Injustice For All
By Edgar J. Steele

(Text of prepared remarks to the Barnes Review/American Free Press Conference, 6/20/03, Washington, DC )

Thank you it is an honor to be invited to speak to you.

I have become known for taking hopeless cases involving the politically incorrect. Used to be, there werent that many, but it has turned into a flood today. I cant even keep track of all that crop up these days.

These cases bode ill for every single person in this room, indeed, everybody throughout America today, particularly for our ability to speak out as we are doing in this conference.

For example, back in Idaho recently I tried a case I have dubbed Say the N-word, Go to Jail, wherein a black man who assaulted and physically injured a white woman in the presence of her husband was never charged with anything.

But the white womans husband was.

He faced five years in prison under a hate crime charge because he hurled the N-word at the back of the black man as he fled.

Convicted of a lesser offense, the husband was sentenced to a week in jail. We are appealing that right now.

The jury convicted because the white couple was politically incorrect: poor, white and on the wrong side of a racial insult.

Another case I tried just this past year involved a young couple whose children were taken from them on an anonymous tip by Child Protective Services while the family was visiting Oregon , allegedly due to criminal mistreatment. The kids were skinny, you see the family was vegetarian - and one girl had a small cut on her forehead.

They refused to cooperate for several months, because they felt they had done nothing wrong, so CPS said it would adopt out the kids.

Now, these folks were home-schooling Christians. At trial, the state made a big point of having found a copy of the Declaration of Independence taped to the inside wall of the converted bus that served as the familys home...that this was evidence of the parents being antigovernment.

The parents took their children back from the State at gunpoint and fled the state. Tried for kidnapping, robbery and lesser charges, the wife received 7 years and her husband 12 years. Under state law, those are minimums without any sort of early release possible.

Again, these folks were politically incorrect: poor, white, vegetarian, home-schooling Christians.

A similar case with which I was briefly involved two years ago saw an Idaho widow jailed, allegedly for mistreating her kids. Again, the kids were home schooled and skinny again, the family was vegetarian.

The children and the family dogs were in a highly publicized 1-week standoff with sheriffs deputies in the county where I live in Idaho , after they witnessed their mothers arrest.

She lost her kids and her home.

She was politically incorrect, of course: poor, white, vegetarian, home schooling and distrustful of government.

Now I see a move to try to declare homes unfit if children are being home schooled.

Next you will see children being taken because the families are Christians. Indeed, that was one of the justifications for Waco , you know.

Two years ago, I tried a case for Richard Butler, founder and head of the Aryan Nations in Hayden , Idaho .

In that case, three borderline derelicts that Butler allowed to stay on his property in exchange for yard work went racing off late one night, chasing after two people they believed had just taken a shot at the compound buildings in the dark.

These fellows shot out a rear tire of the car they were pursuing, running it into a ditch.

Morris Dees and the SPLC came to town for what the judge insisted was just another personal injury case. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

This was a free speech case they were out to silence Butler , pure and simple.

You simply dont get more politically incorrect than Butler , of course. Because of that, though the two occupants of the car run into the ditch had no medical bills, the jury awarded $6.5 million against Butler , forcing him into bankruptcy and taking his home away from him.

Just last month, the US Supreme Court dealt free speech another mortal blow when it ruled, in Virginia vs. Black, that states may outlaw cross burning.

The Council of Conservative Citizens asked me to submit an amicus curiae brief to the US Supreme Court, arguing against the position now adopted. I was happy to oblige.

The courts ruling flies directly in the face of a long line of flag desecration rulings, which hold that flag burning is symbolic speech, thus deserving of First Amendment protection.

So, too, is cross burning a form of symbolic speech, of course.

Thus the court advances the frontier of American thought crime yet another notch.

Ask yourself: If you don't "hate," can you still burn a cross?

How does one divine your secret intent to intimidate others while you perform your symbolic speech of cross burning in your own back yard?

Is this like saying the N-word, which is okay if you're black, but now a hate crime if you're white?

Can the new law properly be called "Burning While White?"

Talk about racial profiling!

Since what is being punished ostensibly is ones evil intent, what if I harbor the evilest of intents and burn, say, a lawn chair? Do I still go to jail?

Few will dispute that cross burning is ugly behavior. But, it is just the sort of ugliness in which true beauty resides - the beauty of free speech.

