The Line Drawn In
The Sands of Iran
Freemasonry vs. Islam
By Michael Edward

"There are many dedicated Iranians who have the financial ability to support me," said Reza Pahlavi on June 11, 2001.

Reza Pahlavi, son of the former Shah of Iran, has continually appeared on satellite radio and TV shows beamed into Iran, repeatedly calling for civil disobedience in order to topple the Islamic Mullahs. He promotes a US-UN backed referendum to decide whether Iran is to be governed as a constitutional monarchy, which he says he can lead as Shah, or a "secular democracy."

SECULAR DEMOCRACY is a new NWO term defined as Non-Religious Majority Rule. In other words, if the Baby Shah comes to power, say goodbye to the Islamic Republic and any Islamic power in Persia or the Middle East. What we're looking at here is a well-calculated and aggressively financed overthrow of Islam in the Middle East from within the modern bastion of Islam itself. It's just what the State of Israel ordered.

His London statement on March 10,2001, that "Islam, as an ideology for a government, can not co-exist" is unusual for any leader from a Muslim background: "As Muslims and religious people, we believe in Islam and respect the Islamic church, but the church should be separated from the State.

Its role should be of a spiritual guidance while the business of a good government is of a secular nature." If I remember correctly, this is what we called SECULAR HUMANISM, a 1980's term for anti-God, anti-religion, and anti-faith of every kind. It's the good old "Me First, to hell with everyone else" attitude.

While a liberal interpretation of religion may possibly save Islam from extinction, in order for Pahlavi's "secular democracy" to flourish, Islam will have to be driven out of Iran. In the eyes and wallets of his backers, the perfect figurehead to lead this anti-religion war in Iran is the heir to the constitutional monarchy prior to 1979, Reza Pahlavi.

"As a result of September 11, the world is saying bring the nonsense in the Islamic Republic of Iran to an end. The window of opportunity is not that long. It's the next couple of years. The key is the organized opposition inside Iran. The important thing is to help with high-tech support in terms of communication equipment and financial support," as spoken by Reza Pahlavi on March 25, 2002. The game plan began on 9-11 exactly when it was supposed to. The political and financial backers have a time schedule, and that is to complete their task by early 2004. High-tech satellites and lots of money are already in place.

So, just who is backing this new Middle East Secular Democracy? The CIA, Mossad, and MI6 network is up to it again with another "28th of Mordad" (Iranian government overthrow). Islam stands in the way of political and economic NWO control of the Middle East, and Iran is surely the buckle of the Islamic belt. Promises were made since the 1970's and the game plan is back on full schedule after a 22 year hiatus. It's certainly no secret that CIA Chief William Casey, in 1980, openly proposed and backed a covert CIA campaign to install Reza Pahlavi. That campaign is actively underway within Iran right now. It is also not a coincidence that Reza Pahlavi has quietly met with Israeli officials on many occasions since 9-11.

Washington City and Falls Church Neighborhood

Pahlavi's main office, in Falls Church, Virginia, supplies a clandestine network of "secular democracy" activists in Iran with posters of his image and video messages on CD-ROM. It should be no mystery why his political headquarters is located in Falls Church, Virginia. With close neighbors like the CIA recruiting these Iranian activists, this is a neighborhood of covert force and clandestine power.

NPR (National Public Radio) has a part in it all with such assistance as Pahlavi's live internet Webcast on December 12, 2002. One of Reza's biggest backers, Mansour Hatefi, along with his wife, are leading journalists for Voice of America's Farsi TV and Radio service where Reza Pahlavi is a frequent guest. There's more to learn about Hatefi later in this report.

In a speech at the New York University School of Law on Dec. 4, 2001, Reza Pahlavi called Iran "the leading exporter of hate and terror." It sounds like he must have read some Iranian historical accounts regarding his own father's CIA backed reign of terror. He also said the World Trade Center attack was the catalyst for long-term reform in the Middle East, and for the U.S. to "Keep pressure on Tehran."

