Zundel - Guilty Of Nothing,
Held In Deplorable Conditions
From Ingrid Rimland


Note - There are about 15 million illegal aliens in the US. 15 Million. And nothing is being done about it. Compare that to the treatment of Mr. Zundel who was here legally, as most of you know, and was arrested - and deported - for allegedly missing a scheduled simple
immigration meeting...which both he and his attorney had tried repeatedly to find out about...many times. The term 'political prisoner' has never been more appropriately used than in the case of Ernst Zundel.
From Ingrid --
Finally I got some news about what happened to my husband - and it is shocking news. I sensed it all along.
Below are two items - One is a write-up from Paul Fromm, Ernst's legal representative when Attorney Doug Christie can't be there. Yesterday, Paul finally succeeded in talking to Ernst, whereas many others tried, and failed. His report speaks for itself.
Secondly, I am sending you what looks like a mainstream media list of important contacts. I don't know how old this list is, but it is the best I have.
Send them this ZGram. Be prepared for some rejects and some blasts and insults. No matter! At least some of this story is going to filter through so others can be informed.
Later in the day, there will be more. For now, please get busy and ship this to as many, many sources as you can.
From Paul Fromm:
Dear Free Speech Supporter:
Prepare to be shocked. I was.
Today, after four days of bureaucratic hoop-jumping I got to visit political prisoner Ernst Zundel as his legal representative. The news is not good. He's being kept in degrading, mediaeval conditions in an effort to punish him for speaking out against CSIS.
On Sunday, May 18, just back from a speaking trip to Winnipeg, I picked up two desperate phone messages from Ingrid Rimland, Ernst Zundel's wife. He had disappeared. She did not know where he was being kept. He'd been moved from the Niagara Region Detention Centre. He had not been allowed the use of a phone for 48 hours. She had just learned he was now in the Metro West Detention Centre, near Toronto International Airport.
I raced up to the Metro West Detention Centre. Ushered inside, I was eventually met by Mr. Verrinder, the Shift Supervisor. No, I couldn't see Mr. Zundel. I would have to be cleared by security. He was a "special" prisoner, Mr. Verrinder informed me. I could call security 416-675-1806, Ext.4220 to be cleared. However, being Sunday, no one was there. The next day, Victoria Day, was another holiday and no one answered the phone in "security."
I asked Mr. Verrinder whether Mr. Zundel was allowed newspapers or a pen. "I'm not prepared to share that information with you," this public servant told me. I then asked to see Mr. Zundel as a friend, rather than as a legal representative.
All visitors had to be cleared, I was told. And, of course, there was no one available to clear me.
This morning, I learned that, being a special prisoner, Ernst Zundel cannot receive visitors during normal visiting hours. I hastened to the prison for 11:30 -- normal visiting hours start at 12:30.
After a long wait, I was advised that they had brought Mr. Zundel to the interrview room. I talked with him by phone with a thick glass separating us. Ernst looked pale in contrast to his bright oranger prison jumpsuit. He had a thick white beard stubble. I learned that he had been denied a razor since he got there on Friday. He asked for a razor again today and was told, "maybe tomorrow."
Ernst was his usual brave self, but is clearly taken aback by the mindless callousness of a system intended to break its "special" prisoners. Most of his few possessions are kept outside his cell in the hall. When he goes to the toilet (inside) his cell, for instance, he must call for a guard to hand him his soap and a towel. The guard may or may not come. "Surely," Mr. Zundel says, with practical German peasant common sense, "this sort of delay is unsanitary, when people are worried about SARS and other diseases." He's not allowed soap or a towel in his cell. Toilet paper is rice-paper thin squares about 2' x 3'. If you get diarrhoea, you're out of luck. To clean your hands, you must summon a guard and let all the other prisoners know your humiliation.
When he wants to brush his teeth, he must ask a guard to hand him his toothbrush, which sits outside his cell. For the rest of the time, his toothbrush sits in the hall with the dust. "This cannot be sanitary," Mr. Zundel remarks.
Any movement outside his cell requires the "special" treatment. "Security has never been tighter," he says. "I always have an officer and two guards when I leave my cell for a shower or to make a phone call," he reports.
He has almost no privileges and has still not been informed of prisoner's rights. I asked Mr. Verrinder for a statement of those rights on Sunday. I was told that Ernst would have to request them. He's received nothing. This morning, he asked to make a phone call. "I was told, 'Maybe tomorrow,'" he said.
When I arrived at the prison, I looked up Security Director Mike Richard in order to arrange for Mr. Zundel to have the five volumes of support documents on which the CSIS reports in his detention case are based. Richard said they'd be kept outside his cell and that he'd have to ask for them one by one. I had asked Richard about pens, papers and other supplies. Richard said Ernst could get them from the canteen. However, canteen orders go in on Sunday to be delivered later in the week. Mr. Zundel had been told nothing about his right to order things.
Mr. Zundel has asked for his Inmate Classification. This is the institution's assessment of him -- dangerous, model, whatever. This assessment can be appealed. It's his right to have access to this document, according to the Solicitor-General. Thus far, he's received no response to his request.