Too bad that, as a society, we have yet to mature to the point where we see real beauty regardless of the context.

And there are lots of other cases, just like these that I have mentioned, going on in America right now thousands and thousands of them.

Some involve known public figures, always politically incorrect.

Though it isn't being reported as such in the media, there is a roundup taking place of those who dare to speak out against the current Administration, usually on bogus charges.

The most visible arrest lately has been that of Matt Hale, head of the World Church of the Creator, taken down on what appear to be manufactured charges of soliciting the murder of a judge sitting on a copyright case in which his organization has been involved.

A judge who, incredibly enough, has since ordered that the church's bibles be destroyed.

Hardly anybody agrees with or approves of Hale. Most dismiss his church as being no church at all, but merely an excuse to vent racial hatred. That is not the point.

Hale disagrees with and criticises the policies of the American government and that is the point.

Hale is being held in solitary confinement, with nobody, including his father and lawyers, allowed to see him.

All letters to him being returned.

They are treating Matt Hale as a domestic terrorist under the Patriot Act.

Picked up just a few weeks ago was Ernst Zundel, a Canadian expatriate who had been living in Tennessee with his American wife.

Zundel was central to a notable hate speech trial in Canada years ago, which he lost when the court ruled that he was a "Holocaust denier," merely because he took issue, in writing, with many of the claims made by jews concerning the Holocaust.

It didn't matter that Ernst proved his points to be correct.

What mattered was that Ernst Zundel disagreed with the Canadian government.

What matters now is that he disagreed with the American government regarding many things. His crime? He missed a visa hearing of which he swears he never received notice.

We all should have the right to be wrong.

Society needs people who dispute the historical record. After all, some of these people may be right.

If spreading false information is a crime, as Ernst Zundel is accused of doing, shouldn't we also lock up the Administration officials who lied to us about Iraq s weapons of mass destruction?

A lady running something called the Aryan Baby Drive , which collected children's clothing for free distribution, solely to needy white people, was recently arrested in Southern California .

Government agents found a couple of things - things that probably are in your garage right now - things they said could be used in the manufacture of a bomb.

What were they doing in her garage in the first place?

Well, she had been openly critical of the government. Worse, she blatantly discriminated in favor of the white race.

Recently, David Duke worked out a plea bargain whereby he just started a years worth of hard time, allegedly for embezzling contributions.

The facts literally do not hold water in his case, but he didn't dare go before a jury on any charge, because a conviction was certain, simply because of who he is.

Chester Doles is a state-level organizer for the National Alliance, founded by the late Dr. William Pierce.

Chester is in jail today, awaiting trial on federal gun charges, charged with being a 'felon in possession of a firearm' though he owned no firearms and though he is not a felon.

It's because of an old misdemeanor conviction -- and because one of his family members owned guns -- that the Joint Terrorism Task Force has charged Chester, who now faces up to ten years in prison.

He really was arrested because of his politically-incorrect beliefs, of course.

I had never lost a case at trial until I got involved with politically-incorrect cases like these they have opened my eyes to the prejudice of judges and juries.

Bottom line: the politically incorrect are going to jail in record numbers, often for trivial or trumped-up charges...and they quite simply cant get justice in America today.

And they cant afford lawyers, either, which is why I have had to handle the vast majority of mine pro bono...because I believe in the issues involved.

The Ghosts of Mississippi was a film about the shooting of black civil rights activist, Medgar Evers, and the ensuing prosecution and conviction in 1994 of Byron De La Beckwith.

De La Beckwith had been tried twice in the 60s twice walking free because of hung juries.

It took a change in the times to convict him. A change in political correctness.

The movie would have you believe that, in the time leading up to the trial, the prosecutors family members were threatened by white supremacists, so he sent them away.

That never happened. I found that particularly ironic, however, because it did happen to me in the Aryan Nations case.

In the weeks leading up to that trial, my little children received death threats from a woman with a decidedly Jewish accent.

I personally received many death threats, among them one from Mark Wiles, lead henchman for Irv Rubins Jewish Defense League.

You can go to my web site and hear some of these threats for yourself, because many were left on my familys answering machine.

I sent my family away for several weeks prior to that trial and slept with a .45 automatic, which I carried with me at all times I wasnt actually in court.

Any time one of these cases goes to court, the defendants are losers going in, due to media vilification and bias on the part of prosecutors, judges and juries.

