First Museum Of Alien
Studies Opens In Portland


The world's first museum of alien studies opens in Portland, Oregon June 14, 2003.
"Over 150 million Americans believe aliens are real," notes Dr. Lawrence Johns, Director of The Portland Alien Museum "and it is essential that we know their nature and intent before we can understand UFO sightings, crop circles, human abductions, government coverup of alien contact and other cases of high strangeness"
The Portland Alien Museum is an international research center based on the varieties of alien contact, from the benevolent experiences of contactees to the traumatic memories of abductees, and the far-ranging fanstasies of popular science fiction. Wrapped around the PAM Research Center and its intriguing collection of rare books and videos is Oregon's most amazing family attraction. Kids from 3 to 93 can play with E.T. and watch classic sci-fi films in the Kid's Room. Teens and adventurous adults can take a virtual 3D thrill ride with aliens in the PAM Theater. Exhibits display the rich UFO history of Portland and the Northwest, classic comics and pulp science fiction, and sci-fi toys.
To celebrate the Grand Opening, The PAM Art Gallery will present the American premiere of the celebrated Italian master Paride Bianco and his contact-inspired paintings. The Gallery features the work of digital artist James Neff.
Speakers at the Grand Opening include talk show host Clyde Lewis, Roswell investigator James Clarkson, author Dan Sherman, and UFO investigator Mike Downey
Johns is optimistic about the direction of the museum,"Alien studies may prove useful to our survival in the cosmos, and because a large part of alien perception comes from within our own consciousness, it may also assist us in the difficult philosophical task of knowing ourselves."
The Portland Alien Museum is located at 1716 NE 42nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon, 97213
For further information contact Dr. Johns at (503) 452-9663 or



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