Today's Children Are
Being Programmed For
Group-Think Failure
By Judith Moriarty

Glenbrook North High School in suburban Chicago today, showed a horrific scene of junior students at some yearly hazing being viciously attacked. Videos of the event saw students, boys and girls drinking, out of control stuffing pigs intestines into girls mouths, forcing toxic paint thinner/paint into their mouths, and being kicked and punched with the screaming of "Kill her--kill her".
Charges are being filed with the usual denials of officials that; "With this taking place off of school grounds we have little recourse in disciplining or suspending students." Obviously everyone is missing the point, that this viciousness that broke bones and injured many students, is only symptomatic of a much deeper problem. No, this was not an inner city school, but suburban. Your pampered-coddled--I'm bored crowd. Quite a large gathering as various scenes showed.
A story unrelated, on yesterday's news, reported that many young people spend upwards of 50 hours per week viewing video films or playing video games. When we speak to games, it behooves parents to pay attention to the violence that has youngsters being desensitized to killing or maiming one's opponent. The more carnage the more points one gets. Programming such as this, whether played or viewed, soon has youngsters conditioned to an irreverence to life. Killing per video games certainly teaches hand to eye co-ordination in playing these "games" for real in a world gone mad with war.
The continual bragging and enthusiasm of newscasters, and public relations hireling "experts", of the most recent "Shock and Awe" War Games in Iraq, proves my point. This killing from a distance, whether from bombers 30,000 feet up, or from carriers far out to sea firing missiles; was the result of our computer screened--global positioning of directing "bunker busters--cluster bombs--and vaporizing Daisy Cutters," able to incinerate areas over two football fields in length. Just like the arcades that these youngsters had recently left behind in their mall visits or in home basements, hypnotically mesmerized with a "blow'em all to hell----shoot'em---kill'em" thrill. No blood, no mess, no fuss. All realistically animated, but without the horror of an armless--incinerated little boy or a shredded small girl, dead. From a distance, one becomes deadened of conscience---hardened of heart and a mindless zombi killing machine.
With schools calling for zero tolerance in the insanity of a politically incorrect T-shirt, a six year old giving a child mate a kiss on the cheek, or speaking or writing something out of turn; in essence anything that might denote individuality or creative thinking; rest assured such stifling and drugging (Ritalin), of man's psychological/emotional development will have it's consequences. It will find a release--most likely in violence and anarchy. This video showed unrestrained 'bloodlust' as students pounded and kicked viciously with all their strength on prostrate screaming classmates. This shows a problem, a big problem, and a few suspensions is the least of this high school's problems.
Has anyone noticed the silence of the streets, the absence echoing of children's laughter, the catching of fireflies in the night, the adventure of children off to the woods camping, or creating some race car---clay sculpture or just the inquisitiveness of a child in nature learning? Curfews--the constant warnings of stay indoors--don't talk to strangers-- color code warings---be suspicious of everyone---no place is safe; not school, not office buildings, not restaurants and not even the Pentagon. Where have all the children gone------long time passing? What have we wrought? We have killed childhood, with all its short-lived innocence. Sex--every type of sex education is being taught to little ones, too emotionally and psychologically immature to grasp such things . Warnings of sex without condoms, AIDS, drugs, etc., has little ones minds cluttered and worried over that which they have no comprehension of. Parents are to blame for allowing change agents, no longer teachers, to experiment on their most precious gifts, with this insane social engineering----master's certificates---no music--no poetry--no real learning taking place.
They (the children) are being programmed to become unquestioning--unthinking--uncomplaining--passive--compliant--drones for tomorrow world. Individualism is out----group think is in. Parents today are so passively unquestioning, of those who title themselves as all-knowing 'authority', deciding if is Johnny too rambunctious--too questing or too bored with the imbecilic demands of unchallenging teaching; and as such is learning disabled or too hyper and must be medicated. America, drugs its school children more than any other nation on earth---this should horrify parents, but thus far no marching on school boards or the inept-do nothing--money sucking Department of Education issuing forth such crazed mandates.
This newest unfunded legislation sounds good, "No child left behind" (thank you impotent legislators). This has schools required to hand over children's names and personal information to military recruiters! Where is the outcry? Is this done at the private schools where the elites send their children for real schooling? If schools refuse they are threatened with the withholding of funding. I don't know. Maybe it is too late. If people won't rise to some semblance of interest or anger over their dumbed downed--doped up children what will they care about? Obviously nothing.
It might be an interesting exercise for parents to ask their youngsters simple questions on the history of our country. Ask them to read a page from a book from their age grouping and give a simple synopsis. Have them write a single page on, What Things Bother Me. Give them five words to look up in a dictionary. Give them a few simple problems that they might run into while grocery shopping. Can your child function in the real world? Of course, if you plan to have your child work at McDonald's none of this is needed. Cash registers are all done with symbols and change given automatically. Ever notice when, oops, computers go down in a store, that nobody can do the simple task of doing the checking out manually? That's because they can't add, divide or subtract. And fractions are an alien language. We have a nation of youth being programmed for failure (exceptions being those selected through birth or wealth for success in private-challenging schools). Parents should have a look at Private Schools or Academies in their locales or states. Have a look at what your child is not being taught. You might just be sickened.
From MS
Education in public schools in America became required,forced governmental controlled education only in the1800's. It became a requirement to send your children to public school or else you're breaking the law. Home schooling by parents was no longer permitted, your child had to go to a public school.
Once parents easily gave into this government requirement, their child became a child of the State. Parents never saw it this way and they still don't see it today. Most parents don't take the time to get involved in their children's education, so they don't even know what their child is being taught in school.
The books and curriculum that are used in schools are designed by the forces controlling the governments of the world, to educate each generation of children according to the short and long term agenda of the "elitist" cabal controlling the US, and possibly soon the rest of the world that they don't already control-- total world domination.
Public schools,colleges and other schools in the U.S.and all other countries are obviously fertile ground for propaganda and brainwashing of our youth according to the will of the ruling "elitist" cabal. The truth in history and social sciences is rewritten to suite the agenda of this ruling cabal.
What people saw on video at Glen Brook North High School should be a WAKE UP call for every parent with children in State controlled public schools. Get involved, find out what's going on in your school system to cause this type of behavior, and also the violent behavior of students who shoot and kill their teachers and their fellow students.Music, video games , movies, T.V. are all designed to program your children in an intended way. Over abundance of violence in schools and the media is planned brainwashing to achieve an agenda of war and a totalitarian police state government.
Our children are our future and if parents continue to be oblivious to what their children are learning in school and elsewhere, then the ruling "elitists" control the minds of our children, who eventually become adults.
We can change all this if we choose. Get involved, WAKE UP. Don't support and accept the cruel violence and death in wars. Question authority, especially your government leaders. Choose new leaders of peace and love and not corrupted leaders who promote hate, anger, violence, death and war to increase their wealth and power. Demand a new education system that raises your children's consciousness instead of lowering it. Maybe as a protest, all parents should stop sending their children to school for a week or so, to demand to know what is going on in their child's school that is causing such violent behavior. There is much work to do, so get started today! SAVE THE CHILDREN!



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