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AR Crop Connection

From Nancy Talbott

Attached is the Field Report on the Knobel, Arkansas "mini" triple Julia formation. Altho the plants were cut immediately after the formation occurred, soil samples have revealed a massive amount of magnetic material....and we've got several anomalous daytime photos, taken two days after the formation occurred, which seem to indicate energy emanating straight upwards to at least 800' above the formation. Aerial photo of the formation is also attached.
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Event Location: Knobel, Arkansas
Date Occurred: June 6, 2003
Date Found: June 7, 2003
Crop: Mature wheat, ready for harvest
Date(s) Investigated: June 16 and June 25, 2003
Field Personnel: JoAnne Scarpellini
Formation Characteristics: A 3-armed fractal-like spiral consisting of 10 circles, the
center circle approx. 31' in diameter, with 3 circles in each "arm" of decreasing
sizes down to 8' in diameter. Circles in arms spaced approx. 10' apart, and
with a slight curvature clockwise. Crop lay was reported to have been
clockwise, in all circles.
Associated Phenomena: Several reports from local residents of unusual aerial
light phenomena about 2 weeks prior to formation being discovered. A bird's
nest (of a tree-nesting species) was found, unscathed and with eggs intact, on
top of the flattened crop in one of the spiral-arm circles; the nearest trees estimated to be approx. 550' away. Multiple daytime photo anomalies,
including an unusual object in one and "fogging" in at least two aerial shots
directly over the formation at about 800'.
Field Investigation (6/l6/03): Because farmer Todd Young had cut the field almost immediately after he discovered the formation, Ms. Scarpellini's first visit concentrated on interviews with adjacent home-owners and local reporters who had visited the formation. Local residents and reporters who did enter the formation reported crisp edges to all the circles and the presence of the undisturbed bird's nest in one of the "arm" circles, with several eggs inside it, completely intact. Several people were located who had taken photos, altho very few of these were taken inside the formation on the ground. Unfortunately none was taken of the bird's nest.
Field Investigation (6/25/03): Ms. Scarpellini returned on the 25th to obtain negatives of some of the "anomaous" photos and to take soil samples. The farmer, Todd Young, stated that he had disced the field, down to about 2-3 inches, and planted soybeans, but he was able to locate where the formation had been. Scarpellini then took soil samples from what had been the central circle and from each of the three circles in one of the "arms" (a total of 10 lb. of soil). Controls soils (3 lb.) were taken 500' distant from a presumed edge of the spiral. No magnetic particles were evident on the surface.
Magnetic particle concentration: These samples yielded a much higher concentration of magnetic material than would normally be expected in soils --3.30 mg/g soil. [The highest concentration one might expect to find in "normal" soils is 0.4 mg/g soil.] This distribution level was the same in all of the circle samples. The particles, which were magnetic, have a considerable range in size, with many clearly visible to the naked eye. Ms. Scarpellini's microscopic examination revealed a mixture of irregularly-shaped rust-colored particles mixed in with smaller spherical, and partially ablated (rounded), shiny black particles. An SEM/EDS will be obtained to determine the sizes of the particles and their elemental content.
NO magnetic material whatsoever was found in the control soils.
COMMENT: Without plant samples to examine we have only the soil results (and possibly the anomalous photos) to help us determine this event's causative agency. Because a large number of crop formations world-wide, in which the plants have been found to contain anomalies, have also revealed magnetic particles in their soils in excess of "normal," we know that this parameter is a good indicator of authenticity. The fact that under the microscope we can see both spherical and partially ablated particles here, the fact that there were NO magnetic particles found in the control soils, and the fact that the concentration in the circle samples was so great, all indicate that this formation was not mechanically-flattened.
W.C. Levengood and John Burke, in their 1995 paper ("Semi-Molten Meteoric Iron Associated with a Crop Formation," J. Sci. Exploration 6:2, 191-199) hypothesize that microscopic particles of meteoric iron which are entering the earth's atmosphere constantly as meteors burn up in the upper atmosphere, get drawn into a descending plasma vortex system. [Plasmas have strong magnetic fields associated with them and they also emit microwaves when they spiral.] The idea is that the meteoric debris is both drawn into the descending plasma vortex by its strong magnetic field and then heated to a molten state by the microwaves emitted by the spiraling plasma. The molten, and now magnetized, particles then form spheres and particles with partially rounded surfaces as they cool on the way down to the earth's surface, and are left in the soil in the crop circle area as the plasma vortex impacts the field. This theory is the most reasonable yet offered to explain the presence of these magnetic particles in so many crop circle soils, all over the world. The hypothesis that a plasma energy system of some sort is involved is also borne out by years of laboratory work documenting the typical changes to plants at crop circle sites.
Additionally, the "fogging" effect in several of the aerial photos (photos taken at about 800' up in the air above the formation) is very similar to other cases in England, cases where the laboratory work again indicated a non-mechanical source of the crop formation. There are a number of indications that, in some crop formations, there is some sort of remnant energy which can interfere with battery function (cameras, watches, cell phones, etc.) as well as animals and sometimes people, and which appears to linger in some cases for several weeks after the original event. There is growing evidence that, in some cases, this energy extends UPWARDS into the air above the circles....perhaps in this case to 800' above the crop surface. More work on the negatives may provide additonal information.
Whether the unusual aerial light phenomena reported by at least two local residents two weeks prior to the arrival of the circle was in any way related to it, is unknown.
RESULT: Probably genuine (not mechanically-flattened), but without the plant work we cannot be certain.
Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.
ph: 617/492-0415



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