The Solomon Giants
From Harry Mason

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I thought that your readers might like to see this little GEM by ex RAAF officer Marius Boirayon.

Much of this has been published in the latest NEXUS magazine but you can find his un-expurgated version at:

Interestingly Australia and New Zealand have just landed a +2000 strong military task force ("with police") from an Aussie naval flotilla in the Solomons Islands to conduct a little "peace intervention". It is not a UN operation and is said to be designed to help the islanders re-establish law, order, and thus peace - allegedly at the request of "all" the inhabitants...

Well possibly not quite all - since there are some native rebel groups on Guadalcanal that have taken up arms to stop their land and natural resources being stolen, their women being raped, and their villages being burned to the ground by a corrupt police force operating in cahoots with a "militia" organisation - allegedly at the behest of their Prime Minister.

Most of the Solomons killing and fighting was a couple of years ago but now it's died down our ANZAC boys have been sent in. Apparently the Solomon Islands economy is near collapse and they have "only now ALL decided to ask us for help". The rebels claim their Prime Minister asked for our help since he could not subdue them ???

In reality it is possibly only now since the nearby island of Bougainville has only recently been bought back under control - after years of armed insurrection - with the Bougainville rebels having been originally supplied via and from the Solomons with funding from international sources. Bougainville is host to a giant porphyry copper-gold mine. It was there that yet another Australian-New Zealand military force recently bought them "peace" - after years of rebel insurrection by the islanders against the corrupt resource grabbing central New Guinea government, who took the income from the mine production, but gave nothing back to the islanders, and as usual for New Guinea, did nothing to prevent severe mining environmental damage to what was previously a paradise.

Just up the road to the north west you have the Lihir Island epithermal gold deposit - the largest of its type in the world - discovered in the last decade. It rivals some of the South African Rand gold mines for reserves and grade. Several similar discoveries are rumoured to have been made along the Solomon Islands chain - just prior to the recent internal strife there. One smaller gold mine was in operation when the rebellion broke out. Apparently there are also newly discovered offshore oil fields in the adjacent waters.

One could be forgiven for treating the latest round of "peace intervention spin" with some skeptitude - given the as usual mix of assets that are present there !!!

I say "as usual" since East Timor was about offshore oil and gas and vesting control from Indonesia, whilst Bougainville was about regaining control of a huge gold and copper resource. New Guinea is an economic basket case due to years of rape by western mining companies who have effectively controlled that particular government by the usual graft and corruption to the point of having them pass laws preventing their citizens from taking legal action against mining environmental damage in the offshore international arena. Whilst we know Afghanistan was about opium and oil pipelines, whilst Iraq is about oil, oil and yet more oil.

Our world still runs on geo-political asset rape - even though they have dreamt up a more palatable public spin.

However to top it all off there is yet another angle involving races of giants, ufo's, and subterranean tunnels, plus evidence of ancient civilisations - read the ripping yarn below !!!

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The Solomon Giants



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