The Overthrow Of The
American Republic
Part 34
by Sherman H. Skolnick|

Most ordinary Americans grow up with their viewpoints of their world shaped, from childhood, by the oil-soaked, spy-riddled, war-mongering monopoly press.
[1] EDUCATION- High School. Their school textbooks, whether in public or parochial school, are put together and published on behalf of the Establishment, "the powers that be", the Ruling Class, the Ultra-Rich, whatever you call THEM. That is, by the Aristocracy, those unseen, mostly unpublicized, mostly unphotographed persons who govern us without the consent of the governed. They violate the Social Compact that underlies our organic law, the U.S. Constitution. Seldom mentioned, is that the Bill of Rights were made necessary to add to the Constitution, to make the Constitution acceptable. Minus the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution, in the view of some, is a more ordinary plan for parliamentary government.
Who notices? The Bill of Rights, in most every Amendment in the beginning, has the word NO in it. A chain upon the central government. The State constitutions, on the other hand, basically support and grant rights, and state privileges and immunities.
So, high school and middle school students' understanding of history, geography,science, mathematics---all are molded and dispensed to squeeze the young into mainstream viewpoints.
Every war in the history of the nation is inevitably, in these textbooks, described as being about the common people and their sons and daughters supposedly fighting for "freedom". This being so, even if ordinary Americans were sent off to fight a war on the other side of an ocean, at a time in history when the oceans protected us from Europe's quarrrels. We do not accept George Washingtion's Farewell Address wisely warning us to avoid foreign entanglements.
Someone in a high school in an upscale suburban neighborhood once invited me to lecture to a group of students gathered from five classrooms. Among other things, I set forth details about the generally unmentioned history of judicial corruption, the venality of the Bench and the Bar and the newsfakers. And also how we Americans were suckered by the British, through monstrous lies in the captive press, to get involved in their forever-wars in Continental Europe, such as World War One.
I told the students about a huge passenger ship that was actually a secret armaments carrier and the pre-arranged sinking of the ship, in 1915, was a road to embroiling America into Europe's endless wars.
In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson ran for re-election as a supposed "peace candidate", actually a shill for the war-profiteers. In those years, presidential Inaugurals were in March. Just a few weeks after being inaugurated this supposed Peace Candidate, in April, 1917, began to send by a draft, thousands of young Americans to be poison gassed and wounded or slaughtered in Europe's war. The war was advance planned by the formation, in 1912, of an unconstitutional PRIVATE central bank, the Federal Reserve, masquerading as a "U.S. Government" entity. The purpose was to suck the treasure out of the U.S. to support Great Britain, starting in 1914. England did not have their own money for the weapons they needed and used.
During the question and answer period after my speech to the students, I dared address my own question to a very handsome teacher there, who I understood was a favorite at the school.
"Sir, do you tell your students, who evidently like you a lot---do you tell them how Americans were tricked into getting involved later in Europe's war by the pre-arranged sinking in 1915 of the huge passenger ship, the 'Lusitania'?"
With all the students turning to look at him, he stood up and responded, "It is not in the textbook, not part of the curriculum." So I added, "Can you point to something I said that was a lie?"
His face starting to get red, he answered, "I believe you are telling the truth, but I am not permitted to go into such things and keep my job." Most all the students kept waiting, perhaps for him to finally call me a liar. He repeated, "What you say is true."
A student, changing the subject, stood up and hollared at me, "My father is a lawyer. Tell me, who arranged for you to come here and us big lies, slandering judges and lawyers? My dad told me that you are just a big liar."
This occurred ten years after I as the head of our court-reform group set off, in 1969, the biggest judicial bribery scandal in U.S. history, causing the downfall of Illinois' highest tribunal, the Illinois Supreme Court. (By 2001, the scandal became belatedly a subject of a book, "Illinois Justice", by Kenneth A. Manaster. The cover of the book and a brief description is on our website homepage.)
[The "Lusitania" pre-arranged sinking, causing the slaughter of most of the passengers, many Americans, became the subject of a book "Lusitania", by Colin Simpson.]
The day after my high school speech, my listed phone rang repeatedly. The callers were all parents of the students, shouting at me, "My children came home from school crying what you did to their teacher. Who the Hell are you, anyway, promoting big lies. You upset the children and their favorite teacher, with such nonsense. The nerve of you, telling the kids the bench and the bar are corrupt." Most did not wish to hear any explanations from me.
