Event Horizon:
Incoming and Fast!

By Richard Sauder, PhD
2003 Copyright Richard Sauder

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The central reality of the early 21st Century is the total certainty of imminent, massive, deep-rooted change in every sphere of reality that is meaningful to the human race. This change will not be long in arriving, not at all -- indeed, we are already being buffeted by the first, outlying squalls of the rapidly approaching level-five hurricane that will soon be upon us with the full force of its fury.
The imperial warmongering of the Bush administration represents an attempt by a certain faction of the self-anointed, so-called global 'elite' to use the American military juggernaut as a violent tool to stage manage the oncoming apocalypse. (About which, more below.) Their objective is to try to control a series of large, upcoming, epochal events that are essentially uncontrollable and unmanageable. But this will not deter those who fancy themselves to be humanity's 'superiors'. They will soldier on, literally, with their aircraft carrier battle groups, their nuclear missiles, their stealth bombers, their genetically engineered viruses, and their rampaging armies equipped with night vision goggles, GPS-coordinated weaponry, drunk on self-induced illusions of patriotism, nationalism, blood, guts and gore.
It is a nightmarish vision they have and they want to impose it on the rest of the planet by brute force. Indeed, they have already begun to do this. If you are an Iraqi who has been disemboweled or decapitated by a cluster bomb that came whistling in from an American Air Force B-52 cruising overhead at 40,000 feet -- then the apocalypse has already arrived for you. And in this case, the apocalypse is stamped 'Made in America'.
One of the great ironies is that the American regime that is making such a forthright, violent bid for planet-wide domination is controlled by the right wing of the Republican Party. The same people who for decades have been pontificating about smaller and less intrusive government and lower taxes (right-wing Republicans), have over the past couple of years revealed themselves to be essentially a home-grown American, neo-fascist political faction, heavy on reflexive, knee-jerk flag waving and patriotic sloganeering, ugly suppression and violation of civil liberties at home, all coupled with aggressive, illegal, imperial warfare in the international arena. Since seizing political power in the fraudulent national elections of the year 2000, these Republican neo-fascists have effectively unleashed the Pentagon as an instrument of international terror, eviscerated the American Constitution, created an anti-civil liberties Frankenstein monster in the form of the new, sprawling bureaucracy of the Department of Homeland Security, and dramatically increased federal spending, driving the American government trillions of dollars into debt. And all in just two years. The fact that the majority of Democrat political figures have cravenly acquiesced in these activities and worse, even vigorously supported them, prove the Democrats to be nothing more than a cowardly Junior Varsity annex to the right wing of the Republican Party. I cannot imagine why a sane American would even consider voting for a Republican or Democrat, for any office, at any level of government -- or even vote at all in the current climate, given the abundantly self-evident fraudulent nature of contemporary American electoral politics.
This current effort to impose a violent, totalitarian regime on the United States and selected other parts of the world is just the first stage in a rapidly developing program to subjugate the entire planet in a violent, iron grip.
This ruthless program of social, political, military and economic control has been underway for millennia already, going back to the time of the Roman Empire and even before that, to ancient Babylon and Pharaonic Egypt and far back beyond that into the mists of remote antiquity. There is a dark, ruthless, self-destructive splinter buried deep in the warp and the woof of the human species - it is woven into our genetics, our history, our society, our mind. And it expresses, nay, it acts out, in the ugliest ways imaginable, over and over again as the centuries and millennia slowly and bloodily scroll by. We slaughter one another by the millions in warfare and genocide over and over again. We impose cruel and terrible dictatorships. We torture, rape, imprison, sack, pillage and plunder. Again and again and again and again. And we invoke our tribal deities as justification for what we do -- Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Jesus, Krishna.
But this vile project (institutional religion, militarism, imperialism, i.e., mind and social control) is fast approaching a decisive turning point. In mathematical terms, the quickening trajectory of events on this planet is rapidly approaching infinity. There has been a sharp inflection in every aspect of the curve that describes the course of human events on planet Earth. Uncharted waters lie just ahead. Planet-wide chaos approaches, and quickly.
This has most definitely not gone unnoticed by the planet,s self-anointed 'elite'. They realize that the game has entered a new, chaotic, supremely important phase that they must control at all costs -- if they are to maintain the system of political, religious, economic and social dominance they have been violently putting in place for the last centuries and millennia.
