Verification & 'Hits'
Of Information Received
In EVP Session Recordings
Sandra Belanger

Note - In this country, people are innocent until proven guilty.
It has been reported that over 300 psychics have offered material to the law enforcement agencies working the Laci Peterson homicide case.
The following EVP recording transcriptions must be taken for what they are: research data. Sandra Belanger records 'voices' on her computer with a special software sound program. These 'voices' - which she refers to as the 'folks' - have yielded a large body of provocative data which has all been time and date stamped and documented for future reference and study.
A considerable amount of Ms. Belanger's copyrighted material has been presented earlier on this site. These are the newest EVP transcripts. As the Peterson trial unfolds, it will be interesting to see how much, if any, of this research material is validated by the evidence presented.
ALL of this material is copyrighted 2003 by Sandra Belanger. All Rights Reserved. None of this material may be copied or reproduced on ANY website, in any print or electronic media, or any other media without the express written permission of Ms. Belanger.


January 5, 2003

Do you know where Laci Peterson's Earth body is right now?

1) "Pity you do not have it."

"First park..."

"(Underwater)" (Australian accent)

"...close to..."

"(Don't give up!)"

"...Berkeley line."

"(Where is my Mom?)" (I am assuming this is Laci)



Resolution: Laci's body washed up between º and mile north of the Albany Bulb. In the first park north of Berkeley, which is Point Isabell. The Albany Bulb used to be a landfill, and although the local people are trying to make it a park, it technically is not a park. Local developers are trying to build a hotel there. She washed up very close to the Berkeley line.

2) "There they will see that it's anchored in place, they missed it."

Resolution: Forensic pathologists examining the case say she was anchored or tied in place. Otherwise she would have washed up sooner.

3) "Direct the people to start looking underwater, it's in the deep."

Resolution: Clearly, Laci was underwater.

4) "We can see the Bulb, but farther though."

"We took the direct route there, we spied the Albany Bulb."

"There is a..."

Resolution: As I stated previously the Albany Bulb turned out to be an important land mark in the location of her body, and where it washed up.

5) "(Please find me!)" (Laci)

Resolution: Many of the things Mrs. Rocha said she heard Laci saying, were the same things that I heard Laci saying.

6) "...<pulp boat?> or <power boat?> nearby."

Resolution: This would be difficult to verify.

7) "You may find that at this depth it escaped the dog's detection."

Resolution: The body apparently did escape detection by cadaver dogs on a number of occasions.

8) "Can Mom visit it, my grave?"(Laci)

Comment: It was this statement that made me risk everything by going to the police and going public.

9) "On good note, it's perfect weather!"

Resolution: January 5th was an exquisite spring like day in the bay area.

10) "What did he find?"

"All kinds of stuff."

Resolution: One of the problems with locating Laci is the fact that there is so much debris on the bottom of the bay.

"Direct them."

January 5, 2003 (second session)

Do you know what happened to Laci Petersen?

11) "Scott struck her head." (Her husband's name is Scott.)

Resolution: This is currently unconfirmed, but Scott is alleged to have killed his wife.

12) "At her home."

Resolution: The Modesto Police have declared Laci's house as the crime scene.

13) "Jesus! Big mistake!"

Resolution: From a forensic standpoint it was a very big mistake.

14) "That's ëcause he had so many fuckin' <interests>."

Resolution: Depending on how you accent this statement it can be self explanatory.

15) "That hurt her? This is a repeat. Hello!?"

Comment: Apparently. It resulted in the events that led to her death. Laci claims this wasn't the first affair. I think this may be what they mean by a repeat.

16) "Her eyes won't look at that."

Comment: I will explain this in detail later.

17) "Opened it, some mail."

Comment: She says was killed because she opened some mail and found something out that caused a fight. In a session on May 17th she said that it was a Christmas card from Amber Frye containing the now infamous Christmas party photos.

18) "I know Laci. Come on Laci we'll go sit down."

Comment: I will explain this at the same time as the above.

19) "He wrapped ëhis burden' in the green tarp, then loaded it up outside."

Resolution: The person accused of this crime was seen carrying something wrapped in a tarp out to his truck at 9:30 am. It wasn't the body. He left with the body at 4am. A burglar casing the neighborhood saw Scott acting 'fishy' and carry something out to his truck and depart at around 3 am.

