Syria Is Our Next Victim
- Wake Up To The Atrocity!
By Archaeos Prime

Dear America,
This story finely illustrates the continuing agenda of the Bush Regime. It has not stopped at Iraq. Its thirst for blood and oil has not been quenched. Richard Perle is spitting out the exact same firing pattern of black speech the Bush Regime has already used twice to pre-emptively attack and destroy other nations.
Perle's contemptuous words of are more than enough to confirm that Damascus falls next.
How many times will we let them get away with this before enough of us wake up to stop them? How many more thousands of deaths does it take to establish an obvious, proven pattern of murderous imperial violence?
We are all guilty of their deeds until we rise and crush the Amerikan Regime that has infiltrated and taken over our system of government.
Words cannot stop them. The small numbers of the Awakened, those who understand what's going on all around us, are not enough to stop them. We MUST save America from this Insurrection! But without the vast majority of Americans comprehending what's happening, we'll remain impotent to do anything about Amerika's Totalitarian, goose-stepping march across the globe...
For the love of America, awaken to the blood, the atrocity, the cold-blooded, remote-controlled mass murder committed in YOUR NAMES and in the names of the victims of September 11th, who were NOT attacked by anyone we've so far MURDERED!
Awaken to the strings attached to our Congressmen, to our Media, to your own Mind! Stop swallowing the putrid miasma of lies they call justification and THINK FOR YOURSELVES!
Awaken to the propaganda war being aimed at YOU, to keep your mind malleable and fertile for any excuse they wish to have you believe, or any doctrine they wish you to adopt!
Awaken to the reality of the Bush Regime's goals, and the actions they've already SUCCESSFULLY taken to shred your Constitutional Rights, all in the name of September 11th, which remains uninvestigated to this day! The evidence already gathered by the people destroys the government story and implicates them in 3,000 counts of premeditated MURDER. And it was murder for the sake of manipulation and repression... of Americans!
We're being shoved like prisoners of war along a dusty path to Total Control of the people by the State, and it still ASTONISHES me and ANGERS me beyond all belief how many of us still ACCEPT IT and even DEFEND IT!!!
Two years ago we would have seen this pattern long before now and been OUTRAGED. The media would have had a field day with the SCANDAL of the Millennium! And here we are, slumped over with glazed expressions, breathing through our mouths as we gaze at ABCNNBCBS feeding us their specially pureed pablum of war events, wrapped up in a crispy, flaky crust and presented with a patriot garnish as ENTERTAINMENT!!! 
I still don't understand why we haven't outlawed off-switches on televisions? Wouldn't that be the next logical necessity for population self-control? That way we can still hear it in the livingroom when we go to bed, and let the music of Fascism dance through our heads.
WE ARE BEING USED, FOOLS!!!!!!! Our blood is the grease of Empire, and we're giving it away to the Bush Regime in gallons daily, like we might give a monthly pint to the Red Cross.
WE ARE NOW THE ENEMY, PEOPLE! For the love of all that was once good and beautiful about America, WAKE UP and help us FIGHT this ENTROPY OF CIVILIZATION!!!!!
And if not, then damn you to hell for your criminal ignorance! For we shall all burn along with Rome as you continue to slumber on the way to our permanent subjugation.
Archaeos Prime -- Severely Pissed Off Renegade Patriot




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