The Lagrangian Point

By Michael A. Hoffman II

I have not written a summa rebutting the intoxicated peals of self-congratulation ringing across our land, over the supposed "American victory" in Iraq, because I have not felt that the Fox/MSNBC/ClearChannel jingoism is in anyway reflective of the facts on the ground, or even worthy of rebuttal at this juncture, where the invaders daily shift their war rationale from weapons of mass destruction, to deposing Saddam, to bringing democracy to the Middle East. It's all so transparently self-serving and contemptuous of our intelligence that it is almost demeaning to spell out in detail, for the benefit of those American "conservatives and moderates" who have neither eyes to see nor ears to hear (because they have gouged them out and lopped them off of their own heads), how it is that Bush is in fact viewed in Iraq as a monster nearly equal in perfidy to his Arab-hating ally, Sharon.
The central media icon of the conflict thus far is a couple of scenes of Iraqi looters and the desperately poor looking for a U.S. handout by celebrating the entrance of Marines into Baghdad. Compare this sideshow with the 20,000 Shiites in southern Iraq who, at gunpoint, protested the US government's occupation and equated Bush with Saddam.
The censorship and falsification exhibited by the US media in reporting the war approaches the phantasmagoria of the drug-addled. I love the real America but the boobs who idolize Bush are not the real America; they are more like wannabe Americans. We have a robber-government in these United States that has stolen our factories and the jobs that paid what the old Catholic Church called a "living wage," and shipped them off to China. President Bush owes his political existence to this China faction.
At the subconscious and subliminal levels, Americans know the truth about their government, or at least have sniffed a sulphurous whiff of it. Last autumn, the most widely read newspaper in America, USA Today, with over twice the circulation of its nearest competitor, the Wall Street Journal, published an expose of Bush's secret society membership boldly titled, "White House Bonesman Leads Nation into the Dark" (Sept. 26, 2002, p. 11A).
A slim majority of Americans want to be led into that dark because they imagine that if the Zionists approve of it, it absolutely must be a clever move and a winning hand for the perpetually victorious "Allies." Their shortsightedness is beyond belief. Israeli power and success are almost entirely due to collective sucking on the American cash cow, whose teats are turned obligingly Jerusalem-ward by Uncle Sap.
The more the U.S. marches to the beat of Israeli policies and strategy, the more America will be weakened in all sectors, including the economy. In the long-term, American cash and its availability to the Zionists will be diminished by U.S. subservience to the Israelis, who are not brilliant players of real politick, but psychopathic megalomaniacs who dwell within a profoundly deluded and suicidal dream-world of their own manufacture.
It is not a coincidence that American leaders like Bush, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft are sounding more and more deluded too. They are effectively talking Zionspeak. The beer-belly flag-wavers are patently deluded, since they are cheering the very free-trade traitors who have carted off their livelihoods to Asia, and who are now going to expend American blood and treasure playing referee to Shiites and Sunnis engaged in a 1300-year-old war over the legitimacy of the succession of Mohammad's son-in-law.
The US media will attempt to make this fool's errand seem practical by keeping Noam Chomsky and Edward Said off the airwaves, while inflicting Christopher Hitchens and John Burns upon us -- intellectuals who defend the empire of the Israeli lemmings in the snob cadences of Etonian English (there is always the ranting Michael Weiner --oops-- I mean Savage, for those who relish a more proletarian-friendly, tabloid Zionism).
Presumably, some of us still retain a dim memory of the American narrative -- that our nation is supposed to be a Republic, founded on an abhorrence of the wars of religion which mired the Old World in centuries of perpetual conflict. To applaud George Bush's insertion of our troops into these rabid, sectarian blood-rites in the Levant, is akin to applauding the obliteration of the legacy of the American Revolution and the Republic for which it stands. This is patriotism?
There is also the occult factor. The modern nation-state known as Iraq is host to the mystic mother-lode of the occult gnosis of the Western secret societies, the place where the root of Kabbalah and Talmud, the holiest books of Judaism, were nourished. From time-lost Sumer, to Babel and Babylon, this haunted history snakes around the 33rd degree of north parallel latitude. The looting of the Baghdad museum hints at the immense, sub-rosa significance of this land, concealed under the modern name, "Iraq," by imperial British mandate.
If I may be permitted to distill the region's antique occult toxin to a single guiding principle it would be the polar opposite of the Common Law of Western Christian civilization. Babylon's legal structure consisted of two laws: one for the rich, the powerful and the occult elite, and another for everyone else. Babylon's law system is enshrined in the Talmud and in the Talmudic-influenced jurisprudence of the masonic-dominated, modern American court system, which unconstitutionally legislates by judicial precedent.
There is much to digest in the American government's ongoing rape of Iraq, and those of us who reported or investigated other US government rapes, such as Ruby Ridge and Waco, feel the greatest possible empathy for the Iraqi people, who are in a position similar to the Randy Weaver family of Idaho, who lost their mother and son to U.S. government gunmen, as well as the incinerated dissidents in the terminally offbeat church in Waco, Texas.
U.S. government oppression in Iraq would be even more onerous were it not for the fact that France, Germany and Russia opted out of the Anglo-American war and thus focused heightened European scrutiny of its conduct. There is also a fledgling Arab satellite news media in the Middle East, including in Lebanon, Syria and Qatar's famous al-Jazeera. This is the one bright spot in what is otherwise a sea of Arab ineptitude.
Iraq will certainly prove a tar baby for the U.S. I am not yet predicting the utter destruction of the Uniform System (the arcane meaning of "U.S"), but its decline. I do not say Wall Street will crash this year, but that it will corrode. I do not state that there is any Arab, Persian or Muslim army that will defeat the Marines of the Uniform System, but if Arabs and Muslims resist Vietnamese style they will at least persist as part of their nation's infrastructure, as the Taliban remnant is persisting in Afghanistan. For that matter, who today remembers shattered Afghanistan and the Brave New Order which was promised by Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz?
It is too early to disabuse Americans of their media-induced hallucinations about the Middle East and Iraq, primarily because those hallucinations have not yet reached their apogee. In this vein, I continue to peer though my telescope, studying the celestial fireworks as they unfold. Only when the comet dust has dissipated and we reach the Lagrangian point, will I be moved to issue a fillip on America's "famous victory" in Iraq.
For the time being, I confess that the forces of Sanity and Life do indeed seem diminished, while the forces of Judaism and Zionism appear to contemporary eyes as enormous, and possessed of an insurmountable advantage. An analogy can be made with the sun and the earth. The sun, as an enormous solar system object, appears to possess an insurmountable gravitational advantage over the comparatively tiny earth, exerting many times the gravitational pull of our planet. But there is a point, about a million miles from the earth, where the gravitational pull of our little earth equals that of the gigantic sun. Astronomers call this equalizing spot, the "Lagrangian point."
I believe there is a similar point in history and geo-politics which marks the spot where the force exerted by the vast, thundering herd misled by counterfeit Israel, becomes level with the force exerted by our comparatively tiny party of Truth; and that this point is not as far off as some may imagine.
Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and the American Contemporary Radio division of ABC News. His Lenten speech, "Catholicism, Judaism and the Middle East," will be issued April 21 by Independent History and Research, on video and audio-tape, and audio CD.
Hoffman's column is distributed online by Copyright (c) 2003. All Rights Reserved



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