20) "He had phone, the phone it is missing."

Comment: The 'folks' are saying that one of the phones in the house was taken as it was damaged in the struggle. Phones frequently become damaged in situations of domestic violence when the spouse attempts to call for help.

21) "The tarp, he opened that, on the deck he listened, then he knelt and he hit her on her head."

Comment: This is unconfirmed. I find this one of the most upsetting statements in the sessions.

22) "And Scott did consciously kill a human being. Scott, sir, is doomed, tell him. They blame him for this."

Comment: This remains to proven in a court of law, however they did indeed blame him for this.

23) "We will repeat this over for another station."

Comment: The 'folks' repeated the exact story with different wording 4 times. How's that for consistency of statement?

24) "Scott's in his birthday suit."

Comment: This would be impossible to verify.

Resolution: I guess one should never say impossible when involved in after-life research. During the first week of May, Modesto Police took photos of Scott in the nude to prove that his hair color had only changed from the neck up. So much for the pool chemicals excuse.

25) "Sorry!"

Comment: The 'folks' are funny about nakedness and may have been embarrassed to say this.

26) "In her nick-nack ,<harp?> or <heart> remember her rubies."

Comment: This may be a thought form. The alleged person who did this may have been trying to remind himself to take this jewelry when he leaves.

27) "He's off in the bedroom packing up."

Comment: The above statement is made in context of his packing up the evidence, etc.

28) "What's that smell?"

Resolution: There was a strong odor of bleach when LE served the first warrant.

29) "It's really happening."

Comment: The 'folks' are able to access the scene of the crime at the time it is happening. I know that sounds crazy.

30) "He packs the equipment."

Comment: I believe that this package may still be located.

31) "It's messed up in here. It's broken Laci."

Comment: There was apparently a huge struggle that resulted in a fair amount of damage.

32) "Apparently she maced him. Scott began coughing. It's not working, missed, it's not working."

Comment: This is unconfirmed, but the 'folks' claim that Laci maced the person who did this. It didn't work. It would be interesting to know if Laci carried pepper spray, and if LE found traces of it in the bedroom or elsewhere in the house.

33) "The camera, the gift that <he?> <Sarah?> gave her earlier on the ground."

Comment: I found it very odd that Scott got so flustered when Diane Sawyer asked him what he got Laci for Xmas. My first inkling that our work may have been getting around.

34) "He defeats her, he gets her on the ground. He's attacking her on the ground, he's strangling her, he ties it tight, he sits on her stomach, he has a lamp cord wrapped around her neck that he knots appropriately. She can't talk."

Comment: This was session was difficult to transcribe, this part much more so. This part is unconfirmed.

35) "He walks outside, he throws his match out, it's nice out. That was dumb he's not done yet. Also, he has a cigarette."

Comment: This would be impossible to confirm, but goes to alleged state of mind.

36) "They're not dead yet."

Comment: The person who did this wanted to make sure she was dead because she could ID him. The efforts made to make the body less identifiable, and to conceal it, lead me to believe she knew and was connected intimately to her killer. A random nut wouldn't bother to hide the body.

37) "<Constance?>." (Yelled over top of other name.)

Possible resolution: The Modesto Bee reported on 3/20, that a woman named Connie (Constance?) Fleeman, claimed to see Scott @ a red light on Xmas eve, with something falling from his truck. When she tried to tell him he sped off.

38) "I'm thinking of <unintelligible>... I want to be with her."

Comment: The 'folks' were disturbed by this, but it is frequently reported by criminal profilers that some people become sexually aroused when killing others.

39) "Be with her?! Like making love?! After that!? The other one? Good grief, you are insane, you are hopeless!"

Comment: The 'folks' discussed this aspect of humanity in detail at a later date. They were very upset by this.

40) "Great example <unintelligible>"

Comment: This would be sarcasm, no doubt.

41) "He has problems with a woman? Very possibly so, but that won't help HER (meaning Laci)."

Resolution: This session was conducted on 1/5, Jeff Rense saw it within a couple of days of that, on 1/8. Amber Frye didn't go public until 1/24.

42) "A dead mother. Jesus!"

Resolution: The rest of the world held out hope that Laci was still alive. The 'folks', Laci and I knew the truth.