Hence, the Pentagon has been unleashed, essentially as a mercenary force in the service of great evil-- the violent subjugation of the human race to a planet-wide, totalitarian control. Recent news items have revealed such items as: electronic micro-chipping of individual human beings for tracking and identification purposes, plans to electronically tag and track individual notes of paper currency, plans to electronically tag and track individual items of merchandise such as clothing, appliances, toys, etc.
At the same time, the monitoring, tracking and surveillance of individual humans increases by the day -- surveillance cameras are now everywhere on the highways, in stores, banks, on sidewalks in more and more cities. The incipient neo-fascist American regime has announced plans for a Total Awareness Information computer system that will track, monitor and spy on every human being that it can, to the greatest degree possible, everywhere, anywhere, at all times, from cradle to grave.
This is not freedom. This is American tyranny. And it aims to impose itself by hook or by crook or by force on every human being on this planet.
Do you doubt what I say? Then take off your mental blinders and see the world situation for what it is. Wake up if you can. If you can, then good for you. If you can't, I won't waste much more of my time trying to shatter your ignorant illusions and help you to awaken.
Now then, what has so alarmed these Republican, neo-fascist, American desperados that they have turned loose the Beast of their Made-in-America, violent-control-at-all-costs apocalypse on the world?
Several things.
Global warming is very much in the news these days. Is massive, sudden climate change possible? It appears that it is and that it is underway during out lifetimes, with unknown consequences. The climate could continue to get warmer- perhaps much warmer. Or it may warm for awhile and then abruptly grow colder, perhaps much colder. Even glacially so. The geological and glacial record shows that ice ages can come on with surprising quickness and ferocity. In some cases seemingly within a matter of years. If there were rapid, global climate change (whether becoming hotter or colder) the social, economic, environmental and political implications would be staggering. World 'managers' would certainly want to assure that whatever happens, they will remain in charge. Thus, their 'herd' must be numbered, tagged, and whipped into submission so that it can be properly managed as the situation grows more dire. And it may well grow more dire if the present climate changes now underway continue.
World 'managers' have also assuredly noticed an increasing world population. This matters to self-styled world 'managers' for a variety of reasons. Growing numbers of people mean growing numbers of potentially independent actors (individuals and organizations of all types and sizes)-- not Hollywood actors mind you, but actors in the sense of potential agents of autonomous, self-directed, purposeful action in the sphere of their own choosing, whether that sphere be political, social, cultural, religious, environmental, scientific, etc. As the numbers of people increase, controlling what they do and think becomes harder and harder. Enter the Pentagon as a mercenary, social control force for the new Republican neo-fascist regime.
Growing numbers of people also mean the possibility of a sudden, dramatic population crash -- from any one of a number of possible causes. Population biologists are familiar with this phenomenon. It often happens that a species will rapidly increase its numbers right up to or beyond the carrying capacity of its ecological niche -- and then it undergoes a massive and drastic die off, as its numbers radically decrease -- and it can happen real FAST.
In the case of the human race, our ecological niche is basically the entire planet. We go practically everywhere -- into deep forests, into the air, on and into the sea, to the polar regions, onto high mountains. We swarm over the planet like locusts. Recent years have brought numerous public warnings in the news media and scientific journals about global warming, melting of polar ice fields, deforestation, growing species extinction, the rise of new, exotic diseases (whether from natural evolution or bio-engineering is unclear), dying coral reefs, dangerous depletion of open ocean fish species, and much more bsides. And still the numbers of humans increase. We are like a horde of devouring locusts. We are overexploiting our ecological niche, which is to say, we are overexploiting the Earth.
Population biologists know that species that overrun their ecological niche run a serious risk of sudden decline. Is this soon to be the fate of the human species on planet Earth?
Maybe. Maybe not. No one knows for sure. But it is absolutely one of the hugest, unknown variables in the chaotic period we have already entered. The chaos and uncertainty have already begun -- that much we know, both those of us who are awake to some degree, and those who fancy themselves to be world 'managers'. If there is to be a population crash they will want to land on their feet, on top of the heap, when the dust clears. They will want to control it if possible. If they feel it is inevitable, they may even want to initiate and manage it themselves (or try to).
Then there is the ancient Mayan calendar. The Mayan priests were obsessive time keepers. They measured out vast stretches of time in intricate detail. When their ancient stellae were deciphered it was discovered that their future time line ends in December 2012. December 2012 is just 9 years from now - not long at all. So what did the Mayans foresee? By implication, they have forecast some kind of abrupt break in the human experience in our very near future. Did the Mayans manage to correctly forecast our present time? Is big change right around the corner? Is the change so great that it will be as if we have entered a new era in history?
