Campground, UFO
Watchtower Opened In Colorado


HOOPER, Colo. (AP) - Judy Messoline got tired of waking up with strangers, if not aliens, in her yard.
So four years ago she asked the Saguache County commissioners to allow her to build a UFO watchtower and campground. Then she could make some money on people who were already using her land to camp as they tried to spot aliens.
The San Luis Valley has long been considered a fertile ground for such searches, especially after claims of alien abductions, UFO landings and a wave of cattle mutilations.
Since opening the UFO Watchtower in May 2000, Messoline has become a celebrity. She has been interviewed by reporters from all over the world.
Last year she decided to hold a UFO conference and this year she has added a rock garden celebrating three vortexes that several psychics say are in her front yard.
UFO fanatics and the just-plain curious can sit in her yard, look at the rocks and distant Sangre de Cristos, where so much is said to happen, and sip soda.
The conference, to be held Saturday and Aug. 10, will be from noon to whenever. And it's free.
Speakers will include a woman who claims she was temporarily taken aboard a UFO, and a video of what is described as UFO will be shown.
At noon on Saturday, Messoline will welcome her guests and tell them the history of the UFO Watchtower.
At 1 p.m. a woman named Tammy who says she was whisked aboard a UFO will tell her story. The speaker at 2 p.m. is hypnotherapist Gloria Hawker.
At 10 p.m. the "Watch" for the unexplained will begin, Messoline said.



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