450,000 Sprayed With
Chemtrails At Toronto Concert

From JG

Hi Jeff,
Just finished listening to your recently archived broadcast featuring Clifford Carnicom. Great show!
On the issue of chemtrails, I've always leaned towards the weather modification/anti-global warming type of explanations, with hope that the reasoning behind this type of experimentation would be for the good of the people...
But, after witnessing, first-hand, the specific, and blantant targeting of a half a million people gathered in Toronto for a SARS relief concert (how ironic) on July 30th, 2003, headlined by AC/DC and the Rolling Stones, I now believe that a far more sinister plan has been put into action.
Just past 3:15pm, 4 parallel chemtrails were released. They were evenly-spaced, starting from one end of the conert grounds to the other, east to west, beginning and ending at the same points in the sky directly above the crowd. I was dumbfounded, because I spend much of the morning and early afternoon seeing a variety of normal contrail activity, and thought perhaps there would be no chemtrail spraying. Yet, when it happened, I couldn't believe how obvious it was.
I am not aware of any photographs or video footage of this.
I don't know if this information is useful to you or not, but I thought I would pass it along anyway.
Stones Play Under Chemtrail Sky In Toronto
From Greg Labow A Private Citizen
The Rolling Stones headlined a major benefit concert in Toronto yesterday to help the city recover after being devastated by the recent SARS outbreak. It was a public relations display to tell the rest of the world that Toronto is back in business and is a great place to visit.
Now the irony. During the concert the crowds were being sprayed by Chemtrails while black helicopters watched overhead in a circular repeating pattern of surveillance. Someone has a sick sense of humor. The event was plagued by the same disease affecting the economy of which the benefit concert was to alleviate, severe respiratory disease, aka Ð SARS. The same problem that people are experiencing from the Chemtrails Ð severe repository disease!
What gives?
We were only allowed to bring into the concert disposable cameras; it makes sense now looking back on it. The chemtrails show up better with a zoom lens and higher resolution. Here are some photos I took with a disposable Kodak camera. More unholy synchronicity Ð at the time the photos were taken AC/DC were on stage singing "Highway to Hell". The monitors showed burning flames and the skies were glowing orange as well. A fitting song, to a fitting backdrop. The United Nations would be proud.
Welcome to the New World Order, welcome to Toronto. Just make sure to look-up.



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