US Victory A Little Too Easy!
By Joseph Ehrlich
SenderBerl & Sons
Sender, Berl & Sons Inc. has a very bad feeling now that it appears that the US has won an overwhelming victory in Iraq; overthrowing Saddam, occupying Iraq, and seizing the oil fields. The problem first gnawed at us because Saddam didn't take the bait to use WMD and thereafter did little to nothing to preclude the occupation.
Our first thought is that the counter strategy was to allow the US to occupy Iraq, the US never having enough troops to police the country. This being the case a war of attrition would commence that would cause mounting losses. A small but steady stream.
The new world order viewpoint is that as long as it has the oil, it is willing to take on losses. It will move to put in its government, but in the meantime if there is fractional fighting between three main groups in Iraq, the new world order looks forward to having them all kill themselves off and occupying themselves with internal conflict.
In the interim the new world order intends in our opinion to send in special ops into Syria to take out Assad. Psychologically this will be another demoralizing defeat for the Arab/Islamic nations.
The other day, the new world order deployed the very same tactics used in the Soviet Union, amassing no more than 100-200 people to topple before well-positioned cameras the statute of Saddam, with a small group of complaint Iraqis kissing photos of Bush, pictures broadcast throughout the Arab/Islamic world, further demoralizing the Arab/Islamic nations. All this of course is the prelude to the conquest as we have long interpreted of the entire Middle East region, to dominate it and its critical oil asset.
However, we believe there is a serious counter strategy in play.
What is the heart of the new world order agenda, aside of course from world domination and control? Answer: globalization, the vehicle to extracting the wealth of the world.
Thus, we now perceive that the counter strategy is to eviscerate globalization and we can now see how SARS and similar breakouts are the way to do it. Thus we depart with Dr. Horowitz that SARS is the introduction to new world order depopulation. While we do believe that the new world order has a Solent Green methodology somewhere in its evil design, and it crossed our mind whether SARS was the new world order's way of telling China "Check" to its WNV move in the US, we now have a sinking suspicion that China may have inflicted SARS on itself.
Out of the box thinking is something attuned to our geopolitical analysis, and there is no question that President Bush joined us in the amazement of no WMD, no oil fires, no lacing of anthrax and other exotic viral compounds in the oil wells and fields to welcome those invading to seize them.
Thus President Bush while inclined to enjoy for a day or two the victory he is being toasted for throughout the Washington community, shares our concern these past days that there is something more to the overall picture.
The Chinese mindset is willing to lose the first battle to win the war. Strangely, as we identified to President Bush, this parallels the prior biblical time where initial victories went to the forces that claimed they represented good over their evil opponents. Thus, as we consistently have stated, the war has just begun.
Let us be the first to tell you that the Chinese are out to take out the world economies to blow up the new world order agenda of globalization. In other words, they are willing to cause serious damage to themselves to stave off the Bush thrust right now for critical victories to stage ultimate world domination and control.
SARS for instance is said not to be airborne but relayed through touching infected hard object areas. Follow this thought. Where are most goods essential to the US economy produced? China. What happens if it is discovered that goods from China are put together by Chinese workers putatively, or feared, infected with SARS?
If you get the picture, then extrapolate this out conceptually to get an idea of what SARS may represent as the initial staging of the counter design. There could be far more contagious derivatives and remember the CDC says three years for any antidote. The point is that if businessmen do not travel, product is quarantined, pandemic thinking prevails, then the global economy is dynamically frozen and globalization ceases. Countries then resume to serve their sovereign interests. The United States, with a collapsing dollar and economy, will drive with no objection the new world order group back to the crevices from which they all emerged.
It is a fascinating out of the box strategy. China making itself a primary victim of a disease having an announced nexus to the animal region of its country, further distancing itself from claims that SARS is a custom made designer virus as a weapon of war. In other words, China, to uproot the new world order design, becomes dynamically a limited suicide bomber itself!
What the new world order and President Bush have discounted incorrectly is the degree of unification in the Arab/Islamic world that was quite apparent to us when Turkey shut down the US design to move into northern Iraq through it.
We took a look into the aging face of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia today and we see that he knows that he has to sign off on desperate designs to counter the open Bush intent to take on Syria next, then Iran, and thereafter Saudi Arabia before moving against North Korea and then China.
The facet we did not perceive until today is that the target of the counter strategy is not the US or the US military but globalization. Remember, we said, that if there is a terrorist attack on the US, one of the prime reasons for terrorists targeting midtown Manhattan for a nuclar dirty bomb was not the resultant death of Americans but to poison new world order real estate and commercial interests, to render them useless for decades. It is in this same vein that the target is to undermine the ability to succeed in globalization. Without it, the new world order crew cannot achieve their designs.
We, in first asserting that China would act to preclude the US from seizing the Iraqi oil fields, said it because China could not, from our perspective, allow the new world order to seize it because it was critical to their world domination and control agenda.
However, China has come out with a unique but doable counter strategy, targeting itself initially with SARS, to lay the groundwork for a global pandemic that will uproot globalization, making possession of the oil largely irrelevant in that otherwise the new world order design cannot be achieved.
The reason we believe we are on target or close to target is because nothing in Iraq made sense in allowing the easy victory and most importantly the seizure of the oil fields. Now, we believe we quickly have assessed what may be taking place. As we said, we did not believe the emergence of SARS with the attack on Iraq could have been simply coincidental. China making itself the primary initial victim was in further line with the Chinese design of masking its role.
Conclusion: Our point to the new world order is the same one we have said all along: no matter what takes place, the biblical message of what results lie ahead is cogent and clear and also the reasons therefor. Continue to think that you will prevail and you will take the world to a very dark future. You will not get what you aim on securing for yourselves and the sooner you understand it the better it will be for us all.
Joseph Ehrlich Sender, Berl & Sons Inc. April 11, 2003



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