Makow - Playboy &
The (Homo) Sexual Revolution
The Triumph of Arrested Development

By Henry Makow, PhD

(Note to readers: During the summer I will be taking some weeks off. At these times, I will revise and present some important articles which appeared before I started my web site. The following first appeared on, Nov. 9, 2001.)
What kind of man is this?
He is fastidious about his appearance, his home and his possessions. He wants as much sex as possible and chooses sexual partners mostly on the basis of appearance. He is self-absorbed and doesn't want emotional involvement or commitment. He thinks a woman would stifle him and children would be a burden.
Does this sound like many gays? It is also the masculine ideal purveyed by Playboy magazine to men since the 1950's.
The essence of manhood is to lead and support a family. But in 1972, 3 out of 4 male college students got their ideas about masculinity from Playboy, at an incalculable price to themselves, women, children and society.
The similarity between the Playboy and homosexual ideal is no coincidence. "The Kinsey Report" (1948) shaped current mainstream attitudes to sex. It championed unfettered sexual expression and became the manifesto of the counterculture and sexual revolution. It inspired Hugh Hefner to start Playboy in 1953.
Essentially "The Kinsey Report" said that aberrant sexual behavior was so common as to be normal. Thanks to psychologist Dr. Judith Reisman, ( we now know that Alfred Kinsey and the "Kinsley Report" were frauds.
Kinsey,a University of Indiana zoologist, pretended to be a Conservative family man. In fact, he was a child molester and homosexual pervert who seduced his male students and forced his wife and associates to perform in homemade pornographic films. To prove that children have legitimate sexual needs. Kinsey and his fellow pedophiles either abused 2,000 infants and children or relied on data obtained in Nazi concentration camps. (Judith Reisman, Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences, 1998, p.312)
Reisman concludes: "America's growing libidinous pathologies...taught in schools...and reflected in our fine and popular arts, the press, law and public policy largely mirror the documented sexual psychopathologies of the Kinsey team itself."
Sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation, Kinsey's goal was "to supplant what he saw as a narrow procreational Judeo Christian era with a promiscuous "anything goes" bi/gay pedophile paradise." (Reisman, Crafting Gay Children: An Inquiry, 202001.htm p.4) He cruised Times Square looking for interviewees. More than 25% of his samples were prostitutes and prison inmates including many sex offenders. Kinsey, who died prematurely of disease associated with impotence and self-mutilation (orchitis, Reisman p. 278), said 10 per cent of American men were gay when in fact only two per cent were.
Hugh Hefner said the Kinsey Report "produced a tremendous sexual awakening, largely because of media attention..." This shows how the elite uses media hype to contrive social change. (See Reisman, Kinsey, p.307) With messianic fervor, Playboy took its message of sexual freedom to the American male who in the 1950's-1960's still consecrated sex for marriage. But the freedom was illusory. Playboy's aim, the aim of all pornographers, was to hook men on the glossy fantasy. To do this, they had to prevent them from finding true satisfaction in marriage.
In Reisman's words, "Playboy was the first national magazine to exploit college men's fears of women and family commitment. Playboy offered itself as a reliable, comforting substitute for monogamous heterosexual love." (Judith Reisman, "Soft Porn Plays Hardball," p 47)
Thus "sworn enemies," Playboy and radical feminists, found common ground in hatred of the nuclear family. As a result, society now suffers from epidemics of family breakdown, pornography, impotence, child sexual abuse, sadosexual violence, teen pregnancy, a cocktail of STD's and, of course, AIDS. The birthrate has plummeted by 50% since 1960 and is barely at replacement level.
Homosexuality is a developmental disorder defined by the failure to establish a permanent bond with a member of the opposite sex. Psychologist Richard Cohen, in "Coming Out Straight: Understanding and Healing Homosexuality" (2000) argues persuasively that it is caused when a male child fails to bond with his father. By having sex with men, the adult gay is trying to compensate for father-love denied in adolescence.
Cohen was a homosexual himself and is now married with three children. He attributes lesbianism to a woman's reaction to being rebuffed or abused by her father. He has cured hundreds of homosexuals, but is under constant attack for undermining the gay political agenda, (i.e. to redefine societal norms.)
Psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover has pointed to another cause of homosexuality. A 1990 survey of 1000 gays shows that an older or more powerful partner physically assaulted 37% of them before the age of 19. ("Homosexuality and American Public Life," 1999, p.24). In addition, according to Anne Moir in "Why Men Don't Iron," some men may be "born gay" due to foetal hormone imbalances. They seem to be a minority.
