And Now A Computer
Virus Named SARS


Computers are likely to fall prey to a mass mailing worm 'SARS', also known as W32/Coronex-A, which attacks the address books and attempts to dupe users.
MicroWorld Technologies Inc, a content security and IT solutions provider, has cautioned computer users of 'SARS', the mass mailing worm that uses a variety of subject lines, message bodies and attachment names including 'SARS Virus' and Hongkong.exe.
"SARS forwards itself to all contacts in the Outlook address books and attempts to dupe innocent computer users into opening an attachment offering details on the current SARS epidemic.
"The worm is delivered as an e-mail attachment and the e-mail may have a subject line about the current paranoia about SARS," a press release said in New Delhi.
SARS worm just goes on to prove that there are still scores of virus writers who use common fears to spread across dangerous viruses throughout the world, Govind Rammurthy, MD and CEO, MicroWorld Inc said.
However, the impact of the worm seems to be less destructive, a security analyst said.
Sunil Chandran, CEO, Stellarinfo, a data security firm in Delhi said, "The worm is in operation since April 24 and so far its nature of destruction is not high and not widespread and there has been no report of data loss."



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