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NUTSHELL SUMMARY: The pharmaceutical industry is pulling out all the stops this summer to set the stage for the total annexation of the dietary supplement industry. In Australia the TGA yanked over 1600 dietary supplements from the shelves under false pretenses [ See article Natural Justice?

Massive pressure is being put on New Zealand, and Canada to harmonize their vitamin regs to Australia's overly stringent pharmaceuticalized regs, while all the EU nations will be required by July to harmonize their vitamin laws to the mindlessly restrictive EU Food Supplement Directive by July...... UNLESS it is overturned by the lawsuit that Alliance for Natural Health will be filing (and for which they badly need donations from consumers world wide. See

In Canada, the government was scheduled to gazzette new regs on June 18th to harmonize Canada to Australia- going totally against the will of the people. A pitched battle is ensuing led by Trueman Tuck Tony Stephan and by the Strauss Herb Co. All three are suing Health Canada in an attempt to stop their unconstitutional efforts to block Canadians access to dietary supplements and to destroy the industry. They're also pushing bill C-420 in Parliament and are trying to drive the Health Minister out of office before an election year.

In the USA the FDA will be coming out with illegal Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations which will exceed the mandate of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act which only allows them to come out with food based GMPs. The regs they're coming out with are an attempt to harmonize the USA to Australia's pharmaceuticalized regulatory system which just allowed the TGA to engage in a fraudulent recall of over 1600 products under false pretenses. TGA used site licensing as a weapon to wrongly shut down Pan Pharmaceuticals, the largest supplement manufacturer in Australia. They'd like to use the same weapon in the USA and to create a media circus similar to the one the Australian press generated in the wake of the Pan recall.


Unless we overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive, there will be no way to stop a really dangerous vitamin standard from being rammed through to completion at CODEX. The EU is going to expand by 10 new nations in 2004- and that will enable the Cartel to do whatever they want at Codex. The USA has been set up for harmonization via a whitewashed Codex vitamin oversight hearing on March 20, 2001. The fix is in. This forces us to assist our international allies- we have no choice but to play an international game to defend our own access. See the letter from Congressman De Fazio and Congressman Paul to Congressman Burton for clarification Too bad Burton wrongly ignored this letter. The only way we can monkeywrench the cartel's takeover now is to donate to the ANH lawsuit.

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Why haven't you learned of this threat via the local health food store? The vitamin trade associations are being manipulated from the top- down by pharmaceutical interests. They have been doing spin against my message for years, keeping health food stores and rank and file members of trade associations such as NNFA in the dark, actively misleading them into believing that this is a "non issue" and that "they have it covered." Controlled opposition groups such as IADSA (see expose at ) are doing the exact OPPOSITE of what the industry has been led to BELIEVE they're doing. IADSA is chaired by an employee of Pfizer, Randy Dennin. See the smoking gun that exposes IADSA as fraudulent at

IADSA kicked one of their member trade associations out under false pretenses. (NNFA New Zealand was kicked out, with IADSA refusing to do anything to help defend New Zealand from massive pharmaceutical pressure emanating from Australia, for NZ to harmonize their very liberal food based supplement regs to Australia's far more stringent pharmaceuticalized regs which just resulted in a NUCLEAR STRIKE against our industry there. (The Australian TGA just yanked over 1600 dietary supplement products from health food store shelves without having a single product assay to prove any were "dangerous.") IADSA is setting up the industry for harmonization to Australia, the EU and Codex while PRETENDING to be "defending" the industry. The only interests IADSA is in FACT defending are those of Pfizer and the other large companies at the expense of small manufacturers and consumers. For updates sign onto the IAHF email distribution ! list a t

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