43) "Technology makes strange bedfellows on God's business."

Comment: This is one of my all time favorite statement from the 'folks'. EVP/ITC in conjunction with the computer allows me, a living person, to work with the dead to help the dead. The computer allows me to pass the information on to the authorities.

44) "Can you tell my mother...?"

Comment: The final statement is by Laci herself. The complete information is available for the family, and I am available to Laci's family (whenever they may be ready) or the authorities, at any time, at any place, free of any charge. If ever they wish to speak to Laci, I would gladly facilitate that for them. She is one of the chattiest people that I have ever talked to on the other side. I am sure she would be grateful for the chance to speak directly to her family or to the police in order to tell them what happened to her.



January 7, 2003 #2

Where is Lacy Petersen?

45) "Your reception, your feed here is good. Incredible, considerable! Little Angel. Incredible! You're a friend of mine, please smile."

Comment: This is just the 'folks' greeting me and telling my reception on their end is good.

46) "I said apparently, they better find Laci, with all that looking there. ...Laci."

Resolution: They were searching the bay during this time frame.

47) "An instruction book, isn't that what they find, and a list?"

Comment: I think the 'folks' are saying that they found a murder 'to do' list. This is more common than you would think. They have been the most damning evidence in a number of cases.

48) "Citizen Craig found it."

Resolution: "The Modest Bee" says the lead detective who served the search warrants and arrested Scott was CRAIG Grogan.

49) "Guilt at you disposing of it."

Comment: The 'folks' are saying that the police found it in the trash.

50) "I overheard somebody here say: 'I confused this cop.'"

Comment: We can figure out who said this, my question is to whom did he say it

51) "(I'm so scared!)"

Comment: This is Laci.

52) "He strangled her first, Sis. He did? <Upstairs> or <upscale> or <I'm scared>"

Comment: Unconfirmed.

53) "That hurt. Are you O.K.? I'm dreamin'!"

Comment: People who haven't accepted their demise frequently think they are dreaming.

54) "What stinks? It's MACE! O.K. Ummm!"

Comment: Once again, the 'folks' describe bad smells, including pepper spray. Was this why the police were denied entrance initially?

55) "He brought those weapons in here to help. Real accouterments."

Comment: I believe that some of these items may still be found.

Resolution: A pair of needle nosed pliers with Laci's hair attached was found under the seat of Scott's boat.


Comment: I cannot disclose this.

57) "Is there a pulse?"

Comment: None necessary.

58) "Call her mother."

Comment: The 'folks' don't always understand that I don't have the ability to just contact certain people. They seemed to think that I could just walk into Modesto PD and join in the investigation. Clearly, this was not an option.

59) (the sound of hammering, metal on metal.)

Comment: Sometimes I also hear sounds produced at the crime scene at the time of the crime.

60) "Put her false husband in custody."

Comment: This has subsequently happened.

61) "This is Bannerman."

Comment: We have a number of possibilities for this, but nothing concrete.

62) "It's four o'clock, f*ck! gotta go!"

Comment: The killer left the house with the body at 4am.

63) "Up top the hill, little accident there on Third."

Comment: Apparently the killer had an accident at the top of the hill on 3rd in Modesto a short time later.

64) "He'll see to it that there is no double jeopardy."

Comment: There will be no cause to worry about double jeopardy, due to the acts of the killer, himself.

65) "Don't confess."

Comment: This is a thought form by the killer to himself.

66) "They cannot hold Lisa."

Comment: Laci reportedly has a friend named Lisa. This could also be in regard to a case that I was asked to look into about a month later. They may have been telling me that they couldn't keep that person there until XXX asked me about the case.

67) "What about my son?"

Comment: In the beginning Laci was there alone, then Connor was there with her. I can't explain this.

68) "Your husband murdered you."

Resolution: He has been charged , and is alleged to be. Also, sometimes when souls first get to the other side, they seem to almost be in a state of shock. This can cause amnesia, it seems, for a period of time. After a while, they seem to be able to accept the details and then they remember.

69) "It happened in your house."

Resolution: Modesto PD says that the house is the crime scene.

70) "It was a bad idea to go fish..."

Comment: Clearly... As the folks jokingly said: "He got the old maid."