For many decades, gays were told that they were "sick" and cruelly and wrongly persecuted. The gay activist solution: convince the world that, in fact, it is heterosexuals who are sick. In 1973, they bullied the American Psychological Association into proclaiming homosexuality normal. Together with feminist activists (who believe heterosexuality is inherently oppressive) gay activists began to dismantle all heterosexual institutions: masculinity, femininity, marriage, the nuclear family, the boy scouts, sports, and the military.
Backed by the financial elite, gay activists and their supporters now largely dictate our cultural sensibility. They are responsible for the puerile obsession with pornographic sex that pervades television, music videos and the Internet. This state of arrested human development is characteristic of many homosexuals. But with straight women acting like men, and vice-versa, straights have been homosexualized. We can't establish a "permanent bond with a member of the opposite sex." The elite's purpose is to destroy the family and promote social dysfunction and depopulation. (See "Feminism and the Elite Depopulation Agenda"
Gay liberation manuals talk about "normalizing" their sexuality and "de-sensitizing" straights by flaunting it. I was livid when I took my 10-year-old son to see Adam Sandler's movie "Billy Madison" and heard one male youth in the film casually ask another: "Would you rather bone Pamela Anderson or a young Jack Nicholson?"
Last week, on TV's "Will and Grace," Jack who is gay dons an apron that says "Kiss the cook" pretending he thought the second "o" was a "c". Just as Communists once conned do-gooders to think radicalism was chic, gay activists define trendy for gullible liberals today.
Gay and feminist activists think traditional morality was invented to perpetuate an unjust status quo. In fact, morality is the accumulated wisdom of mankind regarding what is healthy and ultimately fulfilling. Perversion is deviation from what is healthy.
Heterosexual morality places sex in the context of love and/or marriage because it is healthy and human. It ensures that the most profound and intimate physical act between two people expresses a commensurate emotional-spiritual bond. Promiscuous sex is a desperate plea for love. Love and marriage answer that need and provide for the natural and necessary outcome of sex, children.
With Hugh Hefner's help, Alfred Kinsey detached sex from love and procreation. He reduced it to another physical function like urinating. Homosexual activists champion anonymous sex: a majority of gays have 10s-100s of partners each year. In less extreme form, heterosexuals have adopted this model. Recently a social columnist enviously described straight friends whose relationships have ended: "they're out partying, having the time and the sex, it seems of their lives."
In conclusion, the "sexual revolution" was really a triumph of an elite program of arrested development. (See also "The CIA, Homosexuality and Underdevelopment." The elite agenda is to redefine healthy as deviant and vice-versa and they have succeeded. In 40 short years, almost all sexual constraints have dissolved and heterosexual society is reeling. The cultural and social breakdown will only get worse unless there is a counterrevolution.
Henry Makow, Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and the author of "A Long Way to Go for a Date." His articles on feminism and the new world order are collected on his web site He enjoys receiving feedback at
From Mr. Leslie Bell
Dr. Makow,
The real cause of the breakdown of the nuclear family started in the 20's with the first sexual revolution, and the following Depression which destroyed many families. Then in the 40's when women for the first time entered the workplace and left the home, disrupting a social order that had existed for centuries, more damage was done. The final death to the American family was the invention of the pill and the "liberation" of women and the legalization of abortion for those the pill didn't catch, so women could, for the first time, with their jobs, and their freedom from becoming pregnant, become essentially men.
Homosexuality, and societal acceptance of homosexuality, which began during the first sexual revolution of the 20's, plays a tiny insignificant part in the above equation. And many homosexual men live monogamous lives with lifelong partners, often in secret. Because you don't see them in the bars and in the streets (where all the hetereosexual misfits destroy their marriages and relationships as well) you assume they don't exist. Because you don't see them in the churches (where you see all the heterosexual monogamous, or attempting to be monogamous couples), you assume they don't exist. You would be very wrong.
Two men are just as capable of becoming and remaining committed to each other as heterosexual couples. Because of homophobia and societal aversion, they have to live in secret and that is why you don't think they exist.
But they do. And in today's world, with all the factors I expounded on in my first paragaph, their relationships often outlive heterosexual ones. Despite societal attempts to outlaw gay marriage, these couples laugh as the people pushing hardest for these "Jim Crow" laws divorce again and again.
