The Overthrow Of
The American Republic
Part 33

by Sherman H. Skolnick


The Persian Gulf War Two ended before the actual shooting started. On March 17, 2003, George W. Bush, the occupant and resident of the White House, proclaimed a 48-hour deadline in which the Iraqi strongman, Saddam Hussein, should turn over Weapons of Mass Destruction and he should leave the country.

As of this date, no WMD have been discovered to exist in Iraq. By the time the shooting started, March 20, 2003, Saddam, according to very knowledgeable sources, had already left the country. The exit was arranged by the Moscow government, with the knowledge if not the aid of the Paris government, and with the full knowledge and connivance of British Prime Minister Tony Blair and George W. Bush, as supervised by Daddy Bush.

Just as the deadline passed on Wednesday, March 19, 2003, the American CIA with the U.S. Military brass covered up these and other events herein described, by a much trumpeted effort to supposedly assassinate Saddam in Baghdad, using bunker-busting weapons.

It was a treasonous fraud, calculated to distract common Americans addicted, like druggies, to the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press, to cover up the true nature of what was really happening.

According to the best, most well-informed sources, who have in the past been accurate, here is what already had occurred prior to the March 19, 2003, White House deadline:

[1] Tens of millions of dollars had been promised by the American CIA and the Bush White House, to the top generals of Iraq. The contacts with the Iraqi military brass had been started as long ago as October, 2002, or even before. Part of the pay-offs were already deposited in secret accounts. The plan, agreed upon by all concerned, was to have the major Iraqi military units permit the U.S. Military to quickly take Baghdad, supposedly with a minimum of U.S. casualties. [A heavily-censored, watered down story about the pay-offs "U.S. Bribed Iraqi Military Leaders", The Express, London, UK, 4/18/3.]

The opposition to the overwhelmingly superior U.S. fire-power was to be by misled, poorly-informed, poorly-organized local Iraqi bands of shooters, what Americans in a U.S. context would call "patriots" or "militia". These highly nationalistic minded would-be "troops", mostly not even in uniforms, without good clothes or shoes, were mowed down by the heavily-armed Americans, killing the Iraqis often twenty or more at a time.

The Iraqis, some as conscripts, fought, as best they could, as any patriotic citizen of a nation would against foreign invaders attacking their homeland without provocation. History may well describe it as the great slaughter of the innocents.

[2] The bought-off Iraqi generals and other top military officers, and their wives and families, were shortly after the shooting started, flown out of Iraqi in U.S. military helicopters. They have been quietly and secretly re-located in the U.S., just as a similar series of events after Persian Gulf War One.

In prior exclusive stories, we told about the four thousand or more Iraqi military intelligence and other military officers as supposed "defectors" quietly re-located' after Persian Gulf War One, to the U.S. The Elder Bush, then president, and perpetuated later by Bush crony Clinton as President, jointly knew that some of these supposed POWs were "double agents". Some two thousand such Iraqis, and their wives and children, were set up in Oklahoma City, their housing,  food, clothing, and such, paid for by the Elder Bush/Clinton administrations and perpetuated by George W. Bush.

"We're rolling out the welcome wagon to prisoners of war, yet our own veterans who fought there are having trouble getting any help", said Congressman Clifford Steans (R., Florida).

Said U.S. Senator John Warner (R., Va.), "I find it unconscionable that an Iraqi combatant soldier would be admitted into this country under refugee status and be given certain privileges and benefits and indeed a job at a time when many, many U.S. veterans...cannot or have not been able to get comparable benefits."

"FINAL REPORT On the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building April 19, 1995" , by the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee, published 2001, pages 476-477.

Some two thousand of these Iraqi officers have been housed in Oklahoma City. The chief defense counsel, Stephen Jones, in an unpublicized higher court petition on behalf of defendant Timothy McVeigh, contended that U.S. dissidents, whether they knew it completely or not, were domestic surrogates for a secret Iraqi operation to get revenge on the U.S. for the Persian Gulf War One. Attorney Jones' 185 page court filing, amazingly, referred to both the public and SECRET McVeigh court record. [Visit, for example, our website series of stories on McVeigh.]

[3] The wire service, United Press International, owned wholly or in part by the American CIA, suddenly ran a story, 4/10/3, "Saddam Key in Early CIA Plot", telling how Saddam as a young man became part of a CIA-assassination squad to snuff out Iraqi leaders, paving the way for Saddam as dictator. Hey! Why did the CIA suddenly, at this late date, tell us this, through their puppet wire service fakers? 

In 1916, with the downfall of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, the victorious British took over Mesopotamia as a protectorate. In so doing they more or less tried to weld together three countries, as Iraq, made up of warring tribes, religions, and groups. By the 1930s, recognizing failure, the Brits dumped Iraq. During World War Two, oil-rich Iraq and Iran were both pro-Hitler monarchist types, an inviting target for the Nazis to try to over-run Cairo and seize the Mid-East. After the war, a sizeable political party was the Communist Party of Iraq. To combat them and assassinate pro-Moscow Reds, was the purpose of the American CIA and the Ba'ath political party and the installation of dictator Saddam who kept the warring factions within Iraq together as one nation, using savagery and the iron fist against dissidents.

