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Sticking It To the Poobahs

by Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom

White House Deja Vu

Thirty years ago, the United States' Vice-President, Spiro Agnew, was forced from office by a belated scandal. Gerald Ford, the JFK murder white-washer, without an election, replaced him as the Vice-President thanks to the 25th Amendment which was pushed into constitutional law by the Rockefeller family.

Shortly thereafter, President Richard M. Nixon was coerced to leave office and this time, Vice-President Ford, without an election,  became the resident of the Oval Office.

President Gerald Ford, in turn, appointed Nelson Rockefeller, without an election, as the new Vice-President. Thus the Nixon/Agnew team was replaced by the Ford/Rockefeller cabal. Rockefeller, a member of one of the world's richest families, testified to the U.S. Senate that he had paid no taxes for the previous eleven years.

Shortly thereafter, Ford survived three genuine assassination attempts. Rockefeller almost became the President by a bullet not a ballot.

Like his uncle, John D. Rockefeller 4th, who calls himself Jay to be cute, itches to occupy the Oval Office without legal election formality. And the CIA is now attempting to force out U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney.

Does George W. Bush study history? Does he see a pattern here? Or is he, according to some cynical commentators, busy pissing on his shoes?

[In 1973, Sherman H. Skolnick, head of a citizen's group investigating judicial corruption and political murders and espionage, was traveling the U.S. conducting seminars mostly for students at various colleges and universities. He often commented that there was a plot to remove the Nixon/Agnew team, starting with a bribery scandal implicating Vice-President Agnew. Students and student newspaper editors heckled Skolnick in that, they had read in no publication they and others said, about any such problem with Agnew. Skolnick was often then called a "liar". He was vindicated when six months later, in October, 1973, Agnew resigned as Vice-President, as part of a deal not to be jailed for bribery matters going back to the time he was Governor of Maryland. Agnew later wrote a book stating that a Nixon White House aide had demanded Agnew step aside or be assassinated.

In 1975, which was prior to Internet, talk radio, and public access Cable TV, and similar alternative outlets for news, Skolnick circulated his group's findings and comments through thirty phones, hooked up to their own phone message machinery, playing a recorded message updating their work. His group had uncovered the details of three genuine plots to assassinate President Gerald Ford. One such plot was by Sarah Jane Moore, an undercover operative for the U.S. Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire-Arms, which had supplied her with a very large caliber gun. When President Ford came to a public gathering, she aimed the weapon at him point blank. Ford was saved from being blown away when a disabled veteran shoved Moore's elbow causing her to miss.

The U.S. Secret Service, as confirmed to Skolnick off-the-record by various journalists he knew, was determined to stop Skolnick from raising questions of the possible Nelson Rockefeller-U.S. Secret Service complicity in the aborted attempts to murder President Ford. As a result, Skolnick's group's phone message lines were blocked by the Secret Service without legal formality. When Skolnick, as the head of the group, informed the phone company he, in his wheelchair, intended to picket the phone company's downtown headquarters to stop this arbitrary denial of service, the recorded message phone lines mysteriously began working again.

As can be seen from stories on <>, the website has had stories going back to 1999, about schemes to, by violence and other means, to install John D. Rockefeller 4th as Vice-President and then for him to become President. all without an election. This included, among other things, with attempts to assassinate Vice-President Albert Gore, Jr., such as causing several other planes to crash into his government plane, while over Chicago, in July, 1999, a week before the murder, by airplane bombing, of John F. Kennedy, Jr. See the website series, "What Happened to America's Golden Boy".

Through finagling by the Rockefeller Family, in about 1967, the 25th Amendment was enacted to the U.S. Constitution. That this was used in the Agnew-Ford-Rockefeller matters, as mentioned, and could be used to install Jay Rockefeller, tends to prove the Rockefellers have had a long-time dirty scheme to grab the Presidency without an election. Will it happen? Stay tuned.



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