His legal documents are all in a box out in the hall outside his cell. "In Niagara, I had access to phone calls, almost at will. Here, I'm very much impeded with little phone access."
Most guards are brusque and unhelpful, he reports.
Compared to the Niagara Regional Detention Centre, the food is scarce and poor. Sometimes there's no butter. In Niagara, there was always a cup of coffee and sweets at night. In Metro West, there's nothing. "It's one third the rations and poorer quality than the food in Thorold," Mr. Zundel told me.
The administration keeps up a campaign of isolation and harassment. Communication with the higher prison authorities must be in writing on prescribed "request forms." Mr. Zundel has asked for such forms since Saturday but has still not been provided with any.
Last week, Mr. Zundel filed a complaint with the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC), the body that oversees CSIS, asking that they investigate the shocking information in John Mitrovica's book COVERT ENTRY, which shows that CSIS knew that the pipebomb was coming to Zundel and did nothing to prevent it or to warn or protect him.
Last week, there was a flurry of activity among the administration in the Niagara Region Detention Centre. Within a day, Mr. Zundel was transferred. The transfer and the severe restrictions "are punishment and retribution," Mr. Zundel says.
However, Ernst Zundel is not discouraged. We discussed several daring legal plans. Canada has not heard the last of Ernst Zundel. As the great English poet John Milton wrote: "Iron bars do no a prison make."
Friends of free thought, Ernst Zundel really needs your help.
1. If you live abroad, write to the Canadian Embassy in your country and demand Zundel's release and humane treatment.
2. If you live in southern Ontario and wish to visit, call ahead to Security: 416-675-1806 Ext. 4220. You must be on Zundel's approved list. He didn't know he was supposed to submit a list of visitors he'd like to see. You can also get directions, when you call.
3. No matter where you live, why not send a card or letter to encourage Ernst Zundel. Write Prisoner Ernst Zundel, c/o Metro West Detention Centre, 111 Disco Road, Rexdale, ON., M9W 1M3.
4. We also need your financial support for Mr. Zundel's defence.
We have a number of delicate colour-pencil sketches by Ernst Zundel done in prison. Each is dated and signed. Each is a nature study. Mr. Zundel has long been a paint and sketch artist. He had returned to his love of art before the U.S. I.N.S picked him up and deported him. . If you send us a cheque for $100 or more, we'll send you one of these collector's items, a thank you sketch by political prisoner Ernst Zundel.
Mail your donation today to CAFE Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada or e-mail us your VISA number and expiry date. On your cheque or an accompanying piece of paper, note: "For Zundel Defence Fund."
p.s. Today, May 22, is Ingrid Rimland's birthday. Miss Rimland has been incredibly brave and determined during the detention of her husband. Happy Birthday, Ingrid. Supporters may wish to e-mail her their best wishes:
Below is the media list.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
JGONZALEZ@EDIT.NYDAILYNEWS.COM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Ritual Murder Of Pacifist Political Prisoner Ernst Zundel
By Robert H. Countess
To Worldwide Readers Who Hold To Humane Treatment of Political Prisoners*
(*Excludes Amnesty International and PEN and Human Rights Watch and the ICRedCross)
I have just read Ernst Zundel's legal representative, Paul Fromm's write-up of his visit with pacifist and political prisoner Ernst Zundel and I have NO reason to believe that Mr. Fromm, a personal acquaintance of mine for some years now, has distorted or invented anything in his publicized report on the slow murder by Immigration Minister Denis Codere and the Canadian [in-] Justice system.
What I see taking place is the slow murder, deliberate and calculated MURDER, of a non-repentant pacifist who was kidnapped illegally from his home in Tennessee on February 5th this year and then illegally transferred to the PRC [= the Peoples Republic of Canada] by early March and held in solitary confinement.
The recent move to the prison near the Toronto airport into appallingly filthy conditions and food deprivation and harassment by guards and inhumane restrictions placed on reading materials-NOT even allowed a Bible [or the Christian song hymnal I left for him at the Thorold prison on April 4th]--all these are calculated and ritually effected murder by a Kabal of Jews who will, this time with Ernst firmly in their grasp, not allow him to return to a normal and productive life as husband and father and grandfather and publicist and artist and homo faber.
Many of us historians and scholars in other fields have read casually or in depth about the alleged Ritual Mord [= German: ritual murder] stories from recent centuries in Europe and the Middle East where a small number of Jewish fanatics filled with their Talmudic hatred for all things of Christ and Christians and Christianity kidnapped a young boy and in Kosher fashion bled him slowly-like the shechtiah ritual murder of a cow or sheep or chicken-in order to obtain "Christian" blood for Passover religious activities.
