The Shimon Peres Wetback
Theory Of American History

By Barry Chamish

Shimon Peres hates brown people and in 1984, it cost him an election victory. With Prime Minister Begin bogged down in Lebanon, it looked like he was going to coast to victory. Then came the Tel Aviv rally hosted by comedian Dudu Topaz. The popular funnyman looked at the white faces in the crowd and noted, "At least there are no chakhchahakhim here." Meaning, in the most derogatory way, at least there are no dark Sephardim here.
Shimon smiled at the comment. By so doing, instead of expressing his indignation, he lost the Sephardic vote then and forever.
In a documentary called Kadim Winds, Peres' bigotry is caught on film, as a reader notes:
I told you that in Kadim Winds a younger Peres made a campaign speech
in Beit Shean and the audience was not too thrilled with him ... Peres did
ATEM SATYANIM? TITBAYSHU ... "WHY DON'T YOU GO BACK TO MOROCCO ..." The film ought to be checked for actual transcript. It may be good if you incorporate that and a few other episodes in a talk and into videos/CD-s.
Translated, Peres told the gathered, "You and your Sephardic movement. What do you want? You're a bunch of perverts and should be ashamed of yourselves. Why don't you go back to Morocco."
Not content with despising brown Jews, this week Peres went after brown Americans:
Peres: Browning of America serious problem
Aaron Lerner Date: 5 August 2003
Labor MK Shimon Peres explained his statement yesterday that America had a
problem because it started white and is now going brown. He explained in a
live interview today on Israel Radio's "It's All Talk" program that in
America it is recognized that the United States has a "problem" that there
are so many Hispanics in the U.S. today.
Peres explained that he had nothing to apologize for saying that the
changing in the racial composition of America is a problem since Americans
themselves write that they see a problem in the change and there is even a
book titled "The Browning of America."
Here is Peres' thinking. If there isn't a Palestinian state, Israel will be flooded with brown Arabs and things will become as bad as in America, where the wetbacks are wrecking the country. It's hard to say if his statement is more insulting to Arabs or Latinos but that's how he really thinks. The "peacemaker" is an ethnocentric racist.
And this bigot is going to become prime minister because his Vatican pals are arranging it. Once in power, as noted in the previous article, he is going to make Jerusalem a UN-controlled "world capital" with the Vatican gaining sovereignty over the Temple Mount.
Perhaps, a reminder is appropriate:
Peres Raises 'World Capital' Solution for Jerusalem
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Shimon Peres, the head of Israel's opposition Labor Party, has suggested resolving Israeli-Palestinian conflict over Jerusalem by putting its holy sites under U.N. stewardship, a spokesman said Tuesday.
His plan calls for declaring a holy area of sites sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims in Jerusalem's old walled city as a "world capital," with the U.N. Secretary-General serving as mayor, Peres' spokesman Yoram Dori told Reuters.
Israel claims Jerusalem as its capital, including the Arab eastern part captured in the 1967 Middle East War and annexed in a move that is not recognized internationally. Palestinians want to make East Jerusalem capital of the state they hope to establish in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (news - web sites) under a U.S.-backed peace plan.
Peres raised the idea in a meeting with visiting Russian diplomats-in-training when they asked how he envisaged a solution to conflicting Israeli-Palestinian claims to the city, Dori said.
Israel has previously rejected proposals raised by the Vatican (news - web sites) to internationalize Jerusalem.
Peres, a former prime minister and an architect of interim peace deals with the Palestinians, has not raised the proposal with Israeli or Palestinian leaders, Dori said.
So here is how the Jews will lose Jerusalem. In late May Peres was in Rome plotting with the Vatican. He would return to Israel and take over the leadership of the Labor Party. To do so, he had to blackmail the party frontrunner, Binyamin Ben Eliezer, out of the race. Once this was accomplished, he won the party leadership, though, with a minority of votes.
Sharon was proving recalcitrant and would have to be removed. That process will begin in earnest this week when he and his sons are investigated for some serious financial scandals. The attorney general Elyakim Rubinstein was cajoled into bringing Sharon down and he announced his retirement at the same time as he recommended prosecuting the Sharon clan. He doesn't want to stick around for what's coming.
Needless to say, Sharon's predecessor, Ehud Barak and his gang, committed even worse electioneering crimes in 1999 which have gone unprosecuted to this day. It's not fair but Rubinstein understands the game of selective justice. Barak was cooperative with the international scheme to bring down Israel, Sharon is proving too reluctant. So out he will go and quickly.