Note that these cases always involve political conservatives, usually Christians, often home schoolers, always poor, always white, often outspoken regarding race or the shortcomings of the current Administration.

Is there even one person here today who does not at least partially fit that description?

Freedom of speech and religion are both on their way out, make no mistake.

The Kennedy Federal Hate Crime bill, killed in the Senate last year, will be back.

Bush and Ashcroft have declared their critics to be traitors and warn the rest of us to watch what we say.

The media is totally under the control of the politically correct today the inner party, if you will.

George Orwells fantasy has become the medias reality.

Whites are depicted as stupid and racist, while blacks are both noble and witty.

Homosexuality is a desirable lifestyle, Christians are narrow-minded bigots and Patriots are traitors.

Orwell was right, you know. It was just his timing that was off.

Orwell said, "War is Peace" Today, we have perpetual war to "keep the peace."

War is peace now.

Orwell said, "Freedom is Slavery" Today, we yield our civil liberties in the name of domestic security.

Freedom is slavery now.

Orwell said, "Ignorance is Strength" Today, we accuse those who merely ask questions of being unpatriotic.

Ignorance is strength now.

Orwell's "Ministry of Peace" waged war -- Our Defense Department conducts nonstop wars that we start.

And we have gone beyond even George Orwell with our language of Newspeak.

There is nothing conservative these days about conservatives.

Now, conservative means bigger government and more control (not less, the classic definition of conservative).

Since the Republicans took power in Congress nearly ten years ago, federal spending has gone up 60%. 60%!

And there is nothing liberal about liberals any more - who fall over one another to surrender personal freedom.

Many today do not realize that liberal used to mean favoring personal freedom and liberty.

Racial diversity requires that everyone think the same.

We destroy countries in order to save them as in Afghanistan .

We kill foreign civilians in order to liberate them as in Iraq .

We allow the Homeland Security Department to arrest our fellow citizens so that we might feel safe and secure.

It is our Child Protective Services that facilitate wholesale child kidnapping, abuse, rape and murder.

We support and create totalitarianism, then call it democracy, both at home and abroad.

Antisemites, in truth, have become simply those of us who are hated by jews.

A great many Christians have become singularly unChristian toward those with whom they disagree.

There are none so intolerant as those who preach tolerance.

The term media used to mean an honest newspaper, truthful reporting on the radio and, especially, books! Everyone read them.

Today, reading is reserved for the tabloids, People magazine, romance novels and TV Guide.

Used to be, Dad worked and mom was home with 2.7 kids.

Today, they both work, are usually divorced anyway, and their one child sits home alone, watching TV for hours on end every day.

Used to be, everyone read and wrote well. Today, even teachers cant spell.

Today, its the entitlement mentality of socialism, with the centralized control of everything and everybody.

Today, its the overriding control freak outlook of fascism.

Used to be, we had rights.

Today, we possess only privileges, dispensed at the pleasure of our federal government.

A coup has taken place and right under our noses.

The Patriot Bill was passed by Congress without even being read by any legislator.

In just the past year, both agency regulators and the Supreme Court have extended rulings which erode due process beyond even the woefully-named Patriot Act.

Meanwhile, laws are already on the books -- as part of the first Patriot Act -- that allow the government to visit our local libraries and bookstores to examine our reading habits.

Neighborhood watch programs encourage neighbors to spy upon one another.

Recent FOIA changes implemented by Bush have put most public documents out of reach.

Very recent executive orders put still more public data out of reach, marked as sensitive, but unclassified.

Provisions in Patriot Act II will allow secret arrests, warrantless searches, broad asset forfeiture and, believe it or not, the stripping of citizenship from Americans. Once so disenfranchised, we can be deported for further processing.

Can you say torture and murder?

To be arrested under Patriot Act II, one merely has to be accused by bureaucrats of providing support to groups designated as terrorist organizations, even if one is unaware of that group's activities.

Tomorrows legal system will look like todays child custody courts.

While we debate the merits of military tribunals, far worse takes place as family after family is ripped apart by courts...

sitting without juries...

closed to the public...

with sealed records...

no right to cross-examine or, even, confront accusers...

no right to present evidence other than that offered by the State...

where you are guilty until proven innocent and there is no way to prove your innocence.

Tomorrow, thought control will look like todays hate crime laws.