In my opinion, that is very possible. It may even be likely. I don't know how they did it - perhaps by pure, direct intuition -- but the ancient Mayan time keepers seem to have somehow peered into the future and seen that a time of big turmoil and change would take place in the early 21st Century.
The Mayans, time keeping has certainly not escaped the notice of the world 'managers'. Indeed, they will have found it to be most alarming. Remember what the Roman Catholic bishop of the Yucatan did way back in the early Spanish colonial period? He ordered the Mayans to bring all of their books and had them burnt, at musket and sword point. The Roman Catholic church recognized the great danger (for its so-called 'Christian' teachings and power) that Mayan knowledge represented. Half a millennium has passed and today the Bush Reich exercises the sort of power on a global scale that the Roman Catholic church exercised in centuries past. So I seriously doubt that the present world 'managers' are unaware of the Mayans, time keeping. On the contrary, they may well attach some degree of credence to the Mayans, mysterious focus on the early years of this present century.
Let me give you an idea of what I mean. I recently talked with a retired petroleum engineer (in Texas) who has long experience in the oil industry. I asked him how much longer the American people would be driving their cars, SUVs, motorcycles and pickup trucks.
He quietly replied: 'Twenty years.' (Then the oil runs out.)
Twenty years until there is a massive upheaval in American and world society. Actually less than that. In fact, the upheaval is already violently underway if you live in Iraq and maybe Iran-- as the Pentagon,s mercenary troops try to secure Middle Eastern oil fields. The neo-fascists know very well that the really BIG upheaval is just around the corner and they are trying to control the situation on terms that they dictate, by employing massive force abroad. And by the way, does anyone doubt that massive force would be/will be employed here on American soil to ensure the success of the Republican neo-fascist social-control-at-all-costs agenda? Isn,t that the plain implication of the Department of Homeland Security?
Of course, the smart thing to do would be to undertake a massive research and development program for environmentally benign, alternative energy sources to phase in as soon as possible. The Earth has abundant, nearly free energy sources that can be tapped -- wind energy, tidal forces in the sea, geothermal resources, solar energy. The engineering expertise is available to tap all of these on a large scale and in the near term. It is also possible to greatly increase the efficiency of our present industrial base, thereby realizing substantial and immediate energy conservation. But none of these things are happening; neither are they likely to happen as long as the present self-anointed world 'managers' are on the scene. These people, as epitomized by the neo-fascist Republican regime that has seized political power in the United States, and their assorted 'wannabe', sycophantic supporters such as the American Democratic Party at home, and various and sundry other violent dimwits here and there around the planet (Blair, Sharon, Musharraf, Berlusconi, Mubarak, etc., the line forms at the rear), are not much into the 'vision' thing - oh no, they are very heavily into the 'nightmare' thing, as in neo-fascist apocalypse.
Unfortunately, a big chunk of the human species seems to share this self-destructive, negative programming defect. Is it genetic? Sociological? Political? Psychological? Imposed from without against free will? Generated from within because of free will? Does it even matter very much at this late date from a pragmatic standpoint, seeing as how this grotesquely violent, global chain of events is so far advanced down the road to species perdition?
There are many interesting analyses of the present situation. Some of the most interesting I have found are: Mike Ruppert's From the Wilderness, for a great discussion of the Peak Oil and 9/11 issues and also the Cassiopaeans, for an engaging discussion of some of the more esoteric aspects of what is happening and likely to happen in coming years and decades on planet Earth. I believe Ruppert's analysis explains a great deal more of the present world situation than the average daily newspaper does. Ruppert's work certainly explains a great deal more clearly what is occurring with respect to the Bush Reich's Middle Eastern geo-politics than do the pages of say, The New York Times (all the news that,s fit to falsify, make up and plagiarize!)
I further believe that the Cassiopaeans, analysis begins to explore some of the deeper, core issues at play. Are the Cassiopaeans correct in every last jot and tittle of what they say? I very strongly doubt it. But the value I see in the issues they raise is that they raise the issues to begin with. Precious few people are even talking about most of the things the Cassiopaeans discuss.
The Cassiopaeans (whoever or whatever they really are) may be part of a cosmic (or not so cosmic) intelligence plan that is fiendishly insidious and devious -- or they may equally be, as they say, a benevolent force who intend to lend a helping hand to a troubled planet, populated by a severely, violently dysfunctional species (Earth humans). I hope it is the latter, but I cannot categorically exclude the former, if the stakes are as high as the Cassioipaeans allege that they are.
