Yes, Virginia, There
Is A ... Conspiracy
By Donald Cassidy

Yes, Virginia, there is a 'Conspiracy'* (forget Santa Claus.) It existed before the United States was born. It operates through banking channels, moving vast sums of monies through its agencies and agents to its 'investments'. It controls major banks of Europe and America as well as the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund. Its métier has always been war, slave trade and drug trade. It's a family business and its production lately has increased markedly.
It has grown fabulously rich by financing opposing sides of wars, reaping vast debts and political favors from both winners and losers. During the 19th century, it focused on Europe, bankrupting the nations by war, military expenses and the massive debt incurred thereby. During the 20th century it focused on America, bankrupting it as well by endless war and threats of war and the un-payable debt incurred thereby.
It selects world leaders including the Prime Minister of England and the President of the United States over the will of the people and appoints many important officials in western government. Its creed is Anarchy and Tyranny. Its method, mass murder. Zionism is one of its many facets. Woodrow Wilson discovered a century ago, "The growth of our nation and all its activities are in the hands of a few men."
It secretly finances and promotes cooperative individuals into immensely rich and influential agents in their own countries, creating an international web of money and political power. Household names in America and Europe are its hirelings.
It demands Capitalism because this economic system enables it to exploit humanity and resources for maximum profit with little government regulation; and shelters its vast wealth and income from taxation by imposing the principal burden of taxes on the working people. Any other form of economics is verboten and will be crushed. It has caused the death of a hundred million human beings.
It has purchased and controls the mass media of the western countries in order to propagandize and brainwash the people for its evil purposes especially fomenting nationalism (patriotism) and racial hatred, again and again leading humanity into the stockyards of war. The people are subdued and the societies reordered by constant subliminal messages of Fear and Boogiemen.
It distracts populations by creating false issues when none exist. The 'rivalry' between the Democratic and Republican parties in America is a fiction; they have been joined into a single party with no opposition. Only the suits have different nametags.
It has caused financial panics periodically; then used its great wealth to buy properties and assets at depressed prices and realize enormous profits. This includes the world wide Great Depression in the 1930s. Money is its messiah, humanity its resource.
It calls itself the Red Shroud, or something. It is surely the anti-Christ. When mankind perceives this ultimate evil, mankind will prevail. How? A global 'Peace Tax' of fifty percent of individual wealth, income and property in excess of $5 millions annually and a 'Zero Tax' on human labor. To Hell, Satan.
"How soon the labor of men would make a paradise of the earth were it not for misgovernment and a diversion of his energies to selfish interests." --Thomas Jefferson
"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons [and daughters] of God."
* "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" appeared in the New York Sun, 1897



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