71) "Where's my Pappy, where's my Mom?"

Comment: Laci...

72) "They're surprised, they're being told. Breakfast was hard for them, they can't accept it, that you are dead. They are having fruit."

Comment: The 'folks' are talking about Laci's family. I am assuming that this must be Christmas day.

73) "Tell me what happened."

Comment: This is Laci asking the 'folks' to tell her the details of what happened. I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it would be to have to accept the details of this murder.

74) "He explained it already, you must accept it.

Comment: Someone says that they already told her.

75) "He had to do what was predictable, that he would kill her, like some bunch of cut throats, for example."

Comment: The 'folks' are saying that the person who did this had to make sure that she was dead.

76) "Apparently, it was all over, there was a metal pipe nearby."

Comment: This may have been a lug wrench as opposed to just a metal pipe. There was a bit of discussion over this. None of the folks have driven a car or changed a tire, and didn't know what it was, so one of the dead people explained it.


77) "First one, present note a death knell."

Comment: This is when actual death occurred. Although ligature strangulation occurred the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head.

78) "Here are the details."

Comment: At this point someone comes and asks Laci why this happened and what led up to it.

79) "What happened?"

Comment: Laci begins to discuss details of her relationship..

80) "When we moved to California, because they don't discriminate in the schools."

Comment: This may actually say "Central California".

81) "We split up for six weeks this past May, because we were unhappy. We did not say anything because we didn't <unintelligible>."

Comment: This is unconfirmed but I have heard that it is true.

82) "And he still killed her."

Comment: I guess the 'folks' thought that divorce might have been a better option.

83) "Check this out, Laci, what are these envelopes?"

Resolution: "The Modesto Bee" on 3/10/03 stated that: "Police investigating Laci Peterson's disappearance obtained permission to search an envelope recovered in one of her husband's vehicles."

84) "Check for something in the mailbox, these are critical. It is out of the usual."

Resolution: Also, in a report with "The Modesto Bee" dated 4/21/03 they reported that "A judge has ruled that investigators are not allowed to see the contents of an envelope that Modesto PD found during the search of Scott's home."

January 7th, 2003

Do you know who killed Laci? Can you give me a more exact location of her body in the Berkeley Marina?

85) "Hi Sandra"

Comment: They are greeting me.

86) "Her own husband. Who did the deed? Her own husband did. Yikes, I didn't know that. I feel bad for her. O.K., I'll talk."

Resolution: Laci's husband has been arrested and it is for a court of law to decide his guilt. The 'folks' really like Laci, and they treat her with enormous compassion.

87) "Who put it there? Scott, roped her to the fifth buoy. Beside the marker buoy."

Comment: I still don't know the exact location of this 5th buoy. I have no knowledge whatever of nautical maps or navigation. It is apparently in the middle of and near the end of "the channel". The only time I have been on SF Bay on a boat was when I went to Alcatraz a few years ago.

88) "Thanks dude! Yeah, thanks dude. Just doing my part. All of us are trying to do the best that we can."

Comment: The ëfolks' worked really hard on this case. It takes huge amounts of energy for them to do this, they had to all work together.

89) "Here's your reply: It's anchored to the fifth buoy near the end."

Comment: They are making sure I heard.


February 3, 2003

Will Laci's body be recovered?

90) "After she goes for a couple more weeks in the sea."

Comment: We had a couple of different scenarios going. We were attempting to change the established time line.

91) "EIGHT FRIGGIN' WEEKS. OOOOO!" (I think this means eight weeks altogether.

This session was done after she had been missing for six weeks. I hope they don't mean 8 MORE weeks!)

Resolution: If you add the stated couple of weeks (2) to the date of the session, which was done on February 3rd you get the 17th of February, if you add eight weeks to that, you get April 14th. Laci's body washed up at Point Isabell on April 14th.

92) "We heard whose boat you use."

Comment: This is regarding the other possible time stream.

93) "There's just one thing, that you will not be patient." (They are mad because I keep asking)

Comment: Self explanatory.

94) "This is the end. On one eight" (the 18th?)

