SARS DNA Genome -
A Very Strange Mix
From Dr. Robert E. Lee

Hi, Jeff...
The nucleotide/genomic sequences of SARS has been published. I've done some preliminary comparision of SARS DNA code to presently known virus DNA codes. The results of this preliminary comparison are below.
What I can say from this preliminary comparison is this: SARS is not your normal virus at all. It has bits and pieces of several coronaviruses but it also has DNA in it that does not match any known virus at all. It is my guess that this virus may cause persistent infection in some people and may be transmissable by blood transfusion products, as well. As of 4/12/03, there were 2960 persons infected worldwide and 119 deaths.
It will be very important to determine for sure that persons who have survived the initial disease do not continue to retain the virus and are not contagious. I am pretty sure, not certain, however, that this agent will cause neurological problems in infected persons.
This is a serious situation. While I cannot say it is a biological warfare agent or even an un-natural agent at this point, it looks pretty strange to find a new agent that has bits and pieces of many coronaviruses and also contains DNA that shows no relationship to any known virus.
Bob Lee



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