The Blackmail Business
Part 2
by Sherman H. Skolnick

There should be a course in college called "Blackmail 101", giving you the principles of the subject, a reality in a real world. In reading this, consider you have enrolled in the same.
First things first. There are DEVILS. And who are they? To simplify, let us call them the aristocracy, or a split faction of the same, or the Ruling Class or ruling elite, or the Establishment, or the "Powers-that-be", or just THEM. If you have no clue as to THEM, then I, as your instructor, hereby send you back to read my website series, "The Overthrow of the American Republic". IF you are too busy to read the same, or not so inclined, then I hereby unclick you from this website. That is, you have flunked out. [Tending to be polite, I will NOT call you naive or a know-nothing.]
[1] Major and even minor powers, are inclined to be devils. For instance, France, which more than two centuries ago, helped in repelling the British and aiding in founding this nation, are not innocent babes.
A study of history shows that France was more or less x'd out of a real role in grabbing parts of the Mid-East, for imperialist and oil-soaked reasons. A simple answer is that the Brits, historically enemies to French colonial powers and other French aims, kept them out. The French sarcastically called them "limeys" and the Brits hurled insults against the "frogs".
No, we have not forgotten about Lebanon and a few other items of history.
[2] When it came to the era leading up to Persian Gulf War Two, the French demanded a piece of the action. All the while, the American media, almost all pro-British, kept insisting the U.S. wishes to invade Iraq "for the Iraqis own good, to free them from their dictator Saddam". Left out, of course, is that the American CIA, to counter the Communist Party of Iraq, installed Saddam Hussein, using him in the beginning, 1959,  to assist the American CIA's assassination squads. [United Press International's story about secret background of Saddam, started circulating about the time of Gulf War Two--why were we not told THIS much earlier?]
[3] The FRENCH CIA has gathered substantial data for financial and other blackmail of the U.S. A few examples:
===Members of the French secret political police infiltrated the two or more plots to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. Such as, the aborted plot, two and a half weeks before Dallas, to murder JFK at a football game in Chicago. [Our April, 1970 Chicago Federal District Court lawsuit on this subject, with eleven documents, stolen from the U.S. National Archives, received almost no attention from purported assassination researchers busy selling their own books lint-picking which way the bullets went in Dealey Plaza.]
===The French CIA has a suppressed film, apparently never previously shown, documenting the Dallas shooting of JFK from a storm sewer concealed on the railway embankment. Newsfaker Dan Rather was standing in the shadows right near the railway overpass, right near one of the military-style, triangulating fire, shooters. Covering up political murders is a way to get to the top of the Ruling Class's spy-riddled media.
===The French secret political police have video tapes proving Daddy Bush was in or near Paris, October, 1980, working his treasonous deal with Iranian mullahs, to delay the release of the 52 U.S. Embassy hostages, to wreck Jimmy Carter's bid for re-election ---blocked was the GOP dreaded "October Surprise".
===The French have proof that TWA Flight 800, scheduled for Paris from New York, was shot down by missiles from an Iranian submarine, bought from the former Soviets and with a Russian mercenary crew. Among those who perished, were 60 French nationals, eight of whom were part of an elite group of the French CIA. (Their team leader, perhaps warned, refused to get onboard flight 800, and thus survived.) The French hold back this data to blackmail the U.S. Justice Department from prosecuting 14 French nationals in the U.S. that were to be charged with stealing U.S. financial and industrial secrets (through Chicago).
[4] With the apparent connivance of the French, aided by Moscow boss Putin, Saddam Hussein has purportedly been concealed outside of Iraq. CBS Market Watch, their website financial service also picked up by some CBS radio outlets, on 4/22/3, broadcast that unsubstantiated reports contend Saddam Hussein was in custody. Why did CBS's boss, Viacom, want that story to run just briefly? Simple. For financial speculation and blackmail. CBS bosses have been on the wrong side of stock index gambling. It helped CBS news gamblers, idle part of the day anyway, get out of their wrong bets on the markets.
[5] The French, in an apparent reversal of position, will go along with U.S. plans to seize Iraqi oil, considered the second most reserves on the planet, to act as collateral to support the U.S. debt structure running out of control. In a secret deal, the French have been promised about 30 per cent of the Iraqi "oil action", their cut of the stolen petroleum treasure.
[6] And who are the INDEPENDENTS? Simple. Those without financial hang-ups prevalent in the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press. A recent website series, called Gatekeepers, as to CIA financing of much of the so-called "liberal" alternative media outlets, like Pacifica Radio, the Nation Magazine, and such, shows there are very, very few sizeable operations in the alternative media. [Scroll all the way down our website to our story about CIA Fronts, financed by CIA-linked foundations, done through several levels by way of deception.]
So, in learning about the Blackmail Business, the major enterprise on planet Earth, the forces are not the Devils versus the Angels but the Devils versus the Independents.
While this is happening, two major Russian oil companies have at the same time merged, making them the reputed fourth largest Big Oil on the planet.
[7] More details of what the French have, ready, if they consider it necessary, to blackmail the Bush White House:
===Data tending to prove Daddy Bush was directly implicated in the plot to snuff out President John F. Kennedy and afterwards, use Nazi war criminals, then resident in the U.S., to assassinate upwards of 300 witnesses by way of cover-up. Others have documented the Nazi past of the Bush Family, such as George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott S. Bush, Sr., helped install Adolf Hitler; such as the Nazi war criminals that assisted George Herbert Walker Bush's rise to power.
===French television have, ready at any moment to be telecast, a two-hour documentary, proving the Bush fraud in bribing DEMOCRATS in southern Florida to stop the recount showing Gore was the winner and got the Electoral College vote over and above Gore's nationwide popular plurality of 600,000 votes. AND, how the five majority on the U.S. Supreme Court were corrupted, to install Bush, Jr., as the occupant and resident of the White House. To be candid, Gore is the duly elected BUT NOT INAUGURATED PRESIDENT.
===The French have followed up on our exclusive story about the pedophile/homosexual underground, showing George W. Bush, cavorting with his long-time male sex-mate, is violating National Security, in that the Red Chinese Secret Police are using such details to blackmail financial, industrial, and yes, military secrets out of Bush. [ Visit our website series, "The Overthrow of the American Republic".]
In future parts of this series, more to learn and understand about "The Blackmail Business". One cynical type, off the record, asked if we would quickly aid him to blackmail his former business partner. I guess he did not get the point that we should be considered among the independents not among the devils.
Stay tuned.
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