As I understand it, the Cassiopaeans allege that Earth is a crucial battlefield in a mighty war that has raged across the galaxy, covering vast stretches of time and space and consciousness. The current Earth scene, according to them, has actors both seen and unseen, known and unknown, and overlapping levels of strategy and mighty political and spiritual agendas with tremendous implications for the human race and planet Earth and many other beings and planets elsewhere in the galaxy, and even in other dimensions.
Can this be true? I don,t know, but WHAT IF?
What if our lives and what happens on this planet NOW are so much more important than we can imagine in our wildest imaginings? WHAT IF that is the reason that we are here? WHAT IF our life project is to WAKE UP and 'grok' the situation and throw a creative monkey wrench in a galactic program of darkly vicious control of minds, bodies and souls? Not only here on Earth for the human species, but elsewhere too, across vast reaches of space and time?
And what if the Republican neo-fascists here in America and their sycophantic Democratic Party 'wannabe' supporters are the ignorant, stupid, unwitting, local goon squad tasked with imposing a galactic jack boot on the collective neck of terrestrial humanity - the better to keep us dumbed down, subjugated, fearful, manipulated, tractable, poverty stricken, vulnerable, scared and perpetually at each other,s throats. In other words, thoroughly divided and hopelessly conquered. BY OUR OWN HANDS.
I do not positively know this to be the case, but WHAT IF?
And even if this is not the case (and I do not presume to know definitively, one way or the other), what is coming, what will very soon arrive, and what has already arrived and is here now, are egregiously bad.
The neo-fascist Republican party (the 'less government' people) are up to their eyeballs in violently locking down the planet. They are the very ones who are clamping down a computerized, incredibly violent, totalitarian social control system the likes of which this planet has never seen. And they are moving quickly -- with great military force and massive national and international bureaucratic coordination.
Is this why the Bush regime is running up a stratospheric national debt? - now over seven TRILLION dollars and growing by leaps and bounds. Is this unprecedented deficit spending intended to fund the imposition of a totalitarian regime that will then turn around and violently suppress the people when they realize the trap that has been sprung on them?
Whatever the case, many people are now deciding to help defund the American government, before it can wreak still more havoc. One of the more interesting of such movements is the We The People organization. A rapidly growing number of loyal Americans have simply decided: "Enough of this nonsense. And have stopped sending 1040s to the IRS. It is a real, home-brewed Boston Tea Party. Call it 'Boston Tea Party II'. In the American colonial period many people were fed up with George the III, then the English King. In like fashion, a growing number of Americans today have had their fill of 'wannabe' boy-king George the IV - and his thug underlings -- people like John Ashcroft and Donald Rumsfeld.
Whence the decision to defund these neo-fascist puppet thugs before they can slaughter and imprison yet more people.
There is also a growing Free World Order which can be found at and its myriad related links, such as Why not browse there and spend some time reading and absorbing the information you will find on these sites and related links? You just may find something there that will help free you and others!
Our situation is dire. That is true. Conditions may worsen and grow even darker and more violent in days and years to come.
It all depends on us, on you and on me. How free do you want to be? Are you willing to take personal action, whether large or small, to be free? Will you do it now? Or will you put it off for years, or half a lifetime, until your options are severely constrained and your freedom to maneuver has all but disappeared?
If you have read this far, and you never thought about the ideas and information presented above - then you have come to this page for a reason. You are here to awaken. Will you wake up? Will you work for freedom and to be free?
Or, will you choose to go back to sleep? Even worse, will you be one of the ignorant dimwits who are so stupid that you will write to threaten my life or wellbeing?
The choice is before you, and before me. Either 1) we recognize and admit our precarious position and take personal action to remedy a rapidly worsening situation, in America and around the world, or 2) we go back to sleep (metaphorically speaking), join in the slaughter, cheer on the troops as they bomb and rampage, vote for the mad men (and mad women), wave the flag like a mindless maniac while shouting jingoistic, nationalistic sloagns, blend into the dumbed-down herd, become a violent, racist, fundamentalist religionist bent on annihilation of the hated other -- whether they (or we!) be Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, etc.
The choice is before us. And it is a stark one.
Please consider checking out the hyperlinks to the organizations and websites that I have mentioned above, and proceeding towards personal and planetary freedom in the manner that is most consistent with the best and highest reason for your being on this planet.
What will you do?



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