[2] EDUCATION. Colleges and Universities. The mass media brainwash young people. That they have to go to college to succeed; at least that is what young people are told. So students figure a college diploma is a "meal ticket", the open door to a high-paying job.
On radio talk shows I dare say, "It costs about 33 thousand dollars tuition per year to go to a fancy university. And that is plus a car and other expenses. In a bad downturn in business, can a graduate hope to be assured of making WAGES of 33 thousand dollars per year?" And, who bothers to point out, that most of enterprising, creative people did NOT go to, or graduate from, a university? That is, the progressive people who sometimes spend their lifetimes seeking, by their new ideas, to uplift their fellow humans.
[3] CLASS STRUCTURE. Because of a brainwashing system of higher and lower education, most ordinary Americans, unlike Europeans, are almost completely blank when it comes to understanding CLASS.
Notice these excerpts:
"...a lower class, consisting of at least nine-tenths of the population, supports an upper, ruling class consisting of several interlocking groups. These ruling groups are a governing bureaucracy of scribes and priests associated with army leaders, landlords, and moneylenders. Such an upper class accumulated great quantities of wealth as taxes, rents, interest on loans, fees for services, or simply financial extortions."
Could this become, more and more, a cynical description of the U.S.? It was actually about Latin America, written by a Georgetown University Professor, a near-insider, very well-informed on the Aristocracy, Carroll Quigley, author of "Tragedy and Hope---A History of the World in Our Time". Published in 1966, it was suppressed and kept out of circulation for decades thereafter. The excerpt is from page 1115.
Funny thing. Non-progressive U.S. politicians like to shoot-down the ideas of opponents, by saying, "Let's not have any class warfare talk here." Really?
The supposed existence of a middle-income group, an in-between entity, is mis-named as the "Middle Class". Why? Because, if they do indeed exist. they are becoming a phantom. This middle group often despise the poor and stupidly in times of general prosperity seek to emulate the Ultra Rich. The middle group are, step by step, being crushed and made extinct, by the realities of law and finance.
Popular wisdom falsely promotes the view that "revolutions" are made by the poor, the often illiterate, poorly educated (mostly on purpose by the Ultra Rich), sometimes sullen, low-income people. Yet, these folks are smart to the extent that they are survivors, knowing how to keep going even in bad times on little income.
It is not mentioned often enough, if at all, that cutting off the dreams and aspirations of the so-called "middle class" or middle income types, inevitably leads to revolution. Better educated than most, they have some ideas where the super rich operate and reside.
On the other hand, a very well-informed, outspoken lawyer, Shelly Waxman, J.D., wrote a book called "In the Teeth of the Wind: A Study of Power and How to Fight It". (The book is available through the website <> [He has been several times a guest on our public access Cable TV Program in Chicago].
He tells of the eight stages of Revolution (which he details,page 260-264), on page 261:
"Grumbling. Muttering in discontent.
Fomentation. Promotion of the growth or development of.
Fomentation. Movement to action; stirring on; spurring on.
Rebellion. Implies an open formidable resistance that is often unsuccessful.
Uprising. Implies a brief, limited and oten immediately ineffective rebellion.
Insurgency. The quality or state of being insurgent, specifically: a condition of revolt against a government that is less than an organized revolution and that is not recognized as belligerency.
Revolt. To renounce allegiance or subjection (as to a government).
Revolution. Applies to a successful rebellion resulting in a major change (as in government)."
[4] FEDERAL RESERVE. As of the date of this article, some go into the unthinkable thought. Namely, that the U.S. Treasury, with their unlawful agent collecting interest on government paper; namely, being the PRIVATE central bank calling itself with a government-sounding name, Federal Reserve, may renounce the out-of-control debt, by defaulting or otherwise repudiating U.S. Treasury Bills, Notes, and Bond. These Treasury securities for which the Fed is unconstitutional agent,  have been issued from time to time more or less At Par, meaning, a hundred dollars for a hundred dollars face value. They fluctuate up and down after issuance, so that the yield on the market is the current interest rate.