Your theories about homsexuality's origins are suspect as well... unless you believe all male boys are homosexual until they learn to be straight from their fathers in their teens. Which is absolutely ludicrous, just as ludicrous as what you're criticizing Kinsey for. Many homosexuals report being attracted to men sexually at extremely early ages, men who had not been abused in any way or introduced to sex from older males.
You need to start communicating with healthy, well-adjusted non-drug using non-drinking nonsmoking happy monogamous homosexuals in long term relationships instead of unhappy people who use society's prejudice to make themselves miserable. The most horrific example of the ultimate expression of this societal induced self-hatred is sex reassignment surgery, where what could have been a healthy homosexual male is so traumatized by socio- religious repression that it is unthinkable to be homosexual, so they convince themselves they must be a woman in a man's body, and so find surgeons to multilate them permanently rather that face the fact of their own homosexuality. The great majority of post-operative transexuals will tell you sadly it was a horrible mistake. Unfortunately, they often figure out it came from self-hatred induced by society much too late in life, after the damage has been done and is permanent. And live out their lives as physical freaks, neither viably male nor female.
And "curing" homosexuality is just as heinous; what you end up doing is creating a closeted homosexual living a heterosexual lifestyle. While still attracted to other males (which can be proven in pupil dilation experiements), these misfortunates live in constant denial, although their anxiety and guilt (given to them by society) about being homosexual is relieved. Because these men can live monogamous lives with women and father children and attend church with pride and give every appearance of being heterosexual, they still aren't heterosexual and never will be. Give one a pupil dilation test on his deathbed and the truth will be told... they will be physiologically sexually aroused by nude .pictures of males but not by nude pictures of females. Do you test your "cures" with this test?
I could just as easily make you into a homosexual, by raising you in a male society where heterosexuality didn't exist except in a tiny minorty that was considered "arrested" and "depraved". And when your parents (who conceived you through artificial means of course) brought you to me to cure your "deviance" it would be simple to convince you that if you lived a homosexual lifestyle, if you made the choice to be homosexual, then your would be. And you would agree, because you would want so desperately to be "cured" and to "normal". Of course this is ludicrous, and so is the reverse.
Sexual orientation is a continuum, not an "either-or" proposition. And often the most bigoted anti-homosexual folks are those, whose own sexual orientation leans more to the homosexual than the heterosexual for their own personal liking, based once again, on societal conditioning. Bigotry of all kinds has its roots in self-hatred, and more importantly, the unconscious envy and hatred that comes from self-imposed self-denial.
Your argument that homosexuality is not natural would be viable if it did not occurr in nature. As it occurrs in nature (at about the same percentage as it does in humans) any reasonable person must come to the conclusion that God, in His great wisdom who made all things, who also made homosexual animals, also made homosexual humans or created a nature that did. I doubt seriously God made transexual animals; there are no reports of male animals chewing off their sex organs or female animals mounting other animals. No, transexuality is a gift given to homosexuals by an intolerant and hateful society.
There's also been some evidence that the very early Christian Church actually performed homosexual marriages. In fact, there was an entire book written on the subject. Later on when the Church found it profitable to exploit homosexuality along with a myriad of other sins, it found it expedient to decide it was unnatural and act accordingly.
Of course, acceptance of these simple basic facts would probably cut into your work.
Oh, and there's a word for your counterreveolution. It's called fascism, and Hitler was quite good at it. There were no homosexuals in Germany when he got through. You must be extremely happy with the current Administration!
You want to strengthen the nuclear family? Get women out of the workplace. That's all you'd have to do; everything else you're blaming on homosexuality and the Playboy revolution would soon revert. Women would stop taking the pill, so you wouldn't have to outlaw that. And abortion would completely drop as well. And men would start appreciating their wives, and not be surrounded by quite so much temptation.
That's how you find the solution to the problem. Making all homosexuals live heterosexual lives is a laughable solution to the problem, because it's not the root. The root is not men that have "become" women; it's women that have become men, and I'm not talking lesbians here either.
Oh. And good luck with getting it done, too!
Mr. Leslie Bell

Kyle F.

Comment 6-4-3
Attempts to make homosexuality normative are simply absurd. A 1972 study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control revealed that 50% of male homosexuals have had over 500 different sexual partners. For AIDS victims the average is 1,100 different sexual partners.
