More On HIV/AIDS Patients'
SARS Resistance
From Robert Lee

I'm sure you've seen this report:
"Chinese doctors suggest AIDS patients may be resistant to SARS"
Chinese researchers are studying why none of several dozen AIDS patients who shared a hospital ward with people suffering from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS, acquired the disease despite the fact that some health care workers on the ward did contract SARS, Newsday reports. The patients shared a hospital floor in the city of Gaungzhou, where the SARS outbreak seemed to have peaked in February. "I am wondering why there was no SARS virus coinfection in the AIDS cases," said Zhang Fujie, China's director of AIDS treatment and care. "We are exchanging information with Hong Kong on this. We will continue to try to understand that."
Some AIDS experts in the country are speculating that the antiretroviral drugs given to the AIDS patients might have somehow blocked SARS infection. David Ho, of the New York City-based Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Laboratory, and Yuen Kowk-yung, of the University of Hong Kong, are now exploring the use of anti-HIV drugs to treat SARS.
Another theory being examined is that SARS doesn't actually cause death but that a strong immune response to the SARS virus precipitates the destruction of cells in the lungs and other parts of the body that brings on the pneumonia-like complications. Because AIDS patients have impaired immune systems, their immune responses to the SARS virus are less vigorous and less likely to lead to this complication. That theory is backed by limited evidence showing that treatment with steroids, which diminish immune system responses, has some effectiveness in combating SARS."
Take a look at these two articles posted on your site, Jeff...
Thanks to you, this information has made it out and people are listening. You had this information posted on your website for approximately 14 days prior to the above story. My article "Further thoughts on SARS treatment" gives the exact specifics of the immunology likely to be going on in SARS. It is tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-a) that is destroying surfactin on lung surfaces that causes the disease to progress and it is a hyperimmune response that is driving TNF-a production.
Let's hope they give us both credit for being on the ball. :-)
I have also attached a .PDF file which shows the escalating mortality rate of SARS. In 6 months, at the current escalation, SARS mortality rate will be approximately 18%... about 1 in 5 persons infected will die. Let's hope the treatments that I have suggested in the articles posted on your website significantly decrease the mortality rates that could appear in some months.
Bob Lee



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