The Bankruptcy Bordello
Part 6
Bandits and Bigots

A terrible hate sometimes builds up over centuries and centuries. For example, the opposition of the British to the Irish Catholics, across the Irish Sea, builtup from at least the 12th Century when the Pope gave all of Ireland to the British crown as a papal fief. Then there was the Gunpowder Plot of the 17th Century when rightly or wrongly, the Catholics were accused of a scheme to blow up the Parliament. In the Battle of the Boyne, 1690, the Catholic King James II and his French supporters, were defeated by the Protestant King Williams III (of Orange).

Early in the 19th Century, the British military was part of a plan to starve out and murder the Irish, committing genocide against them. It was falsely described in most history books as "The Potato Famine". More than 2 million impoverished Irish Catholics set out to escape in voyages to America. Many died enroute across the Atlantic. From 1845 to 1850, the British slaughtered 5.2 million Irish. [ ]

[On our public access Cable TV Show in Chicago, we did a three-part series, "The Irish Question", for practically the first time in America, telling how the mostly all pro-British American press has lied for generations about the so-called Irish "Potato Famine". In Chicago, the heavily pro-British Chicago Tribune is forever lambasting the Irish Catholics in City Hall. Since the parent firm, Tribune Company,  has as major stockholders members of the British Royal Family, the Tribune never badmouths non-Irish Catholics the same way, giving the prominent Protestants a pass.Thus, we call the Tribune, "The Queen of England's Newspaper".]

The American Aristocracy, heavily dominated by Great Britain, condemned the Irish Catholic influx to the U.S., such as to Boston and Chicago. The Irish did the hard and dangerous work as Firemen and Police, sometimes taking pay-offs to supplement their awful low wages. In Boston and Chicago they became the bureaucrats, likewise sometimes supplementing their paychecks.

In Chicago, from before the American Civil War, or the War Between the States, fomented by the British agitating the natural friction between the North and the South, the French Rothschilds came to be the dominant force in the Chicago Board of Trade. As official bankers for the Vatican, the Rothschilds used prominent Irish Catholics for trading commodities, to manipulate prices. These pit traders, often with steel nerves, were a layer or two below the Ruling Class, to whom they were beholden.

What wrongs the young speculators actually did or were falsely accused of, should not have been blamed on the large Irish Catholic community collectively, residing in the Chicago area.

[As to how the British, since they invaded the U.S. in the War of 1812, have vowed to destroy the American central government, see our extensive website series, "The Overthrow of the American Republic".]

From the time of the death of Jesus Christ, Jews were blamed for his demise. During the series of Christian Crusades, that went on for years and years, to grab Jerusalem from the Moslems, the Crusaders proceeded east through Europe. On the way, they committed genocide against the Jews. The Crusaders destroyed Jewish communities, slaughtering prominent Rabbis, and others, all in the name of religion.

By severe prejudice and malice against them, and kept out of the manufacturing guilds and trades, the Jews were barred. So to survive, they took up to shuffling papers and currencies, and becoming despised money-lenders. Some wanted to somehow get higher in the ladder of power. They became what the Germans call hofjuden, Royal Court Jews. To be acceptable to the Aristocracy, they converted to other religions, retaining, however, their Jewish last names and sometimes adopting Christian first names. They were, moreover, far too clever not to realize that if something went wrong with their advice and doings with the regime, that they, as the scapegoats, would be thrown away by the Ruling Class to save themselves from public scandal.

In Germany, following their disaster in losing World War One, lawyers and bill collectors with Jewish last names, hofjuden, seized the farms, homes, and properties of ordinary Germans, on behalf of the Prussians and others of the German Ruling Class. This was during the devastating runaway Inflation of 1923. The common Germans relying on paper money backed by hot air, needed a truckload of German currency to buy a loaf of bread. The German Aristocracy, on the other hand, having their funds and properties supported exclusively by gold-backed currency, were not damaged.

The Jews, or at least those with Jewish last names, were the front for the German Ruling Class to grab the assets of ordinary Germans. The hatred that built up in the common Germans, led to the installation a decade later, of Adolph Hitler, the needed iron-fisted dictator, they thought,  to rescue the economy. There was already an anti-Jewish sentiment in the German psyche and these conditions added to that.

About 1980, at a sizeable meeting of the Jewish Geneology Society, I interviewed numerous elderly Jews there present. On tape, I particularly found the ones who grew up in Germany at the time of the rise of Der Fuhrer. They related the details, seldom if ever publicly mentioned, how the German lawyers and bill collectors, with Jewish last names, exploited and destroyed the ordinary Germans on behalf of the German Aristocracy. Some prominent Jews at the meeting, however, hearing what eyewitness testimony I was eliciting and taping, kept threatening to seize my tape recorder and expel me from the meeting. I retained the tapes and used them on the only forum available to me at that time, my recorded phone message commentary. This was before the era of Internet, and Public Access Cable TV, and talk shows as exist nowadays.

In my website story, "The Great Secrets of the 20th Century" Pt 2, I relate how bigshot Chicago-area Jews, or at least those with Jewish surnames, had me falsely arrested when I attended a press conference for the Nazi-hunter, Simon Wiesenthal, visiting in Chicago from Austria. Me and my wheelchair were seized by a squad of police, and a young Rabbi came behind me, telling me, "Shush, say nothing, go with the police". I protested in vain, What was the crime I committed? I was not told. It had become known that I was about to conduct the first major seminar in America, at the Ballroom of an old downtown Chicago hotel. The subject? "Nazi War Criminals in America" who were not punished as they quietly lived amongst us at that time. And who led an effective boycott against my seminar? Why , two so-called Jewish defense agencies, the Anti-Defamation League and the B'Nai B'Rith (the same ones who have fought to block my non-commercial tv program the last 13 years. Perhaps they were upset that as long ago as 1970, I made public statements that the ADL is a spy operation fronting for the American secret political police, like the FBI.)

And get this. I was thus removed, without cause, from the building (since torn down for highrise development) called the Covenant Club, that is, the Ten Commandments Society.

Over a period of decades, I and some of my associates have studied and investigated the phenomenon in the U.S. That is, in most every major city in a federal district, there is a small group of U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judges, lawyers, assignees, trustees, and auctioneers with Jewish last names, some with Christian first names. In places like Chicago, they operate a corrupt enterprise called "The Club".

Both debtors and creditors are plundered by such a group, often numbering about thirty or so. Some firms are falsely pushed into the Bankruptcy Court for the purpose of stealing funds and assets. In some instances operatives of Israeli intelligence, The Mossad, either renegades or questionably authorized by the State of Israel, if at all, skim, off some of these stolen treasures to be secretly transmitted supposedly to Tel Aviv. Disputes between the local gang and the Israelis sometimes leads to murders. [View the earlier parts of this website series.]

On occasion, I have confronted either members of "The Club" or other prominent supposed Jews. Some typical conversations:

Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts: "Blacks and latinos, in particular, contact me. They are blunt. 'Those rotten Jew lawyers stole my house and car in Bankruptcy Court. They took a fee promising to save that. And the Jew Judges were part of it. You are a Jew, what are you doing about this?' (Sometimes it appeared to me they were ready to cry.)"

Lawyer with Jewish last name: "Why the Hell don't you mind your own damned business? Many of those are dummies. We conduct business, and we do not need your suggestions."

Citizen's Committee: "So if someone is black or latino, and you think they are not well educated, and you call them 'dummies', so it is okay to fleece them, right?"

Lawyer: "I heard about you. No brains."

Citizen's Committee: "Do you realize that lawyers like you with Jewish last names, some with Christian first names. Do you realize you are causing a wave of anti-Jewish feeling to be blamed on ALL Jews collectively?"

Lawyer: "You have no sense. I should not have started to talk to you at all. Why aren't you trying to protect fellow Jews simply conducting business?"

I once spoke to an old-time lawyer, often busy in the Chicago U.S. Bankruptcy Court. I interviewed him during a court recess.

Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts: "Tell me something, how come so many of the lawyers in the Bankruptcy Court have Jewish last names?"

Elderly lawyer: "Well, many in this trade started out in the collection business. You probably know, Jews were kept out of certain manufacturing and businesses. So this is how we proceeded. From collection we naturally stepped up to representing debtors in Bankruptcy Court. We try to help people down on their luck, because of illness, or loss of their job, or business reverses, and so on."

Citizen's Committee: "Yah, but some in your trade, many, in fact, plunder blacks and latinos. You knowingly steer them into Chapter 13, where they have to have a plan to pay-back their creditors. You promise to save their house, their furniture, their car, and so on. Yet, you know Chapter 13 is mostly a deadly trap for blacks, latinos, other people of color. And the victims of the work of your colleagues contact me, complaining about 'Those rotten Jew lawyers'. I am a traditional Jew, what am I, with compassion, supposed to tell them?"

Lawyer: "Tell them to go and get another job."

Citizen's Committee: "And what if the times are bad and jobs cannot easily be found? And by the way, are you a member of 'The Club'?"

Lawyer: "I don't know about any Club. Are they listed somewhere?"

Citizen's Committee: "Do you realize there is a growing epidemic in America of anti-Jew feeling? And those like a group of Bankruptcy lawyers, auctioneers, and such, are fomenting this hatred."

Lawyer: "You don't seem to understand our business at all."


Some spend some time simply criticizing anti-Jew sentiments without bringing up any details which may be, in part, causing it. By the way, by the middle of the 20th Century, with the U.S. having been in a general prosperity, there were a growing number of non-Jews who came to the viewpoint that perhaps the Jews did not kill Jesus Christ after all. But now, because of growing financial hardships in the U.S., there is a sizeable element returning to the previous viewpoint. Something has to be done to spotlight the situation where a small number of hojuden, are causing in some instances the entire Jewish population to be collectively condemned for what a small number are doing, with Jewish surnames, who may not even anymore be part of the religion.

It is important to openly discuss what happened in Germany leading up to Hitler, which has never, never, never been discussed by the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press.

More coming....Stay tuned.


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