[4] In the 1980s, Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein were private business partners, sharing billions and billions of dollars from shaking down the weak, oil-soaked sheikdoms of the Gulf. The foreign bank records showing this became the subject of an publicized suit in the Federal Courts in Chicago. I was the only journalist attending the hearing and writing an exclusive story about it. [Visit our website story, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh".]

This vast extortion horde became the secret subject of a U.S. Treasury Internal Affairs unit inquiry examining the 25 secret worldwide accounts of the Bush Crime Family, jointly held loot with Saddam Hussein. For example, the Bushies had a One Hundred Billion Dollar joint account with the Queen of England, at her private bank, Coutts Bank London. These transactions were done with the aid of Federal Reserve Commissar Alan Greenspan, using his secret authorization code. The authenticated documents and the details are in our website series "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush".

Prior to the actual shooting "war" starting March 20, 2003, billions and billions of dollars of these Bush/Saddam extortion loot were transferred through the Royal Bank of Jordan in part to the Central Bank of Iraq. [The Kingdom of Jordan has been a recipient of huge funds for more than 40 years from the American CIA. The Royal Bank of Jordan is a form of reputed CIA proprietary. See our website story, "Overthrow", Kingdom of Jordan Link, part Part 25.]

On May 6, 2003, the New York Times ran a heavily-censored, watered down story how upwards of one billion dollars of this was extracted by Saddam's son just before the shooting started. The New York Times did not bother to remind themselves of their earlier story about the possibility of huge amounts of U.S. paper currency, found in Iraq, might be counterfeit. [Visit other parts of this series as to the superior quality counterfeit U.S. money.]

[5] It should come as no surprise to those who are well-informed and NOT naive, that Saddm has been playing dirty games, against his own people, for the benefit of the American CIA while Saddam was/is supposedly "an enemy".

Saddam, prior to the shooting started in Persian Gulf War Two, reportedly ended up in Switzerland, to have his face changed by expert plastic surgeons. From there, he was transported to Paris where the French CIA can use him, if they see fit, to blackmail the Bush White House to get a piece of the post-Iraq War oil treasure and re-construction. After all, Saddam is an eyewitness whose direct testimony could put Daddy Bush and Bush, Jr., in prison and/or public ridicule, as war criminals, as having invaded another nation without legal or U.S. Consttution basis. The leaked out Bush Crime Family worldwide secret accounts are, in part, by way of Saddam's half-brother in Switzerland. The Bush Crime Family, in transferring just a small part of this loot for the exile of Saddam, are keeping Saddam from his "proper" portion that he would be "entitled to" as a private business partner of Daddy Bush in shake-down and extortion. Cynical lawyers might point out, however, that a falling out of thieves cannot be a subject of a court partnership damage suit, since under American law it would be "against public policy", sort of like a bank robber caught by a policeman, sueing for "brutality".

[6] Some items, some summarized, that have to be considered:

===Supervised by Daddy Bush, George W. Bush has committed treason against the American people, which is becoming more and more known by those overseas.

===There was no basis in international law, United Nations rules, or the U.S. Constitution, for the attack on Iraq, there being, apparently no WMD and Saddam Hussein had already gone into exile.

===The so-called "war", was a fraud and a sham. Unfortunately, the American newsfakers are concealing that U.S. casualties in the conflict were much, much greater than the monopoly press announces. Some estimate that upwards of 800 Americans perished---U.S. military, American CIA clandestine, out-of-uniform types, Special Forces, and other Special American operatives---and as many as five thousand of the same wounded.

===The Iraqi oil treasure, second largest in the world, is to be used, as collateral, to support U.S. out-of-control debt, to aid Bush in seeking to give a huge tax cut to the very wealthy. An additional purpose, if not the actual main one, is that the Iraqi oil treasure is to head-off (maybe actually impossible to sidestep), the downfall of the "U.S. Dollar" and the looming possible default of U.S. Treasury securities, 40 per cent of which currently are owned by the Japanese and the Saudi Royal Family (both since 1973, having THEIR U.S. Treasury paper backed by U.S. Gold, not so for ordinary Americans).

===Is some of the billions turned over to Saddam by the Bush Crime Family, proceeds of their joint extortion loot, actually superior quality counterfeit U.S. paper money? [Visit earlier parts of this series for related items.] Is Saddam, savvy about this, in the process of dumping this phoney baloney money BACK onto the U.S., aiding the British in their long-time plans to destroy the U.S. Central Government? [Read this website series from Part One to present.]

More coming....Stay tuned.


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