In the near collapse in 1980-1981, of U.S. Treasury paper, the price of some issues of Treasury securities, because of acts by the Fed, sold for as little as 75 cents on the dollar and yielded 16-1/2 per cent.[Our website series "Sucker Traps" goes into the matter of U.S. Treasury securities.]
One of the main purposes, if not the actual primary purpose, of the Federal Reserve ordering interest rates up, is to prevent the hemorrhaging out of this country of so-called U.S. paper money. Interest rates currently being at a near-historic low, raising the interest rates would cause a widespread real estate collapse. This being so, since real estate is one of the few, unregulated free markets in the U.S. Particularly vulnerable are ARMs (Adjustable Rate Mortgages). Currently, reportedly threatening each other is Federal Reserve Commissar Alan Greenspan and George W. Bush, currently the occupant and resident of the White House (installed by a military-style five-person Junta of the U.S. Supreme Court). To protect the so-called "U.S. Dollar", Greenspan wants to raise the interest rates. Bush says NO. A "black bag" team (secret break and entry) ransacked Greenspan's residence, looking for secret documents, January 16, 2003. (See, prior part of this website series, as to that.)
[5] EMPLOYMENT. The Aristocracy, to profit themselves, perhaps to create a basis for a failing, failed Revolution to aid their control, is in the process of forcing down the wages of Americans. Good-wage jobs in the U.S. are terminated and the work sent to be processed by slave-labor level wages in Mexico, Sri Lanka, India, Red China, Honduras, and elsewhere.
Like the proverbial frog sitting in the water not moving as it gets hotter and hotter to the frog's demise, the common Americans grumble but take no effective action YET.
[6] Some of those who seem to criticize the government, are reportedly paid stooges for the American CIA through funds funneled from the spy machine through Foundations. [Scroll all the way down our website to a story about this. Also, there has been on other websites, such as <>, a multi-part series on the Media Gatekeepers, the CIA being apparently linked to various supposedly dissident groups.]
[7] BANKRUPTCY COURT. The Aristocracy is in the process of discarding laws that allow Americans, much unlike Europeans, to get a fresh start after illness, business reverses, and such. That is, in the past, discharging debts through Bankruptcy Court. That Court system needs a whole series of articles by us, to outline the fraudulent system, even such as it is currently. So that common Americans, for example, are pushed into Chapter 13, where their properties are plundered instead of saved, by way of the corrupt "Bankruptcy Club", made up of a few handfuls of crooked judges, lawyers, and court clerks, primarily in big cities, like Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and such.
[8] WORKERS RIGHTS, blocked. Who bothers to widely comment on the fact that in most states, the rights of workers are being blocked? That is, if a worker is injured on the job, in most states, the worker IS FORBIDDEN to directly sue the employer. Instead, the worker is forced to submit his or her claim to a little publicized administrative-type almost-secret court in a procedure called Workmens' Compensation. Were a jury trial permitted from the beginning as in other suits for damage claims, the worker might get a hefty award. But under the Workmens' Compensation laws, the worker most often get a pittance. Yes, the worker has a right to a later, cumbersome appeal to the regular court system which often rejects any appeal remedy with little formality.
So, who says workers have equal rights? Corporations, on the other hand, submit THEIR claims against workers to Banker-Judges, heavily favoring the corporate interests.
[9] REVOLUTION that is designed to fail? Who wants that? Obviously the Aristocracy. Seldom if ever mentioned: there has been no genuine revolution in what is now called the United States of America, or whatever led up to the same. The so-called American Revolutionary War is wrongly-named. It was merely the American business interests sore at the London government about collecting taxes.
In the 1930s, a charming, patrician President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was falsely described by the media fakers as a traitor to his class. In truth, he was the greatest counter-revolutionary in American history. Because of widespread hardships in the Great Depression, America was at the point of Revolution. At that time, however, there was a large number of foreign born---if they had to sleep under bridges when it rains, they preferred to do so in America, not in Europe. By giving a very few benefits to the unemployed, Roosevelt, to aid the Aristocracy, headed off a possibly real revolution. His declaration in 1933 of a Bank Holiday, saved the huge money center bankers while swallowing up the numerous local community banks.
Do we dare say that we are headed for a Revolution? See if you understand that, in view of the earlier parts of this series. Do the British seek to destroy our central government, reverting us to be subjects of a British (actually German) Monarchy, instead of being citizens of the American Republic?
More coming....Stay tuned.
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