EVP Update In
Laci Peterson Investigation

By Sandra Belanger

Note - In this country, people are innocent until proven guilty.
It has been reported that over 300 psychics have offered material to the law enforcement agencies working the Laci Peterson homicide case.
The following EVP recording transcriptions must be taken for what they are: research data. Sandra Belanger records 'voices' on her computer with a special software sound program. These 'voices' - which she refers to as the 'folks' - have yielded a large body of provocative data which has all been time and date stamped and documented for future reference and study.
A considerable amount of Ms. Belanger's copyrighted material has been presented earlier on this site. These are the newest EVP transcripts. As the Peterson trial unfolds, it will be interesting to see how much, if any, of this research material is validated by the evidence presented.
ALL of this material is copyrighted 2003 by Sandra Belanger. All Rights Reserved. None of this material may be copied or reproduced on ANY website, in any print or electronic media, or any other media without the express written permission of Ms. Belanger.

On January 2, 2003, I began one of the more amazing chapters in my research into EVP and ITC. It all started with a wrong turn. As I stated in my first account published at, I was in Berkeley doing a few errands, when I "accidentally" missed my onramp onto highway 80 and ended up at the Berkeley Marina. As a 20+ year resident of the San Francisco Bay area, I found this odd.
As I drove around the marina in order to turn around to get back to the freeway, I got the feeling that there was a reason why I had ended up there. I recalled that a woman from the Central Valley had gone missing on Christmas Eve and that her husband had told police her disappearance occurred while he had been fishing at the Berkeley Marina. And so began my involvelment in what we would all come to know as the Laci Peterson case.
First of all, I send my most heartfelt condolences go to the Rocha family as well as all who knew Laci in life. You have suffered a terrible, irreplaceable loss. Of course, I have only gotten to 'know' Laci and Connor in death, but through my many conversations with her - and my spirit helpers who were assisting her - I feel that I have, indeed, come to know her.
She was absolutely persistent in trying to get the information across the void necessary to: a) find her body, and b) bring Scott Peterson to justice. As I described in my earlier reports, I was also persistent in trying to pass this information along to the law enforcement authorities, but to no avail. This troubled me greatly.
As hard as it is for many to accept, Laci would show up and speak to me on each and every EVP session that I have conducted since her disappearance. All I can do is state the facts of my experiences and recordings. If she wasn't able to come herself, she would send messages through the other spirits. The 'folks' said that she had worn a path to the place where they are, coming back and forth to check on the status of the case. She asked for her Mom and Pappy. She wanted to be buried in a cemetery. She wanted justice for her and Connor.
Every night following my decision to work on the case, I lit two candles on my personal altar, one for Laci and one small blue one for Connor. He seemed to be nearly forgotten in all of this. As I was privy to the knowledge that he had ensouled during Laci's murder, I felt it necessary to include him. I did this candle lighting as a means of telling Laci that I had not given up. I was still trying to think of a way to get people to listen. Even though most everyone thought I was a mental case (except Jeff Rense and a few others), I hadn't stopped trying. I guess when you can talk to dead people on the equivalent of a telephone, they just don't seem quite dead. I considered my obligation to do everything I could to help her to be as binding as any that I had ever made with any living person.
I began to have hope the police would find her when I heard that they were searching the San Francisco Bay again. I kept my fingers crossed and waited, but they had no success. I then actively began to seek out someone to go and physcially recover them. I asked everyone I knew who could scuba dive to climb down the anchor chain of the 5th marker buoy north of the Berkely Marina and tell me if there was anything down there. I don't think anyone took me seriously, and I think a few friends actually thought that I must have gone off of the deep end. The 'folks' were saying things like, "What's wrong with you people? You're so slow." And "Stop combing the rivers for her!" And "She is in the deep!" Periodically, they would give me vivid descriptions of the real-time condition of the body as it slowly deteriorated. I was beginning to wonder if there would be any bodies left to recover. Eventually, the 'folks' wouldn't go and check anymore as they said it was too disturbing for them.
I must admit that about a week before Connor's little body washed up, I was at wits end. I did a session on Sunday, April 6th, and asked the 'folks' what was up, were their bodies ever going to be found? I was told that she would be found within a fortnight. That's two weeks, by the way, the 'folks' sometimes use rather archaic terms. They also suggested that we try something different, and they told me to do active visualizations of the body floating up to the surface.
So, starting on April 7th, each night when I lit the candle I did active visualizations of Laci and Connor floating up to the surface of the bay, and I prayed that they would be found for the sake of her family. I am in no way trying to claim credit for their turning up, it was still pretty amazing when the bodies did appear a few days later. Even in light of all of this, no one was more surprised than me when Connor washed ashore on Sunday April 13th about two miles from where the 'folks' said they were anchored off of the Albany Bulb. Then Laci washed up on the shore on April 14th, less than a mile from where the 'folks' said that she was anchored. It was as if Laci had swam almost directly into shore from where I had dowsed and drawn the X on the map. I was completely stunned by this. Also, it WAS within a fortnight, from the day of the session it was 7 days for Connor to be discovered and 8 days for Laci.
Also, as some of you will remember, this didn't happen exactly as it was predicted. I made the mistake of telling the person predicted to direct the police to the bodies about the prediction. In the update on the case, posted by Jeff on 2/8/03, he is the one whose name is XXX'd out. I think my telling him that his name was mentioned by the 'folks' in the recovery of the bodies made him think I was trying to scam him or something. He stopped emailing me after that. This kind of reactions happens a lot with this work - I think people get spooked. At a later session, the 'folks' said I shouldn't have said anything to him.
However, in that session the 'folks' said something about the 18th of February being important. That was the day that the police served a search warrant on Scott and Laci's house. Also, a supposedly untraceable text message appeared on the Modesto Police messaging system on that day, 2/18 saying that the body had been found. The 'folks' also said something about "Eight Friggin' weeks" in response to when Laci's body would be found. Laci and Connor's remains turned up just one day shy of 8 weeks from the 18th of February...
When the bodies washed up where I said they were on Sunday and Monday, I knew immediately that it was Laci and Connor. I did a session one day later on April 15th. This is what the spirit world had to say about the development, which further reinforced my belief that Laci had somehow made it to shore, and that Scott would soon get what was coming to him. Remember, this was recorded on the 15th three full days before Scott was arrested and the bodies were identified.
Wave File 1
"Scott's Busted!"
"She was pregnant!"
This is one of those interesting tapes that says more than one thing. This becomes more apparent if the wav file is slowed down, the second phrase pops out more. Also, if you reverse this wav file and play it backwards, it says:
"What a douche! Prison!"
Wave File 2
"Asshole over at the club. MURDERER! He's playing golf. Ya! A guest. Monster. He's at the pool. That's big of him! Pig!"
I must admit that it did my heart good last night to see Scott do the proverbial handcuffed perp walk into jail. I watched with glee as the officers removed his shoelaces and patted him down. What the hell ever made this guy think that he could get away with this? Hey Scott! This one's for you, buddy! I know your innocent until proven guilty, but...
I would also like to thank the 'folks'. Even though no one would listen to us, there are things in the works that lead me to believe that perhaps in the future, some will...
As additional information is made available about the intricacies of this case, I think we will find the information provided by the 'folks' in the hereafter, in regard to the details of this crime, to be amazingly accurate.
That's all for now...
Sandra Belanger
Submitted April 19, 2003



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