Chemtrails Over Northeast Ohio
From Bill Pinkerton

Hi Jeff
Could you please post these photos on your web site? I love your program! These photos are typical of the obviousongoing aerial spraying of material over our heads. Here, in N.E. Ohio, we get very few sunny days per year as it is. Each day that is covered with these milky white chemtrails infuriates me to no end.
It is very important that we make aware and inform as many people as we can of this flagrant violation of each and everyone's right to be officially-notified of such operations. I try to raise this issue to everyone I come in contact with. Most say they really didn't look up to notice. Then they will call and say, 'WOW, you're right!"
I do hope that as more and more people become aware of this problem, we will all work more closely together to stop this madness.




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