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By Barry Chamish

From CM Ross
I really had to smile at the article asserting that the Jesuits wish to destroy the Jews.
As you may know, the British issued a White Paper in about 1919 stating that the recent Communist revolution in Russia was entirely Jewish in origin and that this revolution posed the greatest threat to Western civilization.
The Jesuits have now totally embraced Communism under the guise of "Liberation Theology." Now what does that tell you?
Obviously, the Jews are the ones who wish to destroy the Jesuits, and not the other way around. And I submit that they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.
"The Plot Against the Church" by Maurice Pinay uses original documents and even Jewish documents to demonstrate that the goal of Judaism has been the destruction of Christianity for the past 2,000 years. By inducing Catholics to give up their beliefs one by one, Pinay demonstrates that in this manner, the Jews slowly destroy the belief system of Catholics and that all heresies such as Protestantism and Islam stem from Jewish intrigues.
That the present Novus Ordo, or New Order, Mass has incorporated Jewish prayers into its service and is a gross corruption of the True Mass demonstrates the verity of Pinay's book. And most of the Jesuits now offer the New Mass, not the True Mass.
Miss Ross


In late May, 2003, The Voice Of Israel radio broadcast a report from Rome. After visiting his papal pals, Shimon Peres decided to run for chairman of the Israeli Labor Party. The eighty year old Peres promised to keep Israel on the Roadmap and fulfil the promises of Oslo.
Peres, educated in his youth at a Jesuit school in Poland, is the highest ranking operative run by the Jesuits in Israel and his task is spreading chaos ending with national destruction. The destruction of the Jews is a primary goal of the Jesuits and I am presenting proof of this assertion through a book that collected the facts brilliantly but missed the most obvious conclusions. I speak of Unholy Trinity by Mark Aarons and John Loftus.
This is not the first time Aarons and Loftus collected evidence with flair but missed the whole picture. In their far better known, the Secret War Against The Jews, the authors exposed the likes of the Dulles brothers and the Harriman clan and their machinations against the Jews without understanding their direct connections to the Council On Foreign Relations and ultimately, the Jesuits
I pointed this out to John Loftus several years ago and he replied that he didn't miss the connection, he didn't believe it. However, since then, he has grudgingly budged a bit, twice writing that my own evidence gathering was, at least, "interesting."
So, let's help the boys again, shall we? I am citing the St. Martin's Griffin edition of Unholy Trinity. I have no intention of describing the gruesome acts of the diabolical characters portrayed in the book, nor will I even identify their roles. For that, get the book. My intention is to expose the Jesuit connection to the Holocaust, and the escape of the perpetrators to the four corners of the planet by way of the Jesuit's Ratlines to safety.
Before we examine Unholy Trinity, it would be helpful to supply some historical background. John Daniel does so admirably in his book, The Grand Design, (CHJ Publishing, 1999).
pp 151: The most important factor in the recatholizing of Germany was the educational activity of the Jesuits. They succeeded in rapid succession the founding of colleges in all the important towns of the German Empire.
pp 159: When Rome launched her counter-offensive to halt the progress of Protestantism, she began in Germany; one of the areas she felt sedition was most deeply rooted. When Rome had finished, Germany was depopulated. Its people had either been killed by the Thirty Years War or had fled the area. Germany itself had been reduced to a virtual wilderness area.
pp 162: When backtracking to the origin of this complexity of deception, it brings us straight to the real heart of the matter, the intense hatred of the Roman Catholic Church for anyone or anything that opposes her goals. It positively isn't a Jewish conspiracy, but strictly Roman Catholic, who have strategically used certain Jews for their cause's advantage.
Now on to Unholy Trinity. The subject of the book is the smuggling out of Europe of tens of thousands of Nazis after World War 2 via the Vatican ratlines. Included also are clear pictures of the Jesuits' activities against the Jews preceding and during the war.
pp 22: American intelligence had been taking an active interest in the Vatican's response to the 'Red Menace' for some time. Indeed 'high-ranking Allied intelligence officers' were reportedly in 'close relations with high Vatican dignitaries' well before the Nazi collapse. In October 1945 the Americans noted the 'preponderant influence which the Jesuit fathers, who always present concrete and well-reasoned projects, tend to exercize at the Curia. According to their source, the Jesuits were leading the Holy See's struggle with Moscow, and the, 'one positive step so far taken by the Vatican has been the organization of a penetration program; especially resourceful that is being sent into the area to lead the catholic elements and through their zeal and example to keep these elements from wavering. Most of these agents are Jesuits.'
pp 31: Father Burkhart Schneider, a German Jesuit, is also certain that, 'Bishop Hudal was not at all close to the Vatican.' Schneider, who prepared the Holy See's defence of Pius XII's wartime role, was adamant that Hudal was 'very much on the fringes.'
pp 57: In 1932, Draganovic went to Rome to study at the Papal Oriental Institute and the Jesuit Gregorian University...Draganovic had returned to Rome in August 1943, representing the Ustachi and the Croatian Red Cross. This allowed him to build his escape routes for Nazi war criminals.