Resolution: The end did come on the One Eight. On April 18th, the bodies were formally identified and Scott was arrested. Also, the Modesto PD served the 2nd search warrant on February 18. For two weeks prior to this, every time I would ask about the bodies I was told "on the day of the great earthquake." So, I told everyone I knew including Jeff that the "folks" had said something about a great earthquake. It was brought to my attention on April 16th at a lecture that I was conducting, that April 18th was the anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake and fire of 1906. Considering that I have lived and worked in the San Francisco area for over twenty years, I should have gotten this. It turned out that the bodies were identified and Scott arrested on April 18th, the anniversary of the S.F. earthquake.

95) "In fact, there's a scuba diver there. They pull up the scuba diver. We may be repeatin'."

Comment: The police repeated the searches many times. There likely were divers there on February 3rd when I did this session. Also, the divers were there again on May 18th, the ëfolks' predicted this event and called it a regatta. I had mentioned this regatta to a number of people at least a couple of weeks ago. Not being a boat type person I actually had to ask Jeff what it was. It is a boat race, and the video footage showing the large number of boats from many different jurisdictions all searching the bay, did look like a regatta.

96) "Then XXX goes in, with a boat. A helicopter."

Comment: This was one of my bigger mistakes. I told this person about the prophecy, it changed the time line. I went back and listened to this again and they told me not to tell him, I missed that the first time.

97) "Through the park with the boats to the sea, in the sea. We're off to check it."

Comment: Had I not said anything to XXX this may have happened. It is hard to say, but the 'folks' saw it as a viable possibility. Unfortunately this discipline is pretty much the outer edge of cutting edge, and as such I have had to play it by ear. There is no direction manual.

98) "Busted! We caught you!"

Resolution: An arrest was made. The rest is unverifiable.

99) "You should say pull her up! We found her!"

Comment: I did try many, many times to get people to listen to me and to go and get her. I never doubted for a second that this information was correct.

100) "Send <XXXX> down. I want you to go down and pass the dead girl up."

Comment: I was trying to get a friend of mine to go and see if there was anything in the place specified.

101) "Strange looking. Put it here. Yes, Laci is basically bones."

Resolution: Laci's remains were skeletal when finally recovered.

102) "I predict that down there is the big baby as well as Laci."

Resolution: The 'folks' have maintained since the first session that Laci and Connor were separate, but wrapped up together. This seems to have been correct when considering the that the bodies washed up within twenty four hours and one mile of each other. The baby's body, being lighter and more buoyant would have traveled farther from the point of dispersal.

103) "Thirteen (or thirty) feet down. With the fish."

Comment: The water at the end of the shipping channel is 30 feet deep.

104) "I love you, your spirit never gives up."

Comment: Sometimes even to my own detriment.

105) "Laci's with her son in heaven."

Comment: I hope this brings some small relief to Laci's family. I am currently working to find out exactly what or where heaven is. Their answer was: "Well Sandra, you are a little piece of heaven..." Still working....

106) "It was difficult for her, however, she was up here a little longer, as an intuitive helping me, help you out."

Comment: The 'folks' have maintained all along that Laci was there helping them. In fact she is still there with them whenever I call, in order to help with the communication. She said: "We are a good team."

These are the other correct statements that weren't contained in the transcripts.

107) I drove through the Berkeley Marina, my perception was that Laci was on the North and not the South side. Pg. 2

Resolution: This eventually proved true, she was found north of the Berkeley Marina.

108) In addition to noting the Albany Bulb, the 'folks' said that she would be on the side where they make art. Pg. 3

Resolution: Artists build sculptures on the North or right side of the tip of Albany Bulb out of found debris. Laci was found just north of there. You could see it from where she washed up.

109) The 'folks' discussed the clean up that happened during the night and early morning hours after Laci's murder, including the silly and known to be futile attempt to clean up blood evidence. Pg.8

Resolution: It has been reported that over ninety items were removed from the house. Also, that the Modesto PD was awaiting serology evidence that had been gathered from the house, truck and boat.

110) One of the graphic details given to me by the ëfolks' included details of things that were done to the body postmortem in order to aid in packaging, and to decrease the chances of a quick ID. Pg. 8

Resolution: This proved to be true. When the body washed up, as we know from graphic details in the press, things were missing. These may still be recovered.

111) A shot of the Berkeley Marina appeared on my TV on 1/11/03, blocking a different TV show. Pg. 8

Resolution: Laci was found near the Berkeley Marina.