With Sharon forced to quit in disgrace, opposition leader Peres will be in the right place to take over the helms of state.
It's coming. The bigot Peres is on his way back to the prime minister's office. The last time, he had to remove Rabin violently. This time, he will merely subject his nation to a painful scandal ending with the resignation of the sitting prime minister.
And then, Jerusalem will be lost and Israel will soonafter cease to exist. Recall, the current intifada broke out immediately after the pope's visit to Israel in 1999. When they plot, Jews die.
Permit me to suggest two ways to short-circuit the plot. First, send Peres' Hispanic comments to every Spanish-language embassy and media outlet in the world. Let the Hispanics know just what he thinks of them.
And: Back in 1999, my publishers at Gefen Books, Dror and Ilan Greenfield, sent a copy of the Hebrew edition of Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin to every member of the Knesset. That act broke open the Rabin assassination truth and made it headline news. My publishers educated the Israeli public with just one brilliant stroke.
My new Hebrew book, Save Israel, details Peres' connivances with the Vatican and exposes the international plot against Israel. It is the first book in Hebrew to reveal the New World Order agenda against the Jews and focuses on Peres' role in what could well turn out to be a new slaughter.
But this time neither my publisher nor I can afford to distribute the book to Israel's leaders. If they get the book, they will read it and maybe become aware enough to salvage this state of ours.
So, faithful reader, what do you think of sending Save Israel to the Israeli political, media or religious leader, or friend of your choice?
Just send me your choice of who you'd like to send the book to, with an alternative or two in case he's taken. For the publisher's price of 79 shekels or $19, I'll look up the address, cover the postage and send you back a registered mail slip with the name of your recipient on it.
It's worth a try. If you don't think so, please open the attachment and see how serious the Vatican really is.
More Rabin
Lest anyone doubt that I was the first to get it right, please do recall that I exposed the unsavory practises of Israel's chief pathologist, Dr. Yehuda Hiss, in my first 1997 edition of Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin. Six years later, the scandal has broke. And because Hiss doctored Rabin's autopsy to fit the needs of the real murderers, he won't ever have to pay so much as a parking fine, let alone be indicted for stealing body parts from soldiers.
Bereaved Families Demand Chief Medical Examiner be Dismissed
Aug. 05, '03 / 7 Av 5763
( Bereaved families were among the demonstrators outside the Ministry of Health in Jerusalem this morning, demanding the dismissal of Chief Medical Examiner Prof. Yehuda Hiss.
Hiss has been in the eye of the storm in an increasing number of cases charging unauthorized organ harvesting, autopsies, and other post mortem procedures.,7340,L-2710337,00.html
And now, a new Rabin webmaster is uncovering the truth and his site is under attack for it.
Read away:
A bit of a scoop for you. The entire GSS security operation on the night was codenamed "Operation Sunshine". I found out the details of the original plan for Rabin's entry and exit from the rally (the gallery). First part of the plan was followed to the letter, the second was totally abandoned. It's all on the website. It basically included Rabin's entry into the municipal building from a rear door facing the back alley, up to the first floor inside the building via secured corridors unexposed to public and emergence into the gallery at first floor level (access to gallery was alredy blocked and secured at the front wide staircase.) Exit should have been conducted in the same way, where Rabin would walk back the same secured corridors, down to the same exit door - into the car - about 20-30m away from the crowd. He would be exposed for less than 2m. - exit door to car. The whole little back road was supposed to be a sterile area - including the Gan Hair roof, where there were 2-3 security agents. There were several 'layers' of security on the night, first, the immediate close security detail, second, agents and civilian-dressed police mingling with the crowd, and third, long range security, which included apartments around the square with snippers on stand-by (some families were evacuated from their own flats for this!).
The irony is that the codename was borrowed from an old operation carried out 37 years ago by the world's first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus. Her first ever journey under the Arctic icepack was named Operation Sunshine. It was a covert, great depth op. which went undetected by the Russians until she emerged on the other side. Much like "Champagne".
Having unravelled the original plan for Rabin's exit from the rally, the behavior of Amir becomes immediately obvious. For some half hour he hang around the concrete flower pot, never wandering deep into the alley near the exit door. It means he had prior knowledge that the original exit plan will not be in operation and that Rabin would descend the stairs instead! Because the original plan was aborted, communication between various security units broke down and nobody knew precisely when Rabin was about to descent. The original exit plan did not allow for a sting operation to unfold.
