New Suspected SARS
Case Reported In Vallejo, CA
By Rachel Raskin-Zrihen/
Vallejo Times-Herald

Solano County health officials have confirmed that a new suspected case of SARS has been reported by the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Vallejo.
A Kaiser spokesperson said the hospital, which reported the case Monday, is meeting all requirements in regard to suspected SARS cases, and county officials say containment procedures are working.
A spokesperson from the Solano County Health and Social Services said that any hospital with a suspected case of SARS is obliged to report it to the county's public health officer.
Valerie Roberts Gray, Kaiser Vallejo's public information officer, said the law prohibits her from confirming or discussing any specific cases of any communicable disease. She did say, however, that Kaiser Vallejo has reported, as required by law, at least two suspected SARS cases, based on the protocol of the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, in the very recent past. Gray added that at least one of those was a "low probability" case, meaning that person probably doesn't actually have SARS.
"There is no definitive test for SARS at this time," Roberts Gray said, "so we are required to report any suspected cases according to CDC protocol, based on risk factors like travel history and symptoms."
Roberts Gray said she couldn't say whether the reported cases were among patients or employees, but said Kaiser officials are "being very responsible and very responsive" in regard to suspected SARS cases.
Solano County Public Health Officer Dr. Tomas Charron confirmed Wednesday that to date three people have been identified in the county as suspected SARS cases according to the CDC case definition. Of these three, one is listed as "probable" and two as "suspected."
Charron said there has been only one confirmed SARS case in California and none in Solano County.



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