Greater Israel -- What Does
It Really Mean?
From A. Melon

Hi Jeff - loving the website. I know you try to be provocative. Piece of advice about provocation though - it is a favorite tool of propagandists. Think about it. Another objective they all share is to change the subject from reality to intentions. Be careful. It is easy for anyone to say, "you want to destroy me, therefore I must destroy you first, before you move a finger to carry out your plans." As an editor you don't want to fall into these traps. You want to convey real information.
GWB is using the preemptive argument to wage his evil Iraq war. For him the mere assertion that Hussein wanted to build nukes was enough justification. Never mind the invasive no-fly zones already in place, the constant satellite surveillance, the UN inspectors crawling all over the country. GWB wanted war.
The Muslim sheiks quoted in your 'Z' articles use the same trick - oh, we must push Israel into the sea because of these evil greater Israel schemes in their papers. Well, when Israel in fact marches on them, that is the ethical time for self-defense. These settlement disputes are not world conquest.
It would be nice to see more articles on your site showing quotations from Muslim leaders going back to the 50s saying that they need the Palestinian problem as an excuse to wage war on Israel; which is why their laws prohibit Palestinians from immigrating. The Muslims could solve the Palestinian problem tomorrow if they wanted. It's not about ethnic cleansing. They could just set up incentives with their enormous stash of petro-dollars. Instead, they let the Palestinians fester. Hell, Araft lets them fester, the problem suits him fine.
The Lilienthal site is rather juvenile, uninformed, and bigoted. I mean the business about turning the millions of American Christians who share a religious heritage with Jews as 'cult' - well, come on Jeff. You can do better for us. I know many of these people personally and it's true they need some political education (your site helps) but calling them a cult is just over the top. Lilienthal is a paranoid bigot.



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