112) On 1/16/03 I give the details of where Laci's body is tethered and anchored. Pg. 8

Resolution: It has been reported in the press that her body may have been spotted on sonar in this location as early as the second week of January.

113) I discuss that the alleged perpetrator was soaked when his boat almost swamped when dumping the body over. Pg. 19

Resolution: It has been reported that the person who may have done this said, that he took a shower, changed his clothes and put his other clothes in the laundry, before looking for Laci or reporting her missing as he was soaked with sea water.

114) This hit is one of my personal favorites as it shows how many in the spirit world can come together to help each other. On 1/17/03, in an email to Jeff, I said that Chandra Levy was helping us.

Resolution: I was worried about saying this. I know it sounds crazy, but this is what I was told. Chandra came and said that they find Laci on her, Chandra's birthday. The ëfolks' asked if she meant the death birthday or the 'other' one. Chandra said "the other one." Chandra's death birthday is the day she died 5/1/2001. We have 2 birthdays on the other side. Laci's body was found washed up on 4/14/03. Chandra's DOB is 4/14.

115) In an email to Jeff dated 2/7/03, I told Jeff the 'folks' said that Laci is hanging out with them and cooking for them. The 'folks' said she makes good flan.

Resolution: The one overwhelming thing that all of Laci's friends and acquaintances have said about Laci, was that Laci loved to cook.

116) In an email to Jeff on 2/18/2003, I speculated that the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping case would soon be resolved.

Resolution: Elizabeth Smart was found soon after this.

117) I emailed Jeff on 3/1/03 and discuss the fact that Laci was still with the 'folks' and learning to project her voice really well.

Resolution: I said this because she had become so chatty that the 'folks' would have to say, "Laci you can't talk now the spirit is communicating." Then she would say sorry. I have more wav files of Laci talking to me than any other spirit I have ever talked to. This was discussed as a trait of Laci's at the memorial service.

118) In the same email I discuss that the 'folks' were talking about there being some type of "axle" tied to the body.

Resolution: I see a news story around 3/23, in which the people who sold the alleged possible perp his boat say that there is a spare pair of wheels missing. Obviously 'his burden' was too heavy once assembled.

119) On 5/3/03, I wrote to Jeff in an email that Laci was really upset about the fact that the body hadn't been fully recovered. I told him that the 'folks' had said that these were still in bay waters. Then they said "Stillwater Cove". I told him I would look to see if it was a real place, as I didn't know if there was such a place in the area.

Resolution: I did a search on Yahoo and found out it was in Sonoma County, but then I noticed that the web PAGE about Still Water Cove, was on a web SITE for THE RADISSON HOTEL AT THE BERKELEY MARINA. The 'folks' say that additional remains have washed up near the sea wall there. LE, please bring a cadaver dog to that area.


Additional Resolutions
On 1/05/03 I was told the following:
15) "That hurt her?" (Meaning Scott's affairs) "This is a repeat. Hello?!"
Resolution: On May 24, 2003 it was reported that Scott had been involved with at least two other women. Laci said that one was a coworker of Scott's.
On 1/05/03 I was told the following:
26)"In her nick-nack <heart> or <harp> remember her rubies."
Resolution: On May 24, 2003 during the Greta Van Susteran show, it was reported that during the serving of the second search warrant, Modesto PD found out that Scott had taken and hocked some of Laci's jewelry. This was done prior to Laci and Connor's disappearance being ruled as a homicide. At that stage of the investigation they were technically still listed as missing persons. How was Scott so sure that his wife wouldn't come home and want her jewelry. To add an additional dimension to this, I am not sure when he hocked her jewelry, but the police didn't find out until the 18th of February. At the time that this was discussed by Laci and the ëFolks' on 1/5/03, and posted on 1/19/03 IT MAT NOT HAVE HAPPENED YET. So, how was I supposed to know that Scott was GOING to do this when I don't know him?
On 4/15/03 (Posted on Jeff Rense 4/19/03) I was told the following:
"Asshole over at the club. MURDERER! He's playing golf. Yeah! A guest! Monster! He's at the pool. That's big of him. Pig!"
Resolution: A few days after Scott's arrest on 4/18/03 it was reported that he was claiming that the color change in his hair and beard resulted from chemicals in the pool.



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