pp 58: One of Draganovic's most important lay colleagues was Miha Krek. Leader of the Catholic Slovene People's Party, Krek worked for British Intelligence. Draganovich's own contacts reached to the very top of the Italian Interior Ministry. The two men had another thing in common: high level Vatican contacts.
pp 59: In October 1945 the OSS had identified the Jesuits as key Vatican agents in a 'penetration program' inside Communist-occupied areas.
pps 61, 68: Vajta worked for the Hungarian secret service before the war. He had also been a senior Nazi propagandist for German-sponsored newspapers...that poisoned Hungarian public opinion... Vajta arrived in New York on 16 December 1947...The Embassy had passed the details of Vajta's trip together with a list of people he wished to meet in America. These included Cardinal Spellman, Jesuit leader Father La Farge and a host of emigre political leaders.
pp 79: Father Draganovic was the man who could lead to Pavelic's arrest and extradition...The Jesuits were among his closest Church helpers at this time, assisting his plans to leave Italy by arranging for his passage to Spain.
pp 162: For security reasons, Pius XII stated that he would not meet with Muller directly, but would receive his communications through a Jesuit priest, Father Leiber, a Vatican archivist, whom the pope trusted absolutely...On October 27 Muller was summoned to meet Father Leiber at the Jesuit Gregorian University.
pp 165: This may have been Turkul's first espionage work for the Jesuits... It is perhaps only a coincidence that Turkul was running his own Japanese Ratline into the Soviet Union for the Abwehr at the same time as the Jesuits. Even if Turkul had no direct Jesuit connection in 1938, his Abwehr boss certainly did...Turkul's NTS network had longstanding relations with British intelligence. Several of Turkul's close associates were Uniate and Orthodox clergymen who were well known to the Jesuits. Indeed, the Jesuits had built an entire college in Rome to train Uniate seminarians.
pp 175: A united Eastern Church had been the Vatican's dream since the great Orthodox schism tore Christianity apart in 1024 A.D. The hybrid Uniate Church was a compromise devised in the sixteenth century by the Jesuits and encouraged by the Habsburg dynasty.
pp 181: The centrepiece of Wachter's strategy was the five million Catholic Uniates. Their religious leader Archbishop Szepticky pointed the way by blessing the Galician SS Division. The Galician SS, complete with Uniate chaplains, would soon be a Catholic army in crusade against the 'Godless Bolsheviks.'
Aarons and Loftus, whether they intended to or not, provide evidence of Jesuit manipulations in the rise of nazism and the near total disappearance of European Jewry. To make certain their goal of the complete extermination of the Jews was reached, they saved their carefully cultivated exterminators. With that understood, see if you find a pattern in the Roadmap of recent events:
Spain offers to host Middle East peace conference
MADRID, July 2 " Spain offered on Wednesday to host a Middle East peace conference and a top Palestinian official said he would be glad to see the conference held in Madrid.
Madrid hosted a 1991 conference that launched a series of Arab-Israeli peace moves. Spanish Foreign Minister Ana Palacio took advantage of a meeting with Palestinian Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath to push Madrid's claims to hold a second conference now Middle East peace efforts have resumed.
''For Spain, it would be a very great honour to host a conference...If such a decision is taken, we would facilitate it, by providing a venue for a conference,'' Palacio told a news conference held jointly with Shaath.
Shaath said the Palestinian administration would be ''very happy and proud if the next peace conference were here in Madrid.''
He said the Spanish government had tried to host a peace conference last year but the time had not been right. ''According to the (Middle East peace) road map, this conference will be necessary at the end of 2003 or at the beginning of 2004,'' he said.
Palacio and Shaath were in an upbeat mood with both saying it was a ''moment of hope'' in the Middle East.
Palestinians and Israelis have this week taken the first tentative steps to implement the ''road map,'' which envisages a Palestinian state by 2005 in the West Bank and Gaza alongside a secure Israel.
Shaath said he believed an agreement on Jerusalem, which both Israelis and Palestinians claim as their capital and is seen as one of the toughest obstacles to overcome, was possible.
''I really don't see anything as impossible. On the contrary, I see that we can reach an agreement,'' he said.
East Jerusalem would be the capital of Palestine and the other part of the city the capital of Israel, he said.
Both Palacio and Shaath said they believed that three Palestinians given refuge in Spain last year should at some point return to Bethlehem.
The three were among 13 Palestinians flown to European countries in May 2002 under a deal which ended a siege by Israeli forces of Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity.
''There is a European agreement for all of the Palestinians (who left last year) to return to Bethlehem,'' Shaath said.
Palacio and Shaath signed an agreement under which Spain will provide 10 million euros ($11.54 million) in aid to the Palestinians this year to fund health, education and job creation. Some 80 vehicles were expected to be shipped from Spain soon for the use of the Palestinian police.
TEL AVIV, June 16, 2003. /From RIA Novosti correspondent Andrei Pravov/--Head of the Russian Federation Council's international committee Mikhail Margelov, who is on a visit in Israel, on Monday met Israeli Minister for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs Nathan Sharansky. They discussed the proposal of the Russian parliament's upper chamber to hold an international conference "Holy Places of the Holy Land" in Geneva early next year. The idea has already been endorsed by the Vatican and the Russian Orthodox Church.