The charge of hate is used selectively, of course.

Lesbians spread their hatred of men but are never charged, while feminists teach young girls that all men are potential rapists.

Blacks taunt whites with names like honky or cracker, without recrimination.

Jewish written scriptures overflow with hatred of Christ and Christians.

Say the N word while white and go to jail.

Burn a cross while white and go to jail.

Challenge Holocaust statistics with the truth while white and go to jail.

Tomorrows police state already has been established just go down to your local airport to see it in action.

Tomorrows property rights will go the way of todays rural cleansing especially with Federal zoning.

Tomorrows Christians are already here, helping to ensure their own destruction.

Religion must go; indeed, it is already subservient to the State.

Family must go, with government taking its place as parent to all children.

The individual must go; with all aspects of life being government dictated.

There will be no real art or literature, as a result of the dumbing down of Americans.

No entrepreneurship; big business only

No private wealth or, even, cash; just electronic credits and debits, so that money can be taxed and controlled at every turn.

Even now, any business that accepts cash in the amount of $2,000 or more from a customer must file a Suspicious Activities Report with the Treasury.

George W. Bush is an inarticulate and politically inexperienced man whose own father once was President and, before that, head of America s secret police, the CIA. Coincidence?

He gained the Presidency without winning the popular vote. Coincidence?

His election was assured by disputed vote counts in a state governed by his own brother. Coincidence?

Do you believe in coincidence?

Or, does the word "coup" come to mind?

Weve always looked out for the UN and Russia and China and, now, the Arabs as the boogeymen.

While we were out making a sandwich during the commercial break, however, a coup literally took place in America .

Whats more, recently a bill was introduced in the House of Representatives by New York Democrat Representative Jose Serrano to remove the two-term restriction on the Presidency by rescinding the 22nd Amendment.

It would take, of course, 3 or 4 years to get it past enough states to become effective, so the timing is just right to allow Bush to assume a third term, in 2008.

Today, we have a dictatorship with only the illusion of democracy; not even a pretense of a Republic anymore.

The judiciary makes law as directed by the Administration.

The executive rules absolutely.

Legislators simply steal, from the top of the heap for the new priesthood: the legal profession.

Lawyers are the privileged class today and they are destroying America .

The New World Order is here and its now it is America .

The UN isnt coming. They arent taking us overwe are taking over the rest of the world.

America writ large, but no Bill of Rights; indeed, no individual rights whatsoever.

The system is broken irretrievably broken. It cant be fixed because it wont be fixed.

We cant work within the system any more to effect meaningful change because the system wont allow it.

As a lawyer, Im inside the system. Everyone says the system is broken. You dont know how bad things really are.

I take the cases that I do in order to make a statement. No way can I change things.

I can take on only a tiny fraction of the cases that come to me.

So many individuals whose only crimes are poverty or Christianity or conservatism float by me all the time, doomed to be sucked under and devoured.

They are the flotsam and jetsam from the shipwreck that our society has become.

Meanwhile, the great masses of our countrymen who have not yet become tyrannized are living on borrowed time.

They are the ones to whom I am shouting.

We have suffered affirmative action due to a false sense of guilt about the treatment of blacks we never knew by whites with whom we have nothing in common except skin color.

We didnt realize we were merely trading places with those who had been discriminated against in the past.

We have endured the spectacle of renaming schools, streets, buildings and parks after blacks, replacing the memory of our founding fathers with those whose primary contribution to America society is their skin color.

Not one of the founding fathers has a holiday named solely for himself. Martin Luther King, Jr. does, though. We know why.

We have witnessed the Confederate flag stricken from public venues. Now we see the beginnings of the Stars and Stripes being labeled a mark of oppression.

Schools teach to the bottom of the classes, then keep lowering the standards so that students appear as smart as ever. We know why.

Nobody left behind means nobody out in front.

We have sacrificed our children to a false sense of guilt in pursuit of intellectual equality that never will be achieved.

We suffer massive levels of crime that did not exist even 30 years ago, overwhelmingly at the hands of people of color.

Though our media and government do everything possible to skew the statistics, we know who is to blame.

Blacks commit 7 times the violent crimes of Whites and are only one-seventh of the total population. Do the math: Blacks are 50 times more likely to commit violent crime than the average white.

In the last 30 years, 45,000 Americans have been killed in interracial murders, overwhelmingly black on white.