I have read enough detailed accounts of Hugh of Lincoln [England under King Edward I (1272-1307)] and the seventeen Jews of Segovia, Spain convicted in 1468 for crucifixion of a Christian boy. These accounts, especially in Spain, suffice for making a careful and critical judgment about the truthfulness of the testimony by eyewitnesses to the ritual murders. But, for the present essay, I shall not focus on these and hundreds of cases with their frightful similarities over the centuries. Also, I shall not focus on the propriety of the Inquisition itself since it was firmly based on the inquisition concept and methods of Moses in the Old Testament and can be examined by reading Exodus 32:27-35 and related passages of Scripture. The Papal support for Queen Isabella's Inquisition was in the mainstream of Biblical tradition and practice and thus cannot be condemned as "Christian" by Jews who do not like the treatment that several thousands of Jews in Fifteenth Century Spain received.
For now, I only want to affirm by analogy that even if the ritual murder accounts were ALL contrived by Jew-hating Gentiles, what we see now in the Canadian GuLag in Ontario is a replica of these accounts in our own day.
Ernst Zundel is being murdered slowly, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, by the Crown politicians and officials. We cannot believe that he can survive this ritual slaughter for more than a few weeks and, if my position is correct-as terrible as it is for me to write-once we hear that he has taken his last breath, we will then be told by Minister-Murderer Denis Codere that "Mr. Zundel unfortunately died in prison of high blood pressure or heart failure, even though we did all we could to insure his good health until his case might be properly handled" [or similar explanations]. After all, when the ruthless officials of Brave New World and 1984 issue their explanations to the ignorant and TV-fixated beer-swilling masses of sports junkies, we might not expect any response other than a unified Canadian 30 million voice of "Isn't that too bad?"
Some years ago when I was with Ernst in Ottowa for the failed news conference inside Parliament and when we had to speak to reporters and TV cameras outside, I made a special point to get in contact with Dr. Ruth Bettina Birn, one of the chief "Nazi hunters" for the Crown. At that time, she was being viciously attacked by the notorious liar and Jewish racist fanatic, Daniel Jonah Goldhagen of Harvard University ill-fame. She had made the "mistake" of joining with Professor Norman Finkelstein in writing A Nation on Trial. The Goldhagen Thesis and Historical Truth [1998. Henry Holt & Company]. In a personal and handwritten letter to me she wrote that Goldhagen was threatening to bring legal action against her and that he called her a member of the perpetrator class [= a German like the Germans who exterminated "the Six Million"].
Obviously, she was afraid for herself and her family and for her professional standing and income and retirement. I wrote back to her that she ought to get a good lawyer, but I also wrote that she should consider that she was now in a position of being attacked, a position similar to the Canadian immigrants from the World War Two era whom she was investigating and seeking to have either tried in the courts or be expelled from Canada. Apparently, this was too strong a medicine for me to suggest. She cut me off. Later items I mailed to her came back unopened. She had become afraid of the Jews-even the Jewish liar at Harvard, the money-grubbing Goldhagen whose research is taken seriously by no serious historiographer, and his conclusions that Germans sort of possess an anti-Semitic DNA makeup.
I am reminded, in closing, of James Bacque's first book, Other Losses, in which he demonstrates General Eisenhower's slow but deliberate ritual murder of perhaps a million innocent Germans [perhaps it is not appropriate for me ever to write or even imply that a German can be innocent of anything!] in squalid camps in Germany and France from April 1945 on into 1946. I am reminded of Ike's invention of the DEF [= Disabled Enemy Force] so that, instead of calling them properly what they were, POWs [=Prisoners of War] and covered by the international treaties on war conduct to which the USA was a signatory [but Ike's ally Stalin was not!], Ike could ritually murder as many as he could and then sigh in self-justifying response with an "I did all I could with what I had to save them!"
Ernst Zundel is perhaps the final DEF.
He is certainly DISABLED in some senses of the term. He is clearly an ENEMY in some senses of that term also, as David Irving speaks of Jews as "Our Traditional Enemies"--with Irving being himself bruised and bloodied enough times over the years to speak with candour on the matter. Lastly, Zundel is a FORCE-and, I suggest, "a force to be reckoned with."
It may be that Ernst will simply not give up and die at the hands of these Jewish and non-Jewish ritual murderers. It just may be that he will become a "Holo-hoax Survivor" and live to see some bizarre quirk in the Canadian [in-] Justice system that will set him free. That is my hope and prayer!



From: j weisenmeyer

Dear Mr Rense

I'm not on either side; looking at the middle ground.

But I think it is wonderful for you to give headline attention to the insane situation with Mr. Zundel. Your site has a large audience and no doubt, the ADL, JDL, AJC, CJC  et el have probably tried to cause you trouble over this. If they haven't, then that would mean you're just one of the Izzie Boys. If they have, then I thank you for being firm.

I think Zundel needs support, whatever view he may have about history or whatever. I keep asking myself, just because Jews say this or that, why are they always right? Just because they are Jews? Just because Hitler didn't like them. I'm beginning to reexamine just why Hitler didn't like them. There treatment of Zundel raises a lot of new questions, no?


Yes, we've received our share of threats and harassment over this issue. - Ed



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