Chemtrail Aerosol Polymers
You Are Breathing

From Larry Meyer

Chemtrail Aerosol Polymers You Are Breathing
The following microscope photos taken at 60 power clearly show the polymers in the in an air sample along the coast of Southern Oregon.
In addition to very high levels of barium and a form a aluminum (think Alzheimer's) discovered
by Clifford Carnicom, we have had numerous reports of these tiny polymers which saturate
the air during and after aerosol spraying operations.
Kim Weber brought these photos to our attention. They were posted by Mark Sky to We believe the photographer is Larry Meyer. -- Jeff
From Micromike
Dear Jeff,
I try to never bother you unless something is important, but I was floored when I saw the pictures under your article: <>
No one will listen to me to date, but this is exactly what I've been seeing in the Frass Meteorite for all these years. I've watched these grow in Petri dishes, I've put them in the freezer for 6 months without harm and I've predicted they are all over Mars.
See: <>
and <>
and compare with the pictures from the above article.
I've also predicted that they travel around Mars via the wind and are probably in almost every surface rock. If NASA shows us the truth, I'm pretty sure at least one of their pictures will have these creatures in it. The Frass Meteorite clearly shows that these creatures can make the trip from Mars to Earth alive and NASA estimates 1000 pounds of Mars makes it to Earth every year, giving them ample time to arrive and begin to propagate. Also, I've found these same creatures growing inside the meteorite, apparently without light or liquid water.
I've also seen the little "Christmas Tree" objects, although I've never been sure they came with the meteorite. I've only found them in the outer vesicles and I've always worn a lot of down coats and they look very much like down, so I've never posted the pictures. If you want, I'll try to take a picture of one of my Christmas trees and you'll see it is exactly like the one in the above article.
Your friend,
Jeff - I've finally found the picture I was looking for:
You can see the Christmas tree with the glassy Martian rock fungus around it.
From Micromike
Dear Sue,
I guess you didn't see the article about my "fibrils" in a post to the site. I first noticed these "creatures" about 15 years ago growing out of a meteorite that I recovered over 30 years ago. I've called them a glassy Martian rock fungus, since I've found them living off the meteorite itself. I think they evolved on Mars, that they are alive (because I have been growing them for years), and that they probably arrived on Earth via Martian meteorites, such as mine.
Here are the links to the article on and my site: and> and file:///C:/Documents and Settings/LynnB/My Documents/My Webs/marslife/glassies.htm
Glassy Martian Rock Fungus for more information.
Your friend,



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