US Mad Cow Testing
Has Been A Sham
From Patricia Doyle, PhD>

Hello, Jeff -
I just want to make a brief comment on the latest news that Canada has found one BSE infected cow. We know that the testing for BSE has been a sham. For a long time they only tested one in three thousand cattle for BSE. Now they test 3. How many postive cattle have NOT been tested. This testing procedure has led us to a false sense of security.
As we discussed many times on the program, I believe that nvCJD, BSE and nvTSE has been in North America for some time.
I feel that we shall now see MORE cases come forth, especially in areas that have Chronic Wasting Disease. Chronic Wasting Disease is simply a nvTSE or "mad deer, mad elk, mad moose" disease.
We now see the "documented" first case of BSE or Mad Cow Disease in Alberta, Canada. Alberta has had problems with Chronic Wasting Disease. I think that there is a definite link between Chronic Wasting Disease and the emergence of Mad Cow Disease.
I do not think that feed is the cause of the Canadian mad cow case. Those in power will try to associate feed as cause of the Canadian mad cow as this, also gives a false sense of security. In other words, the public can be "assured" that mad cow will not occur if we simply do not feed "banned" feeds. I believe that, due to Chronic Wasting Disease, mad cow is in the environment. Prions are here, and in soil, water and animals. The government and powers that be do not want to tell people that they don't know how Chronic Wasting Disease emerged, and they do not want to tell folks that they don't know how to stop or control either CWD or BSE.
The media has been putting forth the idea that mad cow will cause a major crisis for an already gloomy economy. This is true to a certain extent, but by concentrating on the economy instead of the fact that mad cow is HERE, we are doing the public a disservice.
If meat that might be infected with BSE is getting to our tables, how does that help the economy? It is far more devestating in medical costs as well as emotional cost of families dealing with the deaths of loved ones. I think we should face the TRUTH.
The livestock industry will survive. There will always be people who will eat meat. We witness this each year when we see hunters "bagging" deer, elk, and moose" and feeding the meat to their families.
McDonalds and other restaurants will continue to flourish.
Many people KNOW that cigarette smoking causes cancer and death, but people continue to smoke cigarettes. So, too, will people eat meat and meat products even though there is a risk for mad cow.
I think that we need honesty in testing of livestock. We also need additional testing in areas that are hard hit with Chronic Wasting Disease. These, CWD areas are going to be areas where Mad Cow is likely to be found.
Denial of the problem due to worries about the economy will serve no purpose. We also need people who work for the USDA to come foward and speak the truth. This is an open invitation to anyone in the USDA who can enlighten us to previous mad cow cases or suspected mad cow. If you have any information to share, please email me.
Many of us knew that mad cow in North America was a fact. We can no longer hide this fact due to worries that the economy and livestock industry will falter. (It won't!) I believe that there has been a problem, probably dating back to the inital Chronic Wasting Disease reports. We can no longer ignore the fact that Mad Cow is here. The time to act is NOW!
Patricia Doyle
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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From Vegicat
Please note that the news articles about the mad cow disease in Canada state that 'AFTER the body was sent to a rendering plant", the head was saved. Rendering plants take diseased animal bodies and "render' them into feed. This diseased cow was put back into the food chain, either through animal feed, dog or cat food or plant fertilizer. Note that it does not say destroyed, incinerated, etc. This is also what happens to animals from the SPCA or your dead pet from your vet's office. They become something else's feed. Check it out.



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