The Middle-Finger News -
Under The 'Blairing' Satanic Rock
Sticking it To The Poobahs
by Sherman H. Skolnick

Facing military and financial impending disaster, George W. Bush is searching around in the blame game. The occupant and resident of the White House plans to rely on his public image. Mainly that he is a good hearted simple minded fellow relying on super-clever cohorts. To that end he wants to incriminate British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Bush, to save himself, wants to charge Blair with knowingly referring to false and forged documents to justify the Iraqi oily Crusade genocide adventure. According to Bush, Blair didnít reveal his sources but informed Bush that proof is in the hands of the highest authorities, including British Intelligence and Buckingham Palace.

More and more the popular press points to Bush relying on phoney British information, actually secretly supplied to the British Monarchy from Rome. Accidently reverting to his mind-set as a southern slave master, Bush also wants to lynch Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell, both black, for misleading Bush.

Although stupid enough to piss on his own shoes, Bush does recognize the black-white atomic racial bomb in his arsenal of pretended innocence. He also toys with the idea of rebuking the numerous advisors surrounding him who have Jewish sounding surnames that may not be apart of that religion. Some are dual citizens, U.S./Israel. But Bush, with only a two digit I.Q., nevertheless knows enough not to mess over ìFalse Flagî experts, such as, The Mossad.

The blaming-Blair-scenario is the most dangerous of all Bushís options. After all, Blair, on behalf of and jointly with Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, are more accomplished blackmailers than Bush. Moreover, the Bush Crime Family is in a hundred billion dollar joint account with the Queen of England, jointly laundering Saddam Hussein extortion loot at her private bank, Coutts Bank London. (Secret bank document)

Is Queen Elizabeth II of England, with her Royal Storehouse of incriminating documents on Bush, threatening to set off a firestorm of impeachment-treason prosecution of him? TO FORCE BUSH TO SHUT HIS MOUTH!

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