*In one study, two homosexual researchers found that 73% of adult male homosexuals had sex with boys age 19 or younger.
*93% report anal sexual relations.
*92% report oral/anal sexual activity.
*17% report eating and/or rubbing themselves with the feces of their partners.
*29% report urinating on or in their partners.
*37% report sadomasochism.
*42% report "handballing" or "fisting" where the hand or arm is inserted into the rectum of their partner. *32% report bondage.
*12% report giving or receiving of enemas for sexual pleasure.
*15% report sex with animals.
Statistics on the number of partners homosexuals have: 43% of homosexuals say they have had 500 or more sexual partners in their lifetime. Only 1% of homosexuals say they have had four or less sexual partners in their lifetime. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, 77% of homosexuals say they have met sexual partners in a city park, 62% in a homosexual bar, 61% in a theater, 31% in a public restroom. Only 28% of homosexuals said they had known their partners for at least a week before participating in homosexual sex
The 2000 Census: Only 594,000, about 1 in 9, were same-sex partners, making homosexual partners only one- or two-tenths of one percent of the nation's couples.
From Sheryl Jackson
Dr. Makow, I think it would be a good thing for you to read several books that you have carefully avoided. I realize that the info that you wish to spread is, in your world true, but for the rest of the world your particular brand of fingerpointing is too much like the Repugnant Party and the Cadaverous Insane Homophobes that are running things today.
Brutal homosexuality has been the weapon of men for many thousands of years. The attitude of conquering another has always manifested itself in brutal sodomy among men. And the Greeks even had young boys who accompanied them into battle, who serviced them in exchange for learning the Mystical Majickal Warrior Arts. Two years ago, one of the California Legislators said that he wished he could send a fellow politico to prison so he could be brutally raped by the inmates.
I have found that most people today that point fingers at others loudly and brazenly for their sexual "aberrations" are really trying to keep their own from being seen. We point out the wrong in sex to keep from acting it out ourselves.
So I think you should read about the Rene Guillone Society that brags about having a constituency of over a million wealthy members who have a lobby in Washington, DC.. trying to have the age of consensual sex lowered to 16. Their target age being eight years old. Their motto is "Sex before eight before it is too late." They have Danish Origins. I would point out that most of the photographs of pornography in the Warren Commissions Congressional Report were from Sweden, Denmark and Holland.
So, in essence, you, sir, are just too quick to point out the homosexuality of others when your fascination with the "aberrant" actions of others who are adults are quite actually none of your business.
I have found personally, that the filthy rich and powerful tend to have amoral habits. Being unconfined by the constraints of "slaving" to pay taxes, to suffer the slings and arrows of chance, or to never have enough money while working three jobs to pay the rent, they tend to be amoral sexually manifesting complete moral decay. Yes, I am speaking of the Repugnant Party, the Bilderburgers, and all that this crowd embraces, including the rumors that I have seen in writing on cannibalism among the Filthy Rich and Morally Decadent.
Blaming Hugh Hefner for the Kriminal Behavior of the men of this country is like blaming the Devil. We all make choices. Some of us make bad choices daily. No matter what we are presented with, we all know what is correct or acceptable behavior and what is not. If we pursue unacceptable behavior that is injurious to others, then we should be confined in prison.
Brutal sex, and pedophilia are aberrant behavior. Homosexuality is genetic. The males pass on 97% of all birth defects and anomalies. Wymyn pass on .5% of them. The other 2% are caused by the attending doKtors.
I repeat Homosexuality is a genetic characteristic that has been isolated in DNA research.
Pedophilia is a predominantly WhiteMale Krime. One's sexual orientation is not retrainable. I know because a program that proved this was part of the forensic research done at Atascadero State Hospital for the Criminally Insane in California. The research project was run by Dr. Craig Nelson,MD, PhD and research analyst. ASH is the only forensic Mental Health Facility in America. There are only three in the world, the other two being in Scotland and Australia.
So, I say Dr. Makow, you should do a bit more research before you blame Hef for the homosexuality in America. Sex is sex. Because the characteristics you attribute to homosexuals and pedophiles are the same for most criminals. Unbridled, unfettered, entitled, and narcissistically childish behavior.
The books to read are: Portnoy's Complaint and The History of Sexuality, Vol.II, the Use of Pleasure, by Foucault.
Sheryl Jackson



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