Hospitals Are Spreading SARS
By Rob Granatstein
The Toronto Sun

An extensive investigation into 144 SARS cases from Ontario's first outbreak proves that the viral illness is predominantly hospital-spread. The study by a group of Toronto doctors found 77% of people in the study infected with SARS contracted the virus in a hospital setting.
Researchers from 10 Toronto hospitals. led by Dr. Allan Detsky of Mount Sinai Hospital, collected the data and concluded SARS is not as deadly as first believed.
Detsky was unavailable for comment yesterday.
"Although SARS is associated with significant morbidity and mortality, especially in patients with diabetes or other comorbid conditions, the vast majority (93.5%) of patients in our cohort survived," the researchers concluded.
That means the SARS death rate for the people studied was 6.5%.
The study also reported that without any sort of epidemiological risk, doctors should look for the most commonly found symptoms.
A self-reported fever appeared in 99% of SARS patients, while 85% had a documented fever.
A non-productive cough appeared in 69% of patients, while muscle pain (49%) and difficulty breathing(42%) were also common.



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