From a Pahlavi interview with Fox News on December 10, 2001: "We have a golden opportunity today, with the backdrop of Sept. 11, and with what is happening in Afghanistan, to shift the attention of the world to Iran. Now all we need is for the undivided attention and the full-hearted support of key countries around the world, including the United States. By choking the economic lifeline to this system [in Iran], you can take it down."

On October 29, 2001, Reza Pahlavi told a Yale audience that the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks "offer the U.S. an opportunity to overcome terrorism in Iran".

From the White House point of view, Pahlavi is a deeply attractive figure. He's a liberal who, with U.S. help, can challenge the regime in Tehran that "sponsors Hezbollah, defends Hamas, and is developing weapons of mass destruction." On December 20, 2001, US National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice stated, "Iran supports terrorism in the Middle East." In the State Department's 2001 report on global terrorism, Iran beat out Iraq and Syria to win the title as "the most active sponsor of terrorism." The White House insists, without disclosing any qualified proof or evidence, that Tehran sponsored the killing of Americans at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia. Israel and DC also claiming that Iran's air cargo planes have been flying arms and explosives to Syria, trucking them to Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon, and that they are used by suicide bombers against Israeli civilians.

Sponsored by Sen. Sam Brownback, Congress now has legislation that will funnel more than USD $50 million to "Iranian pro-democracy initiatives" including a "private" (as in CIA sponsored) California-based satellite television and radio station set up by "Iranian exiles" (paid CIA operatives). Senator Brownback's proposed "Iran Democracy Act goal" (a/k/a foreign government overthrow), he said, "is to support Iranian democracy activists, including students who took to the streets of Tehran this past week to [supposedly] protest the closure of an opposition newspaper and the jailing of dissidents."

On June 14, the White House said, "Iranians have a right to determine their own destiny. The United States supports their aspirations to live in freedom". This is official George Orwell double-speak terminology for 'The government in Washington City is initiating and supporting the overthrow of the Iranian government'.

Washington City support for Pahlavi's form of "secular democracy" is overwhelming.

The Move to Los Angeles

The largest populations of pre-1979 Iranian exiles live in Paris and Los Angeles. In the past few days, we've been told about the French raids of certain Islamic organizations. While much may be happening there within the underground, our need to know about activities in Los Angeles is just as important.

NITV and PARS TV are the predominant Farsi language satellite stations. They are based and originate in Los Angeles and are beamed directly into Iran. This is why Pahlavi moved from Maryland to Los Angeles shortly after 9-11, even though the predominant factor for the move was security and finances, as disclosed further below. In addition, this private communications group is where the $50 million of American taxpayer's money is headed for.

Also based in California, the Coalition for Democracy in Iran (CDI) clearly wants to restore the Pahlavi dynasty. They expect to have the coup first, and then present Reza Pahlavi as the emergent ruler. In a 2002 Los Angeles rally, CDI activist Ledeen said, "I think you can buy yourself free Iran today for $20 million." Well then, how will $50 million from the American taxpayers do?

The Islamic government confiscated thousands of satellite dishes in 2001 in an effort to stem Pahlavi's popularity. Nevertheless, somehow people were able to replace them as fast as they were seized, but most of those same people struggle with paying for basic provisions. Obviously, the new satellite dishes are smuggled into Iran by those who are backing Pahlavi. "The government is extremely panicky about Reza Shah," said Elahe Sharifpour-Hicks, an Iranian-born researcher for Human Rights Watch. "It's not that Iranians really want him. They just want change."

The Grand Lodge of Iran in Exile

Besides the obvious connections, such as the CIA and the White House, let's get down to those behind the scenes of this quagmire. The support behind Pahlavi is more than that of backing a new "secular" government with a new puppet leader. This is all about the elimination of Islam in the Middle East by those who claim, on the surface, to be Muslims. There is a secret society of former Iranian leaders and power brokers, from the pre-1979 era, who want Iran back under their control. Their motivations are surely not based in Islam regardless of how they portray themselves to be Muslims. Perhaps greed is their motivation, or perhaps they just thrive on the corrupt NWO Rule of Law. Regardless of why, we should all know who is behind all this and why they have enlisted the help of the Mossad, CIA, et al.

