How To See Mystery
Chemtrail Aerosol Filaments
By Sue Miller
aka 'Looookinup'

The unusual phenomena being described here -- and at various Chemtrail/Aerosol Activity Boards -- is being called by different names. 'Aerosol polymer filaments and webs' (Mike Castle @Rense). Chemtrail fibers; microfilaments; 'sky-webs''; chemtrail fall-out; electrostatic filaments; CT particulates; perhaps even 'Morgellon's'. "I like the term 'fibrils' as it implies a synthesized microfiber with conductive properties." (Moondog @ Carnicom).
But whatever they end up being called (personally, I lean towards 'CT-UV fibrils' -- has a nice ring), they are REAL and OBSERVABLE.
See for yourself -- it's simple...
These CHEMTRAIL/AEROSOL/ UV/ FIBRIL/ FILAMENTS are very easy to observe under the right conditions.
To actually WITNESS these filaments covering you, and your children, your pets, your home, your plates, your pillow and your possessions can be very shocking.
They are all over us.
They are floating in the air.
They are entwined in all that extra 'dust' you have been wiping up lately throughout your home...and the 'dust' on your car.
They are clogging your A/C and furnace filters.
They are landing on your food between the plate and your mouth.
We are all wearing them, eating them, drinking them, breathing them...
And they are virtually INVISIBLE -- EXCEPT under ultraviolet light.
In mid-April, 2000, Djebemon, a respected poster at Clifford Carnicom's Chemtrail Board -- since renamed the Aerosol Operations Board (links below) -- discovered that there were THOUSANDS of tiny 'particles' or 'filaments' on his hair, clothing, skin, carpet and walls. These transparent 'filaments' are about three times thinner than a human hair or pet hair, about 0.5-3 mm long, and are virtually INVISIBLE in normal light -- even if you are staring right at them.
However ... under UV 'blacklight', they fluoresce with a blue glow.
This caused quite a stir for several months, and a lot of material got added to his original topic, which is now ( 7-31-03) 10 pages long.
"EUREKA!" (I think I've found black lite? :
It has been especially notable that no debunkers came forward to contest our findings (and 2000 was a record year for debunking attempts!)
But then, after the initial shock subsided, we got used to it, we bought our air filtration units, and attention turned elsewhere. (It is really unpleasant to live daily with the realization that part of life is way out of our control.)
But the filaments never went away. They are still here, in even heavier concentrations.
A magnifying glass or reading glasses may help if your vision isn't really sharp. But, if they are present, you can't miss them.
You need to have one simple tool. Get an 18" long fluorescent tube-type ultraviolet / blacklight that comes in a plug-in fixture -- they are sold at stores like Walmart and Radio Shack for about $19.99 - $24.99. (I bought an 18" GE brand one in the bulbs section at our local Walmart and a Radio Shack one. Both work well.) The cheaper smaller fluorescent tubes, the 60 watt screw-in bulb types and the UV battery light units do not work for this purpose. You really need to get the 18" long tube light -- there is something more effective about the wavelength it emits.
Put on a dark cotton knit shirt (like a T-shirt), wear it around awhile (including outdoors), then go in a dark room -- it should be DARK! -- turn on the UV light, and look...
You are looking for tiny filaments about 1/3 the diameter of a hair in a range of sizes from about 1/32 "-1". They glow bright blue. If they are around, you will see them almost instantly.
You may be astonished to find them ALL OVER -- your skin. your rug, your mirrors (they seem 'attracted' to mirrors!)... They're in the air, swirling and floating on the slightest air currents. Check your hair -- it is exposed outdoors -- it can 'host' hundreds! Your clothes can glow like galaxies of miniature stars are on them. 'Dust' on every flat surface in your home can be filled with them.
Some wave and squirm, almost as if they're alive.
If you have children, check their hair, eyebrows and exposed skin. (Finding 'strange' material on your child tends to accelerate one's questing processes...)
The first time I saw them, I immediately thought they were lint -- there were far too many of them everywhere -- they HAD to be lint! Or pet hair. Or acrylic fibers from the wall-to-wall carpet...
(Such D-E-N-I-A-L! It was just too overwhelming!)
Some of what you'll see IS simple lint.
But these mystery filaments are NOT lint.
NOT carpet fiber.
NOT pet hair.
Pet hair doesn't glow under UV light. Nor carpet fiber. Check it out.
Yes, lint can certainly glow under UV. Fiberfill strands can glow. And some detergents contain optical brighteners that fluoresce.
But these CT-UV fibrils are NOT lint.