UN and America say multinational force is only way to end violence
By Rupert Cornwell in Washington
15 June 2003
As violence threatens to engulf the barely launched roadmap plan for peace in the Middle East, calls are growing for a large-scale international force to be sent in, as the only hope of imposing some sort of a ceasefire between Israelis and Palestinians.
The demands came as a team of US monitors arrived in the region, and - after intense pressure from Washington and Arab countries - Palestinian and Israeli security officials agreed to resume contacts. This follows a week of bloodshed during which at least 50 people died.
The dispatch of a multinational force is increasingly seen as the only means of securing a breathing space, allowing meaningful negotiations to begin.
Pope backs Mid-East peace force
Pope John Paul ll has lent his support to the creation of an international peacekeeping force to try to bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
In one of his strongest denunciations of the continuing violence, the Pope said the international community should take "a more determined role on the ground" to help bring about peace.
Jordan's King Sends a Message to Pope
VATICAN CITY, JUNE 12, 2003 ( John Paul II received a message from King Abdullah of Jordan, which was handed to the Pope personally by Jordanian Foreign Affairs Minister Marwan Muasher.
The Vatican press office gave no details on today's papal audience with the Jordanian envoy. The audience was held at a critical time in the relaunching of Mideast peace talks.
The king's message addresses "the situation in the region," according to the Jordanian news agency Petra.
Muasher also met with Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran, Vatican secretary for relations with states, to discuss "means of stepping up efforts to find a just and lasting solution to crises facing the region," Petra said.
On Tuesday, Muasher was in Bahrain, where he attended a meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers entrusted with following up on Arab summit resolutions, including efforts to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli crisis, Agence France-Presse reported.
Last week, Jordan was host for a summit between U.S. President George W. Bush and the Israeli and Palestinian Prime Ministers, who both pledged to implement the peace blueprint.*
June 2, 2003
POPE-POWELL Jun-2-2003 (970 words) With photos. xxxi
Pope, Vatican officials meet with Powell, discuss Mideast peace
By John Norton
Catholic News Service
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- As a U.S.-backed peace plan began taking shape in the Middle East, Pope John Paul II and top Vatican officials met U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell for talks on ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
June 12, 2003
Annan : Armed peace force should be sent to territories
New YORK - United Nations Secretary-General Kofi
Annan, in a joint interview with Haaretz and
Channel Two News, said that the Israelis and
Palestinians are apparently unable to reach an
agreement on their own, and that in the present
circumstances he supports sending an "armed peace
force as a buffer zone between the Israelis and
the Palestinians."
1-EST-0-NF82&page=0&id=agionline-eng.italyonline Sicily offered as peace conference venue
EST-0-NF82&page=0&id=agionline-eng.italyonline Mazen's going to Rome
Aarons and Loftus and Daniel crossed paths on a certain key to understanding the real war against the Jews.
Daniel, pps 166-7: In less than forty five years, which brings us to the time of the French Revolution, France is said to have counted over two thousand lodges affiliated to the Grand Orient...The Grand Orient de la France being instituted in 1773 was a plan being orchestrated precisely when the Jesuit Order was upposedly being dissolved.Actually, nothing could have served the Jesuit purpose greater, working in dark secret as those at the apex of power in Freemasonry did.
Aarons, Loftus, pps 52-53: According to Vajta, the historical convergence of French and Vatican interests in Central Europe played a crucial role in de Gaulle's schemes 'to employ the factor of Catholicism.' Vajta told French intelligence of his pre-war role in their clandestine operations in Central Europe. While studying at the Sorbonne in the early 1930s, he joined the secretive Grand Orient, an organization specializing in Central and Eastern European affairs which linked Francophiles from these regions to French activities.
I discovered an anomaly in Daniel's book which he missed but one which, I'm certain, some of my readers will find worthy of considering deeply. On page 86, Daniel describes the passage of the first three Jesuit priests to sail for America, He writes, "As the ships set sail 22 November 1633, we find the Jesuit priests engaged in a public Roman Catholic ceremony invoking the Blessed Virgin, the saints, and the guardian angel of Maryland for protection for a safe voyage."
My discovery: November 22, 1633 was precisely 333 years previous to the assassination of President Kennedy. Double that and you get 666.
Mein Kampf was written by a Jesuit priest. Read:
Aharon Hacohen has produced a marvelous website combining his unique artistry with my thinking. Please tell everyone you know to visit:
Those of you without Hebrew fonts will see gibberish from now on. It's an explanation of how to order the Hebrew edition of Save Israel. As always, the English version, as well my other books, can be had by writing The book was honored this month with a wonderful and perceptive review in Nexus Magazine. I am grateful to editor Duncan Roads.
From Kelly Cooke
"My discovery: November 22, 1633 was precisely 333 years previous to the assassination of President Kennedy. Double that and you get 666."
Sorry, this is incorrect. It's 330 years- double that and you get 660 years. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.



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