My Personal Encounter
With The Wal-Mart RFID

From mzaneg

hi jeff,
this is my personal encounter with the Wal- Mart RFID tags.
i bought two pairs of panties a few months ago at Wal-Mart. these were the kind that were hung on a little plastic hanger, individually sold, and not packaged (i'm sure many women are familiar with these).
anyway, one day i noticed a small hard object inside the crotch of the panties i had chosen to wear that day. when i began to investigate what this was i realized that the panties had an opening at the seam of the cotton crotch lining. i felt inside to get the small hard object which was glued or taped with some type of strong adhesive. i had worn and washed the panties several times before noticing this so that will give u some idea how strong this adhesive was as well as how small.
the object was in an unmarked white casing very small less than half an inch long and fairly thin across. i checked the other pair of panties (same make but different color) and it also had the object inside the crotch. it was so small it was undetectable by just the wearing. i had no idea what it was though thought it odd but really didn't give it much though i just threw the little things away ... now i wish i had kept them.
and now ... today i just read this article on Wal-Mart and RFID and just knew that that little thing in my panties was a tracking device!!
seems to me that a thing like that would be placed in an obvious place where the person buying the product can see and remove it. i hope you post this so people will be sure to check products they buy at Wal-Mart. btw, i don't shop at wal-mart anymore but from what this article states, it looks like we may be fighting a losing battle.
i did a little research and was shocked at the possiblities of privacy invasion with RFID. links below for more info.
yours truly, gena
p.s. thanks for all you do to keep us informed jeff!
Wal-Mart to throw its weight behind RFID



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