America, The Fourth Reich
By Ian Gurney

"Dictatorships start wars because they need external enemies to exert internal control over their own people." --Richard Perle
Americans are the new Nazis.
There, that's earned me a lot of enemies very quickly, hasn't it?
"How dare you," comes the riposte from the neo-cons in the administration and the right wing think tanks like JINSA and the PNAC, as well as the "Fox news compliant" brigade whose heads are still stuck up their backsides enjoying the televised view. "America is a democracy, a free country run by a democratically elected government. It is the land of the free, the home of the brave and the protector of the free world," I hear them chorus.
To that I say: BULLSHIT.
To say America is a democracy these days is just stretching things too far. Consider:- Bush was not elected by the majority of people in the USA. Admittedly the turnout was low (you do, after all, get the government you deserve if you don't excercise your franchise) but George W didn't get a mandate. To do that more than fifty percent of the voters have to vote for you, and that didn't happen. In fact Georgie boy lost. However, good old George made sure that, mandate or not, win or not, with a little help from friends and family in Florida he could win it by cheating. Let's not mince words, George W Bush STOLE the presidency of the United States. He is not the democratically elected leader of America. It also appears that some unelected officials in the Bush administration may have acquired more power than the president himself. Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Bolton, Abrams, Rumsfeld all share the same right wing neo-conservative views held by organisations such as the Project for a New American Century, the Zionizt Organisation of America and the the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. As members of these organisations, it could be said that this unelected cabal of neo-cons in the White House and the Pentagon have interests other than America at heart. This is not only undemocratic, it is treason.
So, we now see that America is governed by a president who was not democratically elected, supported by an unelected cabal of people with very extreme and in some cases, very un-American views. This cannot, therefore, classify America as a democratic country. A country that is governed by a non elected power is, as we have seen and heard these last few months concerning Iraq, Iran and North Korea, classed as a "dictatorship". Dictatorships are fascist by nature. Fascism is described as "right wing dictatorship". Just put the word fascism into your computer, highlight it and hit "Tools" followed by "Thesaurus." See what I mean?
Now let's take a quick look at Germany in the 1930's and 40's as the Nazis reared their ugly heads. Here was a country that was finacially crippled with a massive budget deficit owing billions of dollars to the rest of the world. Just like the USA.
In the 1930's Germany was a country where the burning of the Reichstag, engineered by Hitler and his henchmen, was used to create external enemies and to exert internal control over the German people. Hitler then used the media to lie, frighten and decieve the population, allowing a bunch of vicious, extreme, right wing megalomaniacs to gain power. Just like the USA.
In the 1930's Hitler was surrounded by a group of unelected officials whose sole objective was to take control of Germany for their own ends and with the use of their military might, take control of the assets and prosperity of other, weaker countries. Just like the USA.
In 1939 Hitler embarked on a series of pre-emptive attacks on sovereign nations in the name of "freeing the people" of that country. Just like the USA.
In 1940 the German hierarchy started building special "camps" or detention centres in which to incarcerate and eventually execute those people considered to be "against" their regime. Just like the USA.
As Germany invaded the countries surrounding them during World War II, they found that far from having conquered the country and "liberated" the people, the people of that country formed nationalist "resistance" groups and used guerilla warfare to kill, harrass and slowly demoralise the occupying army. Just like the USA.
"History is little more than the register of crimes, follies, and misfortunes of mankind" wrote Edward Gibbon, the British historian in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. History should teach us a great many things, but unfortunately the majority of Americans know very little about history, or for that matter, the rest of the world. Don't believe me? Ask an American where Admiral Lord Nelson, one of the worlds greatest naval commanders, died or what nationality Alexander the Great was? Better still, ask an American to point to pretty much any foreign country on a map. Try North Korea.
If you know nothing of history, you cannot learn the lessons history teaches. You continue to make the same mistakes. Hitler's mistake was to wage war on too many fronts at once and underestimate the ferocity of the guerilla wars being fought against him by resistance groups all over Europe. Eventually it was Russia, or to be more precise, the Russian winter and Hitler's hubris, that proved to much for the disillusioned German troops, sick and tired of fighting and dying for a regime that they belatedly realised was illegitimate.
Hitler, in the last desperate act of a cowardly tyrant, committed suicide. Germany, defeated and destroyed, had lost everything. Those who had been instrumental in Germany's war and propoganda machine where tried and executed. Eventually Germany once agaain became a democracy, but it had taken the deaths of many millions of people to restore that democracy.
Despite Germany's huge arsenal of weapons, it had lost the war because those running Germany were not the democratic leaders of a democratic country, but were fascist, right wing neo-conservatives, Nazis, who propogated an illegal war through lies and deception and stirred up the anger of all decent thinking people on the planet with their evil deeds.
Just like America.
© Copyright: Ian Gurney July 2003.
Ian Gurney is the author of the bestseller "The Cassandra Prophecy" published by International Global Press. ISBN: 0953581314. (<> He welcomes your comments at <>
From Harry Mason
Dear Ian,
Good article re USA = Forth Reich...
I am glad that you have made the comparison - just want to let you know that many in Australia, the UK, Canada, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent, China etc etc have made this comparison ever since 9/11 - possibly our closer historical involvement with earlier clone insanities made us instantly aware of the nature of the news spin - more likely we have more media that is not controlled by the Federal Reserve ruling junta or have been less brain washed over recent years ???
To many of us a fascist USA is a very real proposition that leaves a tight feeling in the gut as we see the land of that "great democratic experiment" - as Peter Ustinov (highly revered English actor & film director of pre-revolutionary Russian origin) once called it (= the USA) - that gave freedom to so many oppressed peoples - thus the statue of liberty - turn into the greatest threat to world peace and personal freedom that this increasingly little planet has ever known .......................
Hence the new buzzword POX AMERICANA - which does not mean "attack the USA with bio-weapons" - as a CIA US "spook" at one of our West Australian Iraq anti-war demos thought when he engaged me in conversation-interrogation over my placard wording whilst his assistant took my photo.
I tried to educate him - ie. the word POX came from the phrase "Pox On It" - which had it's recorded origins with the greatest writer EVER in the English language = William Shakespeare - and was a play on the Roman PAX ROMA i.e. PAX AMERICANA = POX AMERICANA ...................... but these guys do not speak English - rather some bastardised gobbledegook that I like to call "Neo-Texan" - it is obvious that their knowledge of history is limited to the post Vietnam era. Terrifyingly thick ape men and/or human bodies occupied by recently arrived alien life forms ??? !!!!!!
Today just the act of demonstrating against the US actions in our own sovereign nation guarantees US Intel attention. This arrogance-cheek-belligerence will lead to your nations rapid demise - it is axiomatic.
The WHY = oil = the right to demand we all accept the Federal Reserve promissory greenback note as payment = planetary power & suppression = one "man's" will over ours. If we all collectively say NO this latest would be Genghis Kahn will be exposed as the usual "Paper Tiger".....................
Good luck in the forthcoming planetary rebellion and wars of national independence !!!
Harry Mason
Western Australia



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