Almost as many as the number of Americans lost in Vietnam and much more than the 34,000 killed in Korea .

There is a very real war a race war being waged in the streets of America .

School shootings. We know why.

Victim mentality. We are tired of the whining.

Our financial system is being destroyed.

Interest rates are at levels not seen since the 1930s.

The Fed runs its presses around the clock, with each dollar printed cheapening further those already in circulation.

The dollar has declined 25% in a little more than a year and its fall has only just begun.

In 1929, our money was backed with gold and silver. Today, nothing backs it.

The coming economic crash will lead to a change in our calling the Depression of the early Thirties the Great Depression, just as WWII caused The Great War to be renamed WWI.

The coming crash will be spectacular, combining hyperinflation with the simultaneous deflation of primary assets, just as occurred in pre-WWII Weimar Germany ideal conditions for a totalitarian police state.

Stupefying government deficits.

Unpayable levels of corporate and personal debt.

Factory overcapacity in America now approaches Depression-era levels.

Yet, American corporations continue to ship our manufacturing and service jobs to third-world countries.

No longer a major producer nation, we have become a country of consumers.

Continuing corruption in the corporate world and no effort on anybodys part to fix things.

We have a financial system on the verge of collapse and all we hear are lies from our government, Wall Street, corporate America and the media.

Social Security benefits are being cut while new age limits undercut younger workers.

Expect benefits to be cut further for those who enter retirement with even modest means.

Cost of living adjustments are a joke and based on false CPI calculations.

Soon, this fraud will be joined by a 50% loss in private pension payments, already existing, but not yet booked by the funds.

Further stock market declines will make things only worse.

The Bush Administration has announced its intention to give nearly a half-billion dollars in Social Security funds to Mexican citizens that have worked in the United States , even illegally, including those now living in other countries.

Under what is being called "totalization," a foreigner can add the years worked in a foreign country to the years worked in the U.S. , to qualify for lifetime benefits, even if no longer living in the U.S. and even if he worked here illegally.

In other words, they can get a full pension without having paid one penny into the system.

Unemployment is nothing if not a national disaster.

Over a half million jobs have been lost just in the past three months, yet the government says unemployment hovers around 6%. Yeah, right.

In two years, millions of jobs have vanished from America, mostly to the third world, and there are now 4.8 million people working part-time, people who used to work full time.

Were just limping along, while consumers literally hemorrhage money gotten by refinancing their homes.

And, over two million American homes have been lost to foreclosure in the past year.

Record numbers of individuals and businesses declare bankruptcy.

A recovery requires investment in capital by business, together with savings all across the board. Neither is happening in America today.

Massive immigration without assimilation.

America no longer is the melting pot. Now its the potluck free lunch.

Billions of dollars for welfare, food stamps, school and medical care for illegals, paid for by us, though many of us can no longer afford to feed our own kids properly.

Some of us havent seen a doctor in years because we havent the money.

Some of us qualify for welfare, but we are too proud.

We cant afford to send our kids to college, the same college that provides free tuition and living expenses to those whose sole qualification is their skin color.

We spend trillions to hold countries that hate us in check, while many of our own live in poverty.

We cant watch TV or read newspapers and magazines without having hate whitey (aka diversity) thrown in our face at every turn.

Of course, fewer and fewer of us read as a result of the illiteracy engendered by the failing social experiment that America has become.

We endure the dismantling of Christianity and its removal from every public edifice.

We see our pastors stand idly by, often lending a hand to those who would replace Christianity with other religions.

We prohibit the mention of Christ in our schools, yet our children are instructed in Islam and homosexuality.

The American population consists of 2-1/2% jews versus 70% Caucasian (used to be 95%, not too long ago), yet they set the agenda.

Why else do you think we are even in the Middle East ?

The oil is just the excuse that allows us cynically to stop and look no deeper for reasons.

Notice the extreme difference between US policy in the Middle East versus elsewhere.

First, we eliminated Osama bin Laden, the chief threat to Arab client states of the US and a prime enemy of Israel s.

Then we invaded and destroyed Iraq , a country with nothing except Israel s enmity.

Now government statements are beginning to emerge concerning a supposed nuclear bomb program in Iran , another blood enemy of Israel . They have a familiar ring, dont they?

Meanwhile, we give a pass to North Korea, a country which has threatened to nuke Los Angeles.

