Israel, which expands its borders and eradicates its enemies after first committing atrocities upon its own citizens, then cries foul and vows retaliation over the offense.
The threat is terrorism. The perfect enemy. It is the perfect enemy because it cannot be defeated. It cannot be defeated because it doesn't exist. It exists only in the minds of defense contractors who need to keep selling their weapons of death. It exists only on the videotape of provocateurs " often Jewish provocateurs " who hire actors to play terrorists who threaten the freedom of Americans, thereby necessitating the spending of billions of dollars to fight this threat that was created by the very people who are doing the fighting, and making the weapons with which to do the killing.
Our leaders lie about this, because they and their billionaire friends are making huge amounts of money from it. Most distressing of all is that the so-called political opposition " sometimes know as the Democrats " go along with this lie because they are making money, too, off a system that spends all its money on preparations for war against an enemy that doesn't really exist. The perfect enemy. An enemy that can never be defeated. An enemy that necessitates an endless war. And endless profits for those who manufacture the weapons.
Our leaders, and all those who aspire to replace them through so-called free elections, all lie, because they don't reveal that it's the system that is the biggest threat to all life on this planet, not one party or the other. It's the American system, which once aspired to be a representative democracy but long ago was stricken by a kind of virus known corporate financial manipulation that killed that democracy, that made it a shell of a concept, which people believed in but never were able to operate as it should have operated, namely, one person, one vote. Hell, they don't even count the votes anymore; they just make up the numbers with computer programs, and nobody is allowed to check on the veracity of the totals.
Our leaders have always lied about this kind of terror. As far back into American history as you want to go, our leaders have lied because there was a profit to be made. But let's not bury you with details. Suffice it to say that all the wars of the 20th century were unnecessary because they all were caused by people wanting to take someone else's money. Unfortunately for our own self-esteem (assuming most of the people reading this are Americans), all these wars were caused by America, which is not what you've read in your history books, but our leaders lie about those, too.
What is happening now is what has always happened. Facts and figures are rigged, then trumpeted by paid whores called journalists, the public rage is kindled, and wars are started. This charade of an invasion of Iraq is the classic example. Tens of thousands dead because of lies. But it is only the latest example.
What an opportunity to learn about what America really is is about to be lost because people " the sheeple " are too afraid to ask logical questions. What about Hitler's desire to have an interest-free society? Jewish bankers didn't like that very much, did they, since the entire Jewish legacy is built on usury. What about the oil drilling off the shores of Vietnam that was accomplished so quietly? And lately, Iraq was a 45-minutes-away threat to the Western world. And now, we haven't sent a dime to Iraq to alleviate the suffering we have caused because our leaders lie. Our leaders always lie.
Like, if Bush lied about the reasons for going to war in Iraq " which is now a certainty believed by 100 percent of the intelligent people in the world " and he lied about the reasons for going to war in Afghanistan " another certainty, as thousands of nomads are dying from radiation poisoning " what kind of profoundly ignorant buffoon would believe what Bush is saying about what happened on Sept. 11, 2001.
To think that a majority of the American people believe what Bush says would make even God turn his head away in shame.
How ignorant, or how corrupt, do you have to be to believe what Bush is still saying about that? Bush said God told him to wipe out Afghanistan and Iraq, and now he's going to do it to Palestine? How complete a fool are you, if you believe that?
The facts are clear, made crystal clear by all the lies, which if you believe them, there is absolutely no hope for you, your children, all the things you would like to hold dear. No hope for any of us, in fact, as long as you continue to believe the lies.
The truth is that the so-called terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 were a deep cover operation engineered by highest levels of the American and world corporate governments, concocted using Arabs at flight schools as a convenient deception (none of these Arabs has ever been traced to an actual terrorist group, other than what the deceivers claimed was a terrorist group), using remote controlled aircraft and many thousands of deaths to advance their moneymaking scheme of permanent war, with the fringe benefit of blaming Arabs to advance the demonic cause of Israel stealing huge chunks of Middle East real estate.
And this sophisticated deception caused all Americans (or all American legislators, at least) to instantly give up their freedoms in a frenzied hunt for dark-skinned terrorists who did not really exist, except as the creation of the sinister American intelligence agencies.
Our leaders all lie about this. Even all those would-be leaders who seek to replace the psychopaths who devised this plan lie about it, refuse to recognize it, think it's better to keep silent about it, lest they lose their opportunity to profit from this same evil system.
The legendary underground historian Eustace Mullins had it exactly right the other day in his exclusive interview on The Zionist neocon cabal that controls the Bush White House is a much greater threat to world freedom than the Soviet Union's monolithic and corrupt brand of communism ever was or could have been. And our leaders lie about that too, because they are all part of it.
Our leaders lie about all this, and we let them, which means we are lying about it, too. We are lying about who we are, what we really want, and what our country really is.
Trace the history of the U.S.A. in real history books (not the ones they use in public schools to shape the next generation of zombies) and you'll see clearly, from the Indians on down to the Arabs, that American history is a neverending story of murder and robbery, of rape and poison, of burying the bodies and lying about the stories.
The United States of America is a profit-making criminal enterprise that already has plundered much of the planet and will not stop until it ravages even its own territory, for the purpose of making those who pretend to be our leaders very rich and the remaining 90 percent of the population very poor, if not outright dead.
This is the plan. It's obvious now. If you are still waving your flag while your own soldiers are dying in some God-forsaken desert from poisons made by their own leaders, then your head is so far up your own butt that you can't hear any of this. You can't even hear your own children screaming in pain from the hypocrisy of it all.
It should be really obvious. The time for revolution is now. Our leaders all lie about that, refuse to even begin to acknowledge the really important issues, which are the 9/11 coverup, the poison of Zionist influence, and a widespread plan to kill large numbers of people using depleted uranium ammunition, toxic drugs and genetically modified food.
The outcome of this ongoing outrage - no joke, the fate of the world - depends on whether you will lie, too.
John Kaminski is the author of "America's Autopsy Report," a collection of his internet essays, now available from Dandelion Books. For a copy autographed by the author, send $18.95 plus $5 shipping and handling to: 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223.



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