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Sticking it To The Poobahs
by Sherman H. Skolnick

Breaking News.....Bush ponders arrest of alleged plotters who seek to arrest him for treason....Facing possible arrest according to sources are Albert Gore Jr., Senator Bob Graham and an unnamed Pentagon general...
George W. Bush Denuded
Eight days before Commander-in-Chief/President Nixon was stripped of all authority, the indication of it in the top most circles was that the 'football' was taken away from him. That is the term used for the nuclear code briefcase always carried next to the President by a Marine Guard. In Nixon's case, White House Chief of Staff General Alexander Haig, was ordered to do so by a Jesuit relative. Thus the Pentagon could not carry out the orders of President Nixon since he had been divested of all authority.
On the same day that George W. Bush verbally announced that "we are not leaving Iraq" a top group in the U.S. military has let it be known that Bush no longer has authority as Commander-in-Chief. Those well informed on the subject contend that three symbols of his authority were shorn from Bush's presence.
U.S. Senator Bob Graham (D.-Fl.) in recent days confirmed that Bush may have him arrested for violating national security in releasing 9-11 U.S. documents, which tend to incriminate Bush with treasonous prior knowledge. On the same day as Bush's Press conference, the media announced that Al Gore was running for President. One commentator, stating that Gore may run to be re-elected President sarcastically implied that Gore is already the actual President but not inaugurated as a result of the strange 2000 election.
As a result of financial emergencies and impending military disasters, Gore's confidante's contend that he may appear as part of a three part group of emergency administrators of the Central Government called a troika. For that purpose they are whispering Gore and Graham may return to military uniform along with another U.S. military General who is a member of an opposition group to Bush in the Pentagon. In the past Bush failed to show up for military service unlike Gore and Graham who served in the military.
Some key Democrats and Republicans privately accuse Bush of treason giving U.S. military secrets to the Red Chinese, a sworn enemy of the United States, who are reportedly blackmailing Bush on his alleged sordid private life traveling around with a male sexmate. To try to counter this Bush at his press conference said : "I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, and I believe we ought to codify that one way or the other, and we have lawyers looking at the best way to do that."
Top Democrats contend that Bush seeks to arrest Gore with Graham and an unnamed General for plotting to arrest Bush as a traitor. Bush may sidestep this opposition military group by a fake supposed terrorist attack. This is why some of the top brass at the Pentagon have apparently divested Bush of all authority.
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From: Paul Scigliano
Another article by Mr. Skolnick and another set of claims that don't seem to have a foundation.
Mr. Skolnick, you stated that a group in the Pentagon may have been taken away the Commander-in-Chief role from Bush, yet Bush is still apparently making foreign policy decisions with regards to troops since he is sending them to Liberia. So who authorized that move?
Al Gore has not stated that he is going to run for President in 2004. In fact, he has stated that he will not be running. An announcement from Gore to the media that he is going to run in 2004 simply does not exist.
Sen. Graham has not made any public statements that say that he may be arrested. I would personally like to see where you got any information that says that Senator Graham expects to be arrested.
Lastly you state that Graham and Gore and an unnamed General will be part of a so-called troika that runs the government. So Gore, a war photographer, is somehow going to put his uniform back on and serve on the troika?
Can you provide some third-party confirmation of the supposed male sex-mate that you claim travels around with Bush?
And how does all this square with your claims in earlier writings that claim that the real head of the government in America is the Queen of England? You can't have it both ways. You can't have a group in the Pentagon taking away power from Bush while the real power supposedly lies in the hands of Queen Elizabeth II.
As I stated earlier, I respect your work you have done with trying to reform the court systems, especially your efforts in Chicago, but you are frankly getting harder and harder to believe with every post that you make with regards to this administration. There are huge problems with the administration, and is apparently much mroe to 9/11 and the current efforts of the administration than they have led us to believe, but to come here and state things like "Al Gore is running in 2004" and that he is going to put his uniform back on and serve on some troika with Bob Graham and an unnamed general. It frankly muddies the waters of real issues when you state things like this, especially with no supporting material. I don't know whether to read your information and laugh anymore or whether I should even bother. Anyone that considers your information rationally is going to see it for what it is, which is bordering on misinformation and misdirection.



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