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Files Transcriptions
Sandra Belanger

Note - In this country, people are innocent until proven guilty.
It has been reported that over 300 psychics have offered material to the law enforcement agencies working the Laci Peterson homicide case.
The following EVP recording transcriptions must be taken for what they are: research data. Sandra Belanger records 'voices' on her computer with a special software sound program. These 'voices' - which she refers to as the 'folks' - have yielded a large body of provocative data which has all been time and date stamped and documented for future reference and study.
A considerable amount of Ms. Belanger's copyrighted material has been presented earlier on this site. These are the newest EVP transcripts. As the Peterson trial unfolds, it will be interesting to see how much, if any, of this research material is validated by the evidence presented.
ALL of this material is copyrighted 2003 by Sandra Belanger. All Rights Reserved. None of this material may be copied or reproduced on ANY website, in any print or electronic media, or any other media without the express written permission of Ms. Belanger.

1) "Scott struck her head." (Over top) "He cut her up, too."

Reverse - "Isn't that perplexing."

2) "Scotty hit me."

Reverse - "It's in Berkeley, I found it."

3) "He strangled her first."

Reverse - "It's terrible!"

4) "Husband, husband, her own, did the deed. Her husband."

Reverse - "Then told Pete, the <unintelligible> he did it."

5) "Laci! Come on back please."

Reverse - "We are dead. I'm with Laci."

6) "You shall can report that to the police group. Then help them Sandra." (Over top) "To find the path."

Reverse - "We are passionate about this. Reveal this to the group, won't you."

7) "Stop looking and trust her."

Reverse - "Trust looking for us."

8) "Tell my brother about us."

Reverse - "Sandra, help find us!"

9) "That's all? They are so slow though."

Reverse - "Look! Her Mom is sad."

10) "What a loss. That baby is so beautiful!"

Reverse - "H.A.R.P. the aggression is up."

11) "I predict that creep lopped off her head. Bastard!" (over top) "After he killed her."

Reverse - "I'm going to want therapy. I predict that."

12) "He lopped it of with a hatchet!"

Reverse - <unintelligible>

13) "Pappy!"

Reverse - <unintelligible/partial>

14) "They better find her Craig! Who are they lookin' at, who? Laci! They should find all of them at low tide."

Reverse - "You're a little piece of heaven. What does that mean? You're lookin' up over there."

15) "First Park, close to... Underwater! Don't give up! ...Berkeley."

Reverse - "They're dead! We found it in the water."

16) "Anchored in place." (Over top) "In the middle."

Reverse - "Bring me up through the bay."

17) "He put it there, roped to the fifth buoy. (over top) Beside the marker (buoy)."

Reverse - Not related to the case.

18) "Stop combing the rivers for her."

Reverse - "I got the corpse it's a reek, put the box <unintelligible>."

19) "That loser killed me! I know Laci. He killed me! Come on, I'm sorry, we'll go sit down honey."

Reverse - "I am absolutely ruining him, I am mad. He don't like us up here."

20) "They just found Laci's body. At the beaches. You just needed help there searching

for it."

Reverse - "I guess we thought he was selfish."

21) "Modesto P.D.... SCOTT! telling her parents... He did it! ...she's dead."

Reverse - "Where the fishermen were. Rest in peace! Hey! She's in the water!"

22) "Scott's Busted! (over top) She was pregnant."

Reverse - "We're helping to find Laci!"

23) "Me and Connor found friends here."

Reverse - "Are we saddened Mom? You're (meaning Scott) out loose."

24) "Auntie Nicole sends blessings." (over top) "She did, she sends blessings."

Reverse - "She is so happy and <unintelligible>'s not."

25) "Laci's in heaven with her baby! Shhhhhh!" (over top) "Like I told you."

Reverse - "She lives here now. Man this is Zen!"

26) "There are hundreds of others missing. You and the parrot, yeah!, could go and find them. In California. Let us help. The spirits are having you get what you need."

Reversed - Not about the case. They are hassling me because I let my bird watch cartoons on T.V. and they said it is no way for him to spend time.



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