First of all, you can SEE lint on your clothes. You CANNOT see these filaments in regular light EVEN if you are looking right at them. Catch one with tweezers under UV light, keep a firm grip, and turn on the room light. It 'vanishes'! Turn the room light off, turn the UV on, and it's still there.
Secondly, there were a lot of people in the 1970's who owned UV lights of this type for illuminating posters and creating a party mood. No one from that era claims to remember this material.
Thirdly, to quickly and permanently dispel the 'lint theory', all you need is a microscope. (A decent hobby or toy store has ones adequate for this -- around $30.)
Pick up a known piece of lint, thread or carpet fiber with tweezers and put it on a clean microscope slide. Look at it under 20x or 40x magnification. Note the twisted fibers -- they look like rope. These are solid (not translucent), dusty-looking, and have bushy ends.
Now pick up a suspected 'CT-UV fallout' filament with tweezers and put it on a clean microscope slide. (You want to choose a very slender one about 1/3 -1/2' long that seems responsive to movement. This will make sense when you start really looking at them.) Look at it under 20-40x magnification. They are transparent/translucent. They seem to made of some sort of prismatic flat filament that twists -- extruded looking, about 1/3- 1/5 the diameter of a human hair laid side-by-side -- obviously NOT fiberous. Even to a layman's eye, they look 'manufactured'. And , what are these BARBS on them -- like sharp raspberry thorns? Spaced apart -- engineered looking -- explains why they cling so tenaciously...
And... what are those intermittent clumps or beads or crystals of material embedded along the strand?
After you see them magnified, you will NOT want to breathe them, or ingest them in any form. But, THERE IS NO CHOICE!
(Asthma is at record rates. Any relation?)
Once you are used to seeing them under the UV light, they can be easily found on mirrors, where they are also visible under direct sunlight without a UV light. (Try a bathroom mirror that gets strong direct sunlight. ) Many get stuck to the glass, but part of them often sticks out as a transparent waving filament. It can be spooky to watch them with a magnifying glass, because they will move in response to a finger, as if they are attracted to flesh... like a blindly seeking parasitic worm. (Uggh.)
You can 'play' with them. Pick one up with tweezers and note how 'clingy' it is and how almost LIVE it seems as it twists and squirms. It can grip your finger. No one is claiming that they are alive -- their movement could be due to electrostatic forces, or microcurrents of air caused by warm flesh -- but it is still deeply unsettling.
Careful searching can turn up a small menagerie of weird variants: short fluorescent orange ones; 2mm long microfilaments that are half blue, half yellow under UV light; some longer filaments that are mottled blue and orange under UV light and very motion reactive; 4mm long filaments that are blue with green ends; a mottled orange one with blue streaks (that seemed to twist and squirm to avoid the tweezers...); and a tiny blue one with neon green ends.
(They disturb me because they imply sophisticated engineering.)
We don't know what they are, or what they are for... but we did get a pretty good idea of where they are coming from.
With a few days of observation, it was clearly established that these 'microfilaments' are coming from the air outside. This can be proven by checking a clean dark cloth with a blacklight, then placing it outdoors for several hours or days, then bringing it in and checking it again with the blacklight.
They seem especially prevalent during rain. They cling more, and that doesn't make sense, because if they were affected by static electricity, wouldn't they be less attracting in damp air, not more? Yet, we will be covered with 'fresh' ones after coming in from the rain. It's the best collection time. I use tweezers and 35mm plastic film containers.
No one posting at Carnicom seems to have access to a photography microscope. We hope that someone with access to such will post some photomicrographs.
Manufactured, flattish, extruded, barbed, thorned, translucent, electroreactive filaments virtually invisible EXCEPT under long-tube ultraviolet light.
And, using a blacklight , we each can probably pick at least one hundred off our skin, hair and clothes .
Source, composition and purpose still completely unknown (by us citizens, anyhow.)
It's even worse than first 'discovering' chemtrails in 'your' sky, isn't it? The shock, the violation, the questions...
(And the same sheeple who can't 'see' chemtrails, can't seem to 'see' these either...)
This is a true frontier of scientific observation -- a mystery to us non-security-cleared/non-pharmecutical insider/non-military types -- so come add your own observations. Seldom has there been an opportunity to break new ground like this -- in your own home...
Especially needed are scientists -- biochemists, polymer chemists, microbiologists, asthma and respiratory condition researchers, people with access to powerful microscopes and testing facilities, etc. -- to join in the grassroots efforts to solve this mystery.
NEWEST UPDATED RESEARCH by professional polymer chemist R. Mike Castle
Posted 7/14/03
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