And there's more.
That's it. As of last night they hit and attacked the site. Blocked access to hundeds of other websites on the server, I'm told. Working to restore.
I recommend the first two sites:
But hesitate to give my seal of approval to the next two. The information within is useful but the webmasters have Israel all wrong. Rather than shun them for their ignorance, the better approach would be to correct them firmly but politely.
I read a letter in the Jerusalem Post that made me aware of how blessed I am to have such astute readers. I had seen this exact letter published dozens of times before by dozens of different deluded Jews. The argument is that Israel is safer than any American city, thus don't worry about visiting here.
Poor sleeping Jew. In the past two years, 871 Jews have been murdered in terror acts, and over 7000 wounded, many crippled or mutilated permanently. What American city can boast such carnage? Most American murders take place in neighborhoods the writer would never visit, so his statistics are skewed and meaningless.
Now compare that kind of superficial nonsense published by the Post, with the insight of my readers:
Did you notice the connection between Hanegbi opening
temple mount, then facing a supreme court case saying
he is unqualified to serve as internal security
minister, and within days, the mount is closed again.......
Dear Barry, shalom!
A few days ago, Arutz 7 published on its website that Shabak
offered , as a alternative for the religious girls, instead of Shirut
Leumi to do a shirut in Shabak. It looks to me as a try-in of heavy
infiltration into religious circles.
I think the best way to bring out the insanity of
Shimon Peres's plan to give Jerusalem to the
Vatican is write a joke. The problem is that I am
terrible at telling and writing jokes. My
suggestion is that it would be something like this:
Two Israelis are talking about the upcoming
elections. One of the men says I thank Shimon
Peres that I won't have to decide who to vote for,
because he gave Jerusalem to the Vatican. The
second man replies that he's still not sure who to vote
for. Peres may kiss the pope's ring but Sharon kisses
his butt.
I told you, I'm terrible at joke writing but maybe you can polish
And, as long as we're on the topic of the Jerusalem Post, that paper published not a word about the early death (47) of Dror Greenfield, co-publisher of Gefen Books, probably the most influential English book publisher in Israel. Shame on them.
How often has the recently deceased been described as courageous? How often is it the whole truth? I can prove, in the case of Dror Greenfield, it's all true.
Back in 1998, no one else would have chosen to publish my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? The book was the true account of Rabin's assassination and proved that Yigal Amir could not, physically, have done the deed. The book has been verified time and again, but how could Dror have known this when he made the choice to go with it? He couldn't have. However, he certainly could have foreseen any number of disastrous scenarios by sticking his neck out so far; but he gave to go-ahead and that was a gutsy, brave thing to do for his company, and for his people and country.
Dror Greenfield wanted the truth published and that's what prompted his decision. He could not have anticipated that the book would make the top of the Hebrew language bestselling lists, which it did. He could not have known that the book would finally bring honor to him and Gefen Publishing, which it did as well.
But he sure knew that if I was wrong, his company would be sued to extinction. No other publisher would touch the Rabin issue for that very reason. And that is proof solid that Dror Greenfield was a man of distinction and courage.
Not that he wasn't careful. Before drawing up any contract, he checked to make well certain that I was both right and sane. That is why he and his brother Ilan traveled to Tel Aviv to watch me speak at a crowded evening organizing by Prof. Uri Milstein. Only after he saw my proofs and the audience's reaction to them did he make his commitment to exposing the Rabin murder truth.
And once he dived in, he kept swimming towards that whole truth. Year after year I would stand with him at the Hebrew Book Fair where he proudly displayed both book and author to a confused, grateful and occasionally hostile public. I don't know if there is another Jewish publisher on this planet who would have stood beside me back then.
Today, everything is different. A poll conducted by Kol Yisrael recently revealed that half of Israel no longer accepts the government's version of the Rabin assassination. And that was not solely because of my book. Dror also published the distinguished book, Lies - The Rabin Assassination And The Israeli Secret Services by Dr. David Morrison, which verified my findings and added vital new evidence which helped turn the tide in favor of the truth.
It is inevitable that the Rabin truth will come out. When it does, it will hurt for a while. After the shock fades, we will all build a government that reflects our Jewish values so that murder will never have a place in our world again.
That day will come and when it does, we must all recall that Dror Greenfield brought us a better life.
Aharon Hacohen has produced a marvelous website combining his unique artistry with my thinking. Please tell everyone you know to visit:



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