The Masonic Grand Lodge of Iran, now in exile and based in Los Angeles, was established in 1969 in Tehran. As of 1978, the Grand Lodge of Iran possessed 43 Lodges and at least 1,035 members. During that time, among these Masonic members were most of the Shah's Ministry Cabinet, the regional political leaders of Iran, and the Shah himself. When you read statements made over the past two years by Reza Pahlavi, a pattern can be seen which reflects the foundational beliefs of Freemasonry. Perhaps that is why Pahlavi is a secret member of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Iran.

If any two beliefs could be more opposed to each other, it would be those beliefs of Islam versus those of Freemasonry. Nevertheless, the Freemasons have been active in the Middle East since the late 1800's with Lodges currently flourishing in Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. One Masonic authority asserted that the koreish - guardians of the sacred Kaaba in Mecca - were Masonic Lodge members. The implication was that such a responsible task was better entrusted to Masons than to Muslims (Arab Masonry, AQC, Vol. 19, 1906, page 243).

A current U.S. "businessman" and former Senator of Iran, Ghassem Ladjevardi, is the Grand Secretary of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Iran. It's rumored that he left Iran in 1979 with the Shah's war chest fund in order to re-establish the Pahlavi Dynasty and overthrow the Mullahs. A 33rd degree Master Mason, Ladjevardi left Los Angeles for Tucson where he established and funded the Iranian Association of Arizona in 1996. He is even more heavily guarded from the Iranian Islamic death squads than Reza Pahlavi is. With approximately 10,000 exiled Iranians now living in Tucson, there is a certain safety in numbers when you're known as the Chief Financial Officer of the soon-to-be "secular democracy" government of Iran. With most of his children holding high-ranking positions in international banks, the war chest remains hidden from the public eye.

As the "unknown" financier of the private satellite radio and television Iranian stations in Los Angeles (see above), it's reported that one of his sons living in the Los Angeles area is involved there. To learn more about Ladjevardi's ties to DC, you might want to check out the 12408 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 52 / Monday, March 18, 2002 / Notices: Ladjevardi, Ghassem, Unique Number MTC-00011770.

The Masonic connection continues past Los Angeles to the East Coast of the U.S. The Pahlavi office and headquarters in Falls Church has the Washington DC Masonic Grand Lodge to oversee its operations. Mentioned earlier was the name of Mansour Hatefi, the Farsi journalist for the Voice of America. He is also the Grand Master of the DC Grand Lodge, a Master Mason of Iranian Masonic tradition and a Past Master of Hatef Lodge, a lodge under the Grand Lodge of Iran based in Los Angeles. He was a founding member and Charter Master of Mehr Lodge No. 90 in 1991. Mehr Lodge was the first lodge to be consecrated in the Grand Jurisdiction in almost half a century, and the first bilingual lodge in 114 years to be chartered by the DC Grand Lodge. Mehr Lodge was authorized by its charter to confer Masonic degrees in Farsi, the Persian language.

The Blue Jay of Islam

The Grand Lodge of Iran Masonic members are the power behind the "secular democracy" they are forcing upon Iran. Along with the help of their non-Islamic "Brothers" in the DC Grand Lodge and junior lodges in Virginia and Maryland, whose members hold White House cabinet positions under the Bush regime, they have the force to accomplish their goal.

The North American Blue Jay is a very colorful and beautiful bird. However, their beauty is superficial when you find out that they thrive on destroying the eggs of the peaceful Robin's nests. If you listen closely enough, their vociferous cry seems to yell out "thief," revealing their true nature.

The Blue Jays of Iran are returning to their homeland. I only hope that the guardians of Persia can hear their approaching cry before they nest in the trees of Tehran.


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