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The Ballot Or The Bullet?
Sticking it To The Poobahs
by Sherman H. Skolnick

A tragic hoax is that there are supposedly free and open elections in America. At key turning points in U.S. history, the highest court and key state election board officials have been part of a cabal to install a fictitious occupant and resident of the White House. The actual winner of the presidential election was NOT inaugurated. (1876 and 2000.)
Each time, it was to shove in a candidate to carry out an evil purpose. In 1876, to reverse the post-Civil War Progress of blacks. In 2000, to use fake White House instigated "terrorism" to start supposed Imperialist Christian wars against Arab supposed "infidels".
To aid in this fraud against the consent of those governed, scrapped by the Aristocracy has been the so-called "Australian Secret Paper Ballot". It was generally replaced by computer-controlled voting machines owned and operated by foreign powers. They refused to divulge their secret computer codes which they deemed their private ownership, "proprietary".[ has had documented items of the voting machine frauds.]
Before any of that, for the benefit of the British Monarchy and their efforts to obstruct the U.S. in their own development of power through vast industry and finance, there was the political assassination by supposed "lone assassins" of three U.S. Presidents. Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, and William McKinley.
Skolnick was widely heckled when in 1999, on Talk Radio, he predicted the Year 2000 Presidential Election may not be conducted in the customary manner, if at all. In 1999, there was a plot to kill expected Presidential Candidate Albert Gore, Jr., when his plane, as then Vice President, was set to be "accidentally" rammed over Chicago by three commercial flights. A week later, July, 1999, secret intended Presidential hopeful, John F. Kennedy Jr., was snuffed out in a bombed airplane.
Those behind the scenes who actually own and operate America, the Establishment, "the powers that be", the Aristocracy, the Ruling Class, THEM---believe in the bullet not the ballot. They govern without our consent until such time as America has its first real Revolution, to throw off our soil and ownership, foreign bankers and industrial dragons.
Few Americans have books in their residences. Even less, copies of the U.S. Constitution. Article Six, Section One of the same provides for the U.S. to pay off all debts and arrangments pre-dating the U.S. Constitution. Hence, common Americans have been taxed forever to pay British bills.
If Americans have the complete guarantee of the Second Amendment, they have the major way open to them to throw off the tyranny of a fraudulent Central Government controlled by foreign scorpions.
The U.S. fundamental law, purchased with blood, may have to be restored the same way, now that the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights have been brutally cancelled.
Who else dares bluntly talk or write this way in North America?
[Scroll way down the <> for items about the 2000 Election and the murder of JFK, Jr., "What Happened to America's Golden Boy''. Also read the entire "Overthrow" series.]
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