And it is not enough that zionists control America . They have to reshape it to suit themselves.

Virtually every recent case that involves the removal of Christian symbols from society is brought and/or prosecuted by a jew, usually with a jewish judge presiding.

For the sake of the feelings of 2-1/2%, all the rest of us must yield our cultural heritage.

Removing "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance.

Taking down plaques of the Ten Commandments.

Removing crosses from public venues.

Taking Christ out of Christmas, first, then Christmas out of the year-end holidays altogether.

Hate laws are a singularly jewish invention being foisted upon an unsuspecting public, so as to preemptively remove the possibility of criticism of themselves.

Often written by the ADL, the organization that lobbies for their adoption, state by state, the laws are designed to stifle dissent and speaking out.

Even now, the ADL seeks to broaden their sweep to include Holocaust revisionism, as has occurred in Canada and most of Europe , where people sit in jail for publicly stating true facts about the so-called Holocaust that jews simply do not want publicized.

Now, Antisemitism is being added to the proscriptions of hate laws in America .

It has been forgotten that the first thing the communists did after seizing power in Russia was to make antisemitism punishable by death.

Before they were done, the Russian jews ended up killing over 20 million white Christians, dont forget.

American borders are kept wide open to a flood of illegal immigrants, purposely, apparently to dilute the population, thereby making us more easily controlled.

Yet, there is a furious struggle to jail those who criticize jews.

Contrast this policy imposed upon America with the extremely closed society of Israel , which is reserved solely for jews.

And consider the money that Israel has cost us, facilitated by their jewish brethren. It is nothing short of breathtaking.

Economist Dr. Thomas R. Stauffer estimates the cost of our Middle Eastern policies at over $ 2.5 trillion, more than the cost of the Vietnam war.

$2.5 trillion. Boggles the mind, doesn't it?

Lessee now, America has a population of 290 million and about 80 million households, so that amounts to $31,250 from your family to Israel .

And that doesn't include some other items which easily could double that figure, says Dr. Stauffer.

That brings us to the $64,000 question, which is approximately double the $31,250 figure just cited: Is Israel worth it to you?

Or could your family have put that $64,000 taken from it to better use?

What is particularly ironic is how much of that money came back from Israel for the purpose of buying off America s elected representatives.

Movies and TV depict an America that doesnt existthat never existed, except in the wishful thinking of warped leftists, sexual deviates, cultural communists, globalists, neoconservatives and other assorted control freaks.

Terrorist attacks and more to come, yet we pretend not to know why.

Because we continue to be the worlds bully. Because America does the bidding of others.

We have betrayed our grandparents and theirs before them.

We have squandered our birthright and our heritage.

We sacrifice our children upon the altar of political correctness.

This is not the country we grew up in.

This is not the society that formed us.

This is not the future we were promised.

Life comes in one size now, dispensed largely through the TV set.

We deserve better.

We demand better.

We deserve to be left alone, to live without interference.

We deserve to be different from others.

We deserve not to be taxed to advance the agenda of others, an agenda which has nothing to do with our best interests and which actually seeks our destruction.

It is time to stop being strangers in our own land.

Is it hopeless? Not entirely.

I cant advocate a violent revolution or I would be disbarred. But, thats exactly what Jefferson , Washington and the other founding fathers would do today if they were still among us.

I like to think that, if we were to bring them back to life today, tomorrow they would buy a road map and a bazooka, then set out for Washington , DC .

There are too many lemmings and too few real patriots for a revolution, anyway.

What I advocate is being prepared and awakening others to what is coming.

What is coming? Not worldwide empire, American style, despite the best efforts of the inner party and international banking interests.

Whats coming is America s comeuppance; in fact, that is likely planned as part of the attempt at empire.

I think it likely that it will go badly for the NWO crowd and, consequently, for America .

But that will create an opportunity we dont currently possess an opportunity to start over.

America worked once as a constitutional republic. It can work again.

We are likely to lose territory as America balkanizes along racial lines SW to Mexico Deep South to Blacks, for example. New York will be New Israel.

It will be up to us to pick up the pieces. For now, we must awaken the others.

New America an idea whose time has come.

God help us all in the troubled times that lie just ahead.

Thank you.

"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth."

-- Morpheus

Copyright 2003, Edgar J. Steele

Forward as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate

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