3,000 Indian Law Students
Riot Over New Ban On Cheating
By Shaikh Azizur Rahman in Calcutta

More than 3000 students of 20 law colleges in the eastern Indian state of Orissa have boycotted their final university examination and demonstrated in protest against a ban on copying.
The students turned against teachers when they were stopped from copying inside examination halls this week.
Authorities called in police for help.
"On frisking in the presence of the police, we found almost all students carrying books and photocopied notes hidden on their body," education official Radhanath Mishra, said from the state capital of Bhubaneswar.
"We asked them to hand over all the illegally smuggled study materials. But they did not listen to us."
When authorities seized the smuggled notes and books with the help of police, the students turned violent and left the examination halls in protest.
According to reports, students of almost all law colleges ready to take the same examination around the state protested in a similar way demanding they be allowed to "resort to cheating" during the examination.
Students of the University Law College of Bhubaneswar and Madhusudan Law College of Cuttack blocked the Calcutta-Madras national highway for more than three hours and burnt tyres protesting against the authority's decision to be "strict" during law exams this year.
Angry students told the community's TV station they wanted authorities to restart the examinations and let them continue the exams the way they had been "for years".
In response to a public interest litigation filed by some activists, the state's highest court recently directed the higher education authority to put a total ban on widespread malpractice in the law examinations.
It is believed the order from the court made the authorities crack down on cheating.
"For the authorities, it is not an easy job to stamp out cheating, which seems to have become a deep-rooted tradition in law examinations here," lawyer-activist Biswajit Mahanty said from Bhubaneswar.